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Gum disease, known as periodontal disease, is a chronic bacterial infection around the tooth that affects the gums and bone. If left untreated, this can result in bleeding gums, bad breath, shaky teeth and eventual tooth loss. Proper daily toothbrushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day is important to prevent gum diseases. Regular dental visits for a professional cleaning once every 6 months is also necessary to remove tartar and to better clean those areas that you may have missed. Use a toothbrush that allows easy access to all areas of the mouth especially the back of your teeth. If you are unable to clean your teeth well with a manual , consider using an electric toothbrush to clean more effectively. What is the difference between electric tooth brush & manual tooth brush & how do we use it? Electric toothbrushes require lesser brushing force to provide effective dental plaque removal than manual toothbrushes. Put the head of the electric toothbrush on the outer surface of each tooth at a 30 to 40-degree angle for about 2 seconds. You should spend at least 2-3 minutes in your tooth brushing to ensure effective teeth cleaning. Use short stokes, in a round circular motion, with your toothbrush angled at 45-degrees towards the gums to clean the outer tooth surfaces, inner tooth surfaces. Incorrect tooth brushing can lead to inflamed, easily bleeding or even swollen gums and this can also result in gingival recession.
If the gaps in between the teeth are caused by gum recession and not by decay, you need to keep the interdental areas clean to prevent any further deterioration or recession of the gums. It is very common that during pregnancy the woman undergoes lots of hormonal changes in her body. Gingivitis commonly seen in pregnant women are gum inflammation, red colored gums, sensitive gums that bleed when brushing,etc. A study has confirmed that due to the hormonal changes, fifty to seventy percent of women experience the problem of gingivitis at least once during their course of pregnancy. This would necessarily damage the gums, but cannot cause any damage to the bone or the tooth itself. The pregnant women get gingivitis problem generally through their second to eighth month of pregnancy.
The common tips to prevent the gingivitis problem is – Brushing your teeth regularly after each meal and especially after eating sweets or having sugar drinks, use soft and suitable brush to ensure that the cleaning is carried out perfectly, compulsorily cultivate the habit of flossing at least once a day, consult your general physician. If the tumor is preventing you from eating your food, then consult your dentist immediately who would perform a small procedure to remove it. If the frequency is higher usually the dentist may get into the details of why it is occurring and treat you for the agents that were causing these tumors.
Toothaches are a painful condition that can range in severity from minor irritation to severe pain in the entire side of your face. A broken or dislocated jaw can be a source of toothache if the teeth are loosened as a result of the injury. Sometimes a toothache caused by dental problems, such as cavities, is accompanied by swollen gums and a painful jaw. Erosion of the gum from a bacterial infection is another cause of toothache, swollen gums and a painful jaw. Once the abscess tooth infection spreads beyond the jaw bone and out into the gum tissues, the patient will usually feel more relief and less pain.
To be honest, there is no home remedy for an abscess tooth, sometimes patients take some home remedy prescription and they feel the get better.
Tagged with abscess, abscess antibiotic tooth, abscess complicated tooth, abscess home remedy tooth, abscess lymph node tooth, abscess picture tooth, abscess tooth, abscess tooth treatment, tooth abscess symptoms, tooth abscess tooth relief. At this stage, tissues and bones that support the tooth are destroyed. Gums will start to separate from the teeth, forming deeper pockets (spaces between the teeth and gums).
Choose a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles with rounded ends to prevent hurting the gums. For the usage of an electric toothbrush, minimal skill is needed and some electric brushes come with a timer setting while a manual toothbrush requires manual dexterity and diligence for effective brushing.

Electric toothbrushes perform most of the necessary movements on their own, so you do not have to apply as much pressure as you would with a manual toothbrush. The presence of gum inflammation is used to indicate the severity of conditions such as gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease. During the initial phase of gingivitis the gums gets swollen up due to the presence of bacteria and it would get ruptured while brushing, resulting in bleeding. Generally it is attributed that plaque is the common cause for gum diseases but during pregnancy it is the hormonal changes that triggers gum diseases.
The common symptoms are the gum turning red and they start bleeding during the brushing time. It states that the mothers with chronic and severe gum diseases deliver premature babies at 32 weeks. It is the most important task during pregnancy as you are preventing the chances of you getting affected by gingivitis. Pregnancy tumors are a lump inside the mouth generally appearing on the upper part of the gums with red colored tip.
It generally occurs to 10% of the pregnant women and the women who had the gingivitis problem are more prone to it. Dentist would administer local anesthesia and remove the tumor, but, it is found that they do reappear. While toothaches can stem from dental problems like cavities, they can also occur following a jaw injury or issues stemming from the gums.
A broken or dislocated jaw must receive immediate emergency assistance as the pain and complications can be severe. While swollen gums can come from a problem with a tooth itself, they can also occur from nutrition deficiencies, pregnancy, infections or diseases like scurvy. If you have a cavity, which is a hole in the outer two layers of the tooth, in most cases your dentist will need to fill it.
Your dentist will instruct how to properly care for your teeth, which will include a better brushing and flossing routine. A abscess tooth usually starts as a result of a decayed tooth, the decay which contains bacteria slowly eats away at the tooth and breaks down its structure. Pain is also felt due to histamines which are released by the body as a reaction to combat the bacteria infection stimulating toxicity to the nerve endings.
It is caused by inadequate oral hygiene and can be treated with professional dental treatment and good oral home care. As the disease progresses, the pockets deepen further and more gum tissues and bones are destroyed. It can also affect the layer underneath the enamel, called dentin or the root’s layer, called cementum. A study says that more than fifty percent women are likely to suffer from Gingivitis during their pregnancy period. American Dental Association’s Journal published that the mothers with gum disorders have seven times more chances of delivering premature baby. If your jaw is dislocated, a doctor will need to set it back in place correctly and stabilize it.
In both situations, you should take painkillers and eat only soft foods to reduce pain in the jaw and the affected teeth. When you are experiencing pain from swollen gums, do not drink alcohol, smoke or use mouthwash; these can irritate the gums and cause more tooth pain. You will also receive a cleaning that will remove excess plaque and tartar from your teeth. Soon enough the bacteria will progress deep enough into the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth termed the pulp of the tooth. When the abscess tooth tract out from the jaw bone and out to the surface of the gum tissues, a little opening can be seen, from that opening there is usually a white cheesy looking material coming out from the opening.
A less radical way would be to remove the nerve and blood vessels from the tooth by doing a root canal therpy.
The truth of the matter is that , the moment incision is done and the pus is drained out ; the patient will feel immediate relief because the pus is no longer pressing on the nerve and giving pain. It is not always necessary to take antibiotics unless certain signs and symptoms of an abscess tooth presents itself.

This will eventually become a long standing infection and may not show any symptoms until it reach a serious stage which is the abscess complicated tooth stage. If the build-up is severe, you may need procedures such as root planing and subgingival curettage, where plaque is removed from roots and the surface of the infected gum is removed. Once inside it will start to spread like how a normal infection spreads when a gaping open wound is left untreated. For example, patient elicits signs of fever, general toxicity, infection is suspected to be deep in the tissues or the drainage of pus can only be done partially.
This should not be taken lightly as it can be fatal if the abscess  is allowed to spreads throughout the whole body via the blood vessels.
It is important to find out what the underlying cause is for swollen gums, so make sure you visit your doctor or dentist. The infection will slowly tract inside the pulp chamber of the tooth and cause the pulp of the tooth to die and become abscessed. The pus usually contains high amount of bacteria, dead immune cells, dead tissue cells and protein like fluids. Before the procedure starts , the dentist will inject a local anesthetic solution around the tissue area to numb it.
The best tooth abscess tooth relief is to visit a dentist as soon as possible and take paracetamol to relief the pain. They are most often found together in people who are suffering from an underlying problem such as gingivitis, periodontitis, gum disease or periodontal disease. Once the area is incised, the pus will drain out and it is left open to continue draining by itself.
Oral bacteria may dislodge and travel through the cardiovascular system, placing you at an increased risk for cardiovascular attacks.Erectile Dysfunction – Inflammation associated with active gum disease is linked to erectile dysfunction in men.
By removing the pus which consist of bacteria, the tooth and gum tissues will start healing by itself. Keeping oral bacteria in balance will prevent the body’s need to respond to infection, omitting the symptom of swollen gums. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and omitting sugar intake will reduce the bacteria in your mouth that causes swollen gums.
Be sure to brush twice each day gently along the gumlines and floss properly to prevent plaque buildup and inflammation.
Additional aids such as the use of essential oils can also reduce plaque.You may also be at an increased rate to develop swollen gums if you have oral appliances that you wear such as braces, dentures, partials, bridges or retainers.
If the appliance can be removed, do so each day for thorough cleaning to prevent the risk of infection.
Angle the toothbrush toward the gums and gently brush side to side, focusing on two teeth at a time. Because swollen gums are associated with redness, bleeding and other symptoms of bacterial-induced gum disease, when you want to understand how to treat swollen gums you should understand how to treat gum disease as a whole.OraMD Ingredients Proven To Kill Bacteria That Cause Gum Disease. To cure swollen, inflamed gums you must keep the area as clean and healthy as possible, reversing the inflammatory response. Proper brushing, flossing, water flossing, nutritional supplements and essential oils are all effective methods to reverse inflammation.Can I get rid of swollen gums naturally? It’s not common to have gingival inflammation associated with pregnancy or birth control use due to the hormonal balances in your body.
If actual gum disease is present there is extra cause for alarm, as untreated gum disease can increase your risk for premature labor and low birth weight infants.My swollen gums bleed easily. Cleaning infected areas typically causes mild discomfort, but doing so efficiently each day will quickly help alleviate the tenderness during future cleaning.Are there medications that can make my gums appear to be swollen?
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