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Chilly, windy weather or direct sun heat is often responsible for dry damaged hair and can get you down with flyaway hair mess. Coconut oil hair treatment is not only good for extensive dry hair, but it’s also incredibly perfect hair treatment for damaged hair which has been over-processed or heat damaged. Pure organic coconut oil performs incredibly to recondition dry and damaged hair because the molecular structure of coconut oil, unlike other oils or moisturizers that just sit on the hair, is perfect for penetrating the hair shaft, getting past the cuticle, repairing and preventing damage from the inside out.
Coconut oil becomes solid at around 71 degrees F, or around 22 degrees C, so if you are rinsing your hair cold or cool water you really won’t be able to get it off of your hair. If you just use plain water, it certainly won’t be able to get it out, because all oils repel water.
The straw like feel some people find with coconut oil is usually related to using too much product because coconut oil is not as viscous as other oils .
It is the marmite story for coconut milk – if you like its effect use it, if you don’t just leave it! If you use heat frequently, regularly wear your hair in styles that require combing or colour treat your hair, a protein treatment may be quite useful. Additionally there are no products that tell you how hydrolysed the protein is (read this post to find out why protein has to be broken up – or hydrolysed to be useful). Therefore, comparing Aphogee with its keratin protein in the first 5 ingredients to Giovanni with its soy protein listed as the 17th ingredient is just unrealistic. I love, love, love the ApHogee Protein Treatment and I have been using it since I was a little girl. Soy protein refers to the protein that is found in soybeans that is often used to replace animal proteins in an individual’s diet.
I have a question whats the difference between a light protein treatment and a deep protein treatment? 224954738019368358791759375 069558492949253 seo 22140183992128076087 company 822011221492532522.
I use protein feed shampoo and conditioner( blue bottle), it works wonders but just like any other protein product it can cause breakage.
You mentioned shedding (hair coming out with the bulb at the end)–what can be used to stop that?
When looking for products to preserve moisture, add shine, seal, or treat dry scalp, we often hit the nearest Target or local beauty supply store in search of a bottle of “Random Ingredients Moisturizing Spray”, or “Miracle Oil Mix”.
Coconut oil is brandished across many product labels, but very few list it high on the ingredient list.
While you’re grabbing some coconut oil on the cooking aisle, you might as well swipe a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, too.
Tea tree oil is generally more expensive than other oils, and you tend to get a lot less of it. Hello every one I have been reading a lot of websites and came across a oil called Emu Oil by Longview Farms. I’ve been using Africas best oil mixed with water for yrs now to moisturize and its pretty cheap at 2 bucks. I have been transitioning for almost a year and I have found that coconut,grapeseed and olive oils have been my super products..affordable and they work !!! Thank you for writing this article…I have been trying to tell my roommate that packaging is for marketing but the ingredients list tells the real story (,most of the time).
How straighten natural transitioning hair , Heat straightening hair is a sore spot for many transitioning from heat damage.
No heat solution straighten natural hair – cwk straight, A post about the cwk kickstarter project featuring the cwk straight plates to stretch and straighten your natural hair without the use of heat.. I love to hear from you, so leave a comment, question, or suggestion and stay tuned because I WILL respond! Dascha showed off her LOTD (lip of the day) on Instagram Who says you have to go bold to be glamorous? The sleek, bald look on male celebrities like Vin Diesel is considered highly attractive, and many men opt for this no-comb style, whether they have naturally thinning hair or not. Hair loss is a reality for millions of women, so you're not alone if you've noticed thinning patches or a receding hairline, even in your 30s. Baldness in both men and women is caused by a single chemical called DHT, a by-product of the hormone testosterone.
Excess DHT is genetic, she says, so if your parents have lost their hair, you may be at risk as well. Men go bald in the same pattern, a thinning hair line that moves to the top of the head, often leaving the back intact (oh, yes, we know that look!). She cautions against using perms or coloring, that contain strong chemicals such as peroxide and lye, and shampoos and styling products with sodium lauryl sulfate and silicones because these ingredients can exacerbate scalp and follicle problems.

If you're noticing an unusual loss of hair, see your doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions. One option for treatment, the Precision Laser Therapy system, uses infrared light therapy and laser technology, housed in a large plastic hood that looks much like a salon hair dryer. Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, making it an effective natural anti-dandruff treatment, or you can apply it as a preventive treatment for dandruff. If you feel your hair is weight down or oily after the treatment, consider using less of oil or shampooing once more. Coconut Oil Conditioning Treatment is one of the most effective natural treatment s for extremely damaged, over processed, heat styled hair.
Lauric acid, capric acid, and vitamin E (all present in coconut oil) help revitalize hair, enhance hair’s strength by avoiding protein loss, and immensely enrich the shine as well. You need to wash in at least warm, not necessarily hot, but at least warm water to get the oil off your hair. Oils are pressed out of seeds, in the case of coconut oil, heating up the flesh and straining it out.
Hardening of the hair is related usually to temperature because coconut oil solidifies at a fairly low temperature so a cold winter breeze can stiffen hair very fast. It is a bit like marmite, if you find that even using less does not help ( see the fingertip tip ), just leave it! At times you can confuse the two but looking for a bulb is always the way to tell the difference. The worst thing that can happen is that you hate it and have to wash your hair all over again. In short , pun intended, if the protein is not of the right small size (and it does vary according to protein) it may not give your hair the desired effect.
Use the product and if you don’t like it either on its own or in combination (For example a follow up conditioner or leave in or oil) then just try something else.
I used to use it on every wash but noticed breakage then I started using it once a month then now I rarely use it. This is what I did and my hair is fine but I would just like to here someone else s opinion.. There is protein in nearly every black hair care product which eventually causes the hair to break. Often times, these products tout heavyweights like coconut, tea tree, olive, or grapeseed oil on their labels.
To save yourself some money, heartbreak, and possibly hair break, here are some commonly used oils that can be acquired for cheaper (and often in greater quantities), that will do what they’re supposed to do. Instead of reaching for a coconut oil jar or bottle that has a petroleum, mineral, or other oil base, head to your nearest Whole Foods or Sprouts for a jar of Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil on the cooking aisle.
Bottles of Olive Oil range from $4 to $10, depending on the size of the bottle and the brand you buy. Grapeseed oil, which is high in Vitamin E and linoleic acid, sits right alongside your EVOO buddy.
You may need to pour out your butter in a bowl, add the coco-oil, whip it with your electric wisk for an even mix.
In my experience, I use one called Pro Natural’s moroccan argan oil and it’s amazing, not greasy at all, you put some on your hair after a shower and just leave it. I use my Argan Cleansing Oil to dissolve dirt and makeup, and follow up by putting my 100% Pure Argan Oil all over my face and body.
Women, on the other hand, are adding extensions and using fortifying, body-boosting hair masks, shampoos and conditioners – whatever it takes to achieve those full, shiny tresses like Jessica Biel. The onset of excessive hair loss or hair thinning over the scalp has many causes – and just as many high-profile treatment options, ranging from over-the-counter and prescriptive medications, to low level laser light therapy (LLLT) for hair re-growth.
Common misconceptions include wearing hats, washing your hair too often or, inevitably, you will lose your hair when you're old and there is no cure, says Tiffany Masiello-Helt, a certified managing cosmetologist with Precision, a clinic in Cleveland, OH, for hair restoration.
When a hair follicle starts down this road, you may notice texture changes, brittleness and then the hair shaft begins to shrink, reducing in length and diameter until it seems to disappear," she explains. Age comes into play, but if you don't start losing your hair until you're older, it only means that it took many years for your genetic predisposition to DHT sensitivity to activate. With a doctor's approval, you can take various cosmetic avenues, from medication to low level laser therapy, widely known as "cold laser therapy." Cold lasers have been commonly used to heal wounds and treat edema.
Coconut oil is, hands down, one of the best natural treatments for wide-ranging hair problems. To get it to really work its magic, it’s best to go for coconut oil hair treatment overnight and wash your hair next morning. Folks that consistently apply coconut oil treatment report enhanced tresses shine, and manageability with fewer breakage, static, tangles, and split ends.

So I got it, and I’m leaving it in over night, (a video I watched said 12 hours, is that too long?) while wearing a shower cap. Weather-beaten hair becomes dry and brittle over time, splitting into two or three fibers at the tips.
They do this by filling up gaps in the cuticle and if of a sufficiently small size can also penetrate to the cortex.(Journal of Cosmetic Science, pg69-87, 1993).
Many bloggers, vloggers etc warn people on how to spot protein but forget to mention that you should really look for where it is on the list. I eat more of protein these days so I don’t really see the need of using protein treatments at a specific time. Nutress Hair Protein Pack treatment has made my hair much stronger and I started noticing less breakage immediately.
The manufacturers even give the hair lotion a green tint, to seal the deal in convincing you that this is an olive oil based product, and will therefore give you the lustrous benefits of olive oil.
You can mix and match, or use them straight (with the exception of tea tree oil) to achieve the desired effect on your hair. A jar will run you from $7 to $10 dollars for a 16oz jar, depending upon what brand you use. A few drops in a couple of ounces of carrier oil (like coconut or olive) is more than enough to treat your scalp with. A bottle of cold-pressed grapeseed oil costs between $5 and $10, depending on the size and brand you select. I buy it from amazon and the brand is Now Foods, it was like 5 dollars and it comes in a huge bottle. I've been writing posts about her and her SPECTACULAR products for ages, so you lovelies know that I'm a fan. While baldness is typically associated with men, you may be surprised to learn that 40 percent of all hair loss sufferers are women. The last stage of hair loss occurs when the follicle goes completely dormant and stays that way.
Women are also susceptible to certain diseases, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), where hair loss is a symptom. Some go to the extent of claiming that coconut oil performs better than many man-made treatments available on the market, due to the facts that it’s 100% natural, free of alcohols and other chemicals which can damage your hair. If you have thinner hair or your hair get greasy easily, you may opt for skipping scalp because the oil could weigh down your hair.
But before you sleep, cover your head and hair with a towel to avoid messing up your pillow and bed.
It allows the detergents in the shampoo to effectively break down the excessive coconut oil in your hair so your hair is no longer oily. The hair care industry is well aware that too much protein on any type of hair will lead to breakage whether it’s subtle breakage or major. Let’s see here, coconut oil comes in at #2…there’s even more petrolatum (which is a concern in and of itself) in this bottle than there is olive oil?! Natural oils are most effective and retain the most of their nutritive properties when they are cold-pressed. When shopping for tea tree oil, be sure to read the label carefully to ensure that it is 100% tea tree oil. You may have to shampoo more than once, depending on how much coconut oil you’ve used and how fine and thin your hair is.
According to top science-based blogger, JC of The Natural Haven (check out the article here), the first 5 ingredients in any product are the most potent, and will have the most impact on your hair.
These jars are often overpriced, yet they are exactly the same as the one on the cooking aisle.
My hair on the sides was coming out because I was having a problem with my scalp being very dry and a major build up of dandruff.
I hope that you find her answers as inspiring as I did; she is proof positive that women are capable of finding happiness, fulfillment, and success in all avenues of life.
I hope that this interview gave you lovelies some insight into the life of a mom and CEO and motivated you to go after your goals and dreams like it has motivated me!

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