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Time to put the freak-out on pause because outgoing, boy-crazy Lucy Pringle and shy, studious, bespectacled CeCee Cruz have the goods on how to make middle school the best three years ever!
Not only is he having to dodge wintera€™s most feared weapon (snowballs), his close friend, Winnie McKinney, is barely speaking to him. Lucy and CeCee-the official self-proclaimed Madison Heights Middle School experts on how to deal with haters, hormones, and hot lunch dilemmas-are ready to demystify swirlie urban legends and dish about academic and social topics.
If that werena€™t enough, hea€™s the favorite target of some bullies who seem determined to make life at Dolley Madison Middle School as miserable as possible. They're keeping it real, lacing diary entries with their own daily escapades regarding skater slacker boyfriend crushes, BFF shopping trips to the mall, and BEE (Bitter Eternal Enemies) text wars.

But then Howard learns about an upcoming robot-building contesta€•finally a chance to show off his science skills and beat archrival Gerald a€?G-Forcea€? Forster! The two seventh graders swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth . Unfortunately, the only way to win is by using his secret a€?monster goo,a€? a formula that has terrifying side effects.
Or will he unleash a robot rampage that could destroy the townaۥand ruin the school dance?
In this handbook, two girls who have already survived boyfriends, sleepovers, nerd crushes, detentions, and runaway pimples share helpful hints and lingo lessons that will help tweens not only survive, but thrive while navigating through all the gory glory of middle school.

Winner of Editor's Choice, Rising Star, New York Festival of Books, and San Francisco Festival of Books - Young Adult Honorable Mention Awards.

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