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Stories and events such as these bring with them a solemn look at the fragile system of order that we have to protect us.
Now, what if you’re caught in a situation where you’re unsure of the protocols set in place? You may find yourself in a scenario where you’re not in close proximity to the shooter and you simply hear the gunshots.
If you find that you’re unable to exit and put distance between yourself and the shooter and choose to hide, then you’ll want to do a couple of things. One thing to be aware of though are that other shooters may be dressed as police officers, or other authority figures. The biggest thing you can do when you’re in situation where there is a public shooting is stay alert and calm.
Sign up for Confessions of a Prepper newsletter to gain access to the latest survivalist news, tips, and tricks. Hood shooting, as well as in many other organizations, there are procedures in place to neutralize the threat if it arises. Keep in mind that the authorities are going to treat everyone as a threat until they have confirmed the identity of the shooter. They believe that the shooting could have been triggered by an altercation with another soldier. Hood officials believe that the policies, training and procedures put in place since the 2009 shooting helped prevent further blood shed there will no doubt be questions asked to prevent this from happening again.

As officials continue to search for the answers to these questions I wanted to take some time and talk about certain steps that you can take and teach your loved ones to increase the odds of their survival if caught in the middle of such chaos. Your first step is to become aware of your organizations’ plan if a shooting were to occur.
They’ll only hit a moving target less than 4% of the time, so don’t hide under a table and make your-self an easy target if the shooter is in the vicinity. While all scenarios are being considered and investigated the Army has maintained that there is no “established concrete motive”. If your company or organization doesn’t have a plan in place suggest that one is created to ensure you and your peers are prepared in the event such a horrific crisis occurs. If you are in the immediate area of the shooter you’ll want to move away from their location as quickly as possible.
Most people’s instinct is to drop and cover, but you need to train yourself to get away from where the shots are being fired. Once you’ve put some distance between yourself and the point of crisis you’ll want to notify emergency services.
It’s going to take patience, persistence, a sense of humor and 16,000 receiving blankets, but you, your partner and the monster that popped out of her loins will indeed survive.
Once Lopez was confronted by military police he killed himself by firing a bullet into his head. Medical services are also trained to assess the situation before they enter, so you may see EMS workers hang back until they understand the situation that’s occurring.

Chances are your newborn is going to keep you up for most of the night so it’s important to sleep whenever you get the chance, regardless of the time of day. That may mean forsaking the last quarter of a basketball game you’ve been watching on TV or putting one of your favorite hobbies on the back burner until your child is a little older and less demanding. Find something in the room to help provide additional cover and wait for authorities to arrive. If necessary, be a little bit selfish and say no to others' requests if you don't have the energy. Ask your loved ones to bring a freshly cooked dinner each time they visit, or invite your partner’s parents over to help with some of the household chores. As angelic as your newborn may be, the contents of their diapers will have you reaching out for your hazmat suit at least twice a day. You have to prepare yourself for the fact that you’re going to get peed on more often than R.
Since babies are deigned to leak at both ends, you’ll want to load up on plenty of cleaning supplies. There are plenty of products available at the drug store that are powerful but not toxic for the environs that your new baby will be living in.

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