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If you spend any time in the woods whatsoever, you need to know how to survive being lost in the woods. Here you will find tips on how to survive being lost in the woods, should such an event happen to you. These tips are ideal for adults, but are also something every parent should teach their children as well. Before even entering a wooded area, you should prepare a survival kit that you can bring with you in the event an emergency arises. If you are wise, before you leave the home and head out into the woods alone, you should definitely let someone know where you are going and how long you plan to be gone. By letting someone know where you are going, the likelihood of a more expeditious rescue is great.
Orange fabric cut into foot long strips are something you can use to tie around nearby trees. If you think because you have hiked in the woods before it is impossible to get lost, think again. At first, you are shocked by the realization that you have become lost in the woods, and may even deny that you are, thinking if you look a bit harder, you will find your way back, and that when you do, you will have a funny story to tell.
You attempt to backtrack, looking for familiar landmarks, but everything starts to look the same.
That sense of panic that sets in when you realize you are lost is the first thing you have to get under your control. Once you find out if you have any available resources, it is time to make a plan of action.
Before establishing a shelter, you need a fire, not just to keep warm, but also to cook with and for the purposes of water purification. Use your emergency resources if you have them: You can start a fire using the steel wool, lint, magnifying glass, lighter or strike anywhere matches in your survival kit.
If you have no fire-starting equipment with you: If you have eyeglasses, you can use your glasses to start a fire with some dry leaves.
Additional fire starting techniques: if you have a camera or binoculars, you can use the lens on the devices in order to start a fire naturally with the sun. One easy way to establish an outdoor shelter involves bending a sapling over and tying it down with either a rope or vines.
In absence of a knife, you are going to need some kind of weapon, first for getting food, and second, for your own protection. If you use similar rocks to strike each other, the rocks are less likely to chip off and leave sharp fragments. After your water source discovery, fire building, and establishing a safe shelter, it is time to look for food. Some berries are edible, but if you are not, sure about what kind of berries you are dealing with you should refrain from eating them at all, as some berries are poisonous. If you locate a stream when you are lost in the woods, make sure you move downstream to look for help. If you keep your cool and remain in control at all times, it is possible to survive being lost in the woods.
Nevertheless, even if you only have yourself and the wilderness, there are effective ways to survive being lost.
ABC's Matt Gutman tests his survival skills, swimming shark-infested waters to get to land. Ideally most of us we'll never have to find out what it's like to have fend off a shark or figure out how to forage for food on a deserted island but if you had to if you had to. At any time, even the most skilled hiker or hunter can lose his or her bearings and suddenly become lost.
It serves as a marker of where you have been and may alert rescuers of your whereabouts or that you have been in the vicinity. A large spoon can double as a small shovel for digging holes in the ground that you can use for capturing rainwater. Having the bags will ensure you can prevent attracting animals from any rubbish you might create. Even skilled hikers have gotten lost, especially if the hikers take off on a never traversed trail or enter into an unfamiliar area. You should always plan for a long-term stay in the woods, as you never know how long it will take for someone to find you or for you to find civilization. You must always boil water before drinking it, no matter what the source when you are lost in the woods. Once the tinder you are using begins to smoke, you can feed the fire by gently blowing on it until it starts up.

Once the sapling is secure, you can gather branches from pine trees, other saplings, sticks with leaves, and create a roof. When gathering leaves, make sure you do not accidently scoop up leaves that are poisonous, like poison ivy. You can make a sharp instrument to work with by taking one rock and striking it against another. If you have a knife on you, you can make a spear by sharpening the end of a large stick as well. Just remember, never, ever consume any food source you are uncertain of, and if possible cook the food you are going to consume. As you move downstream, you are eventually going to encounter a larger body of water and there is a greater chance that is where you will find civilization.
Instead, do all of your search and travel during the day, and preferably, when the sun is not at its highest point.
You need to think clearly, assess your situation, and take the steps necessary to ensure you get water, shelter, and food as soon as it is possible to do so.
Adults and children owe it to themselves to learn survival method – you never know when you might need them. Samuel is excited to share his knowledge and the things he learns while travelling in British Columbia, Canada where he lives and around the world. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
In the event that such an incident occurs, the individual will need to do everything he or she can to survive, perhaps for hours or even days, before either finding one’s way back home or encountering search rescuers.
Imagine a scenario where you have lost your way, your cell phone signal is non-existent, and you have as little as 1% charge left on your mobile device. However, if you have left home without survival equipment, you are going to have to make due with what you do have with you and what you can find around you in the natural environment.
Your goal now is to find a water source, start a fire, and build a shelter before taking further action. Dig holes in the ground to collect rainwater if necessary, or if you find large leaves, you can use them to capture water or to get the due water off them. Look for a river, stream, lakes, or small pond to get drinking water from, but do not drink it straight from the body of water.
If you have a knife on hand, you can also scratch the blade of your knife on a rock to get sparks for igniting a fire. In addition, you have the option of creating a fire plow where you cut out a groove into a piece of soft wood.
Make the sapling the base for a lean to, and put large sticks along each side so can build up the shelter. If you happen to be outdoors lost in snowy conditions, you can dig a hole in deep snow or build a shelter out of snow fairly quickly. You must continue to do this until different pieces of the rock break off and leave behind a sharpened edge. In lieu of sharp weapons, you can use rocks to throw at predators, and sometimes you can use the rocks to kill small animals and snakes for a food source as well. While some foods sources might not seem pleasant, they will keep you alive until you are found. Water chestnuts are not actually nuts, but they have a fleshy material inside that you can consume boiled or raw. As you are looking for a body of water, make sure you move through the woods in one direction only.
If you plan ahead and bring a survival kit with you, the ease in which you will survive your ordeal will increase tenfold. You brought a compass with you, but did not set it to magnetic north so now it does not work correctly.
Once you calm yourself, you can begin to take the next steps you need to take to ensure your survival. Check, your pockets, wallet, fanny pack, or whatever you are toting with you to see what you might have in terms of resources. If you have a plastic bag with you, use the bag to line the inside of the hole you dig: This will help you keep the rain water you collect clean. You put tinder at one end of the groove you cut and rub a stick inside the groove until a spark sets the tinder on fire. While being on the ground for a short period is acceptable, lying on the ground for hours can prove incredibly dangerous and you run the risk of becoming hypothermic. Your emergency food options include fish, frogs, crawfish, snakes, night crawlers, grubs, and small animals like rabbits and squirrels.

If it is not snowing, you can look for wild strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries as well.
You may have rescuers looking for you, and you will be easier to find if you remain in one place. This is your opportunity to put on bright colored attire, to spell out the words help or SOS with large sticks or trees, and to do things to be noticed. It’s mid afternoon, you do not know where you are, and it will be dark within a matter of hours. Nevertheless, when it comes to figuring out how to survive being lost in the woods there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your survival. Look to see if you have a knife, lighter, matches, or anything else that you can convert into a resource for your survival. You can establish some bedding by using moss, leaves, and branches so you can keep your body up off the cold ground. Queen Anne’s lace flowers offer up wild carrots when you pull up the roots, but only the young roots will prove edible.
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Place another bag over the container or bag inside the hole and pin it down with some rocks: water will form through the process of condensation.
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