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A splint does the same thing as a cast: It keeps the broken or injured bone from moving so it can heal.
If you've broken your leg and the doctor thinks it is safe, you'll probably get crutches to help you walk. When you break a bone or injure the area around it a€” whether it's because you fell off your skateboard or tripped down the stairs a€” moving the injured area can cause pain.
Your doctor will want to put the pieces of your broken bone in the right position so they can grow back together into one bone. First, the doctor or cast technician a€” tech for short (or another person who is trained to put on or take off casts) wraps several layers of soft cotton around the injured area. The doctor will probably tell you to put the splinted or casted area of your body up for a few days to help reduce swelling. Keep it dry: Many casts and splints are not waterproof, so keeping it dry is very important. If your cast or splint isn't waterproof and it gets wet, it may lose its strength and no longer be able to keep the injured bone in place. If you notice the cast is causing your fingers or toes to turn white, purple, or blue, tell a parent right away.
Keep yourself comfortable: Even if the skin under the cast or splint gets itchy, don't put anything inside to scratch the skin. Keep it fun: Broken bones aren't fun, but at least your family and friends can sign your cast. A splint is easy for a doctor or medical technician to remove a€” the elastic bandage is unwrapped or the Velcro strips detached and the splint is removed quickly.
Sometimes your doctor will let you keep your cast or splint as a souvenir a€” all you have to do is ask. Donations to UW Health are managed by the University of Wisconsin Foundation, a publicly supported charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you suspect that you have a fractured pinky toe, the first step in treatment is to have it evaluated by a doctor. Most often when a fractured pinky toe occurs, it results from a severe blow or trauma such as stubbing the toe very hard or dropping something heavy on it.
The most common recommendations for the treatment of a fractured pinky toe involve simple remedies that can be implemented at home. The Hely & Weber Infant & Toddler Molded Sole Cast Boot offers a canvas upper for strength and support for plaster and fiberglass casts.

Shop-Orthopedics is a leading provider of DME medical equipment with more than 30 years in the business. There is a soft cotton layer of padding that rests against the skin and a hard outer layer that prevents the broken bone from moving.
Fiberglass casts come in many different colors a€” if you're lucky, the doctor may let you pick the color! If the cast or splint is on your arm, the doctor might give you a sling to help support it. Your doctor may tell you to cover it with a plastic bag while you shower or you can get a special waterproof sleeve to cover it. This can happen if it's hit or crushed, has a weak spot, or if the injured area begins to swell underneath. You can look at it in the future, read what your friends wrote on it, and remember how your broken bone got better! Often this kind of fracture is simple and can be treated with minimal, non-invasive interventions such as anti-inflammatory medications, icing the area, and "buddy taping" the toe. This kind of broken toe is called a traumatic fracture and can occur in any of the several bones that comprise the pinky, or more than one. Fractured toes usually develop swelling and colorful bruising so frequent applications of ice, in addition to keeping the foot elevated, are usually advised to minimize these symptoms. Sometimes a complex fracture can occur, and the pieces of bone do not line up, one rotates, or there is significant separation. A splint can be made from the same materials as a cast or may be a pre-made piece of stiff plastic or metal surrounded by strong fabric. Then an elastic bandage is wrapped around the splint a€” or if a pre-made splint is used, straps (which usually have Velcro) keep the splint in place.
Fiberglass dries quickly but it will take longer for a plaster cast to be hard enough to use for walking. Depending on where your cast or splint is on your body, you may find it easier to take a sponge bath. In some cases, the fracture can be more complicated and may need to be set or even require surgery. If you think you your pinky toe is broken, the first step is to have the injury checked out by a medical professional. Another important element of treatment is anti-inflammatory medications, which will reduce swelling and relieve some of the pain.

In these cases, the bone may need to be realigned, or set, so that it can heal properly, or may even require surgery to insert pins to reconnect the pieces. It isn't fun to get injured, but it's important to take care of a cast or splint until it's time to get it removed. Plaster casts are usually white and made from plaster of paris, which you may have used for school art projects. It is like a half cast that's wrapped with an elastic bandage or held in place with Velcro straps.
Depending on the type of injury, you'll probably have to wear the cast for at least a month. Doctors sometimes make tiny cuts in the sides of a cast to allow room for swelling (puffiness).
This means that instead of getting all wet in the tub or shower, you just use a wet sponge or cloth to clean yourself. The person removing your cast may demonstrate this by letting the saw rub right against his or her skin. Even if the fractured toe has been examined by a doctor, you may need to get a second opinion if treatment doesn't help. Broken bones need support and minimization of movement while healing; as a result, patients are advised to wear supportive, rigid shoes. If the toe was examined at the time of injury but doesn't seem to be healing, get a second opinion with X-rays. Often the doctor will recommend typical home care, but depending on the fracture additional treatment may be needed. It is also often recommended to "buddy tape" the fractured toe to the one next to it by wrapping tape around both of them. The bone may not be reconnecting, or knitting, on its own, and medication or surgery may be required for a complete recovery. The vibration is strong enough to break apart the fiberglass or plaster, but it can't hurt your skin. This allows the neighboring digit to act as a splint, thereby providing support and reducing movement.

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