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Swelling in the breasts may make it difficult to nurse the baby, although gentle massage or icing prior to feeding often helps. Postpartum swelling, or edema, occurs because a woman's body has retained fluids during her pregnancy. Postpartum swelling in the ankles or fingers can be treated by holding the feet and hands in an elevated position.
To reduce the swelling and force milk out, a woman with edema can apply cold, such as an ice pack, to the breast for 20 minutes before pumping or feeding. A compression bra may be a good option to reduce swelling for a woman who does not plan on breastfeeding.
In some cases, postpartum swelling can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as high blood pressure or deep vein thrombosis.
I think it's quite important to be gentle with yourself after you give birth, no matter how it was done. When you are waddling around with an over seven months pregnant belly or possibly on bed rest due to your pregnancy, shopping for all the hundreds of infant items you will need before your baby comes home can be next impossible.

A number of factors can cause swelling, including consuming too much sodium during pregnancy, hot weather, and being overly active.
A new mother can rest with her feet propped up for at least half an hour in an attempt to reduce the swelling. The kidneys do their best to rid the body of fluid, so a new mother may need to urinate frequently. A lot of women don't even go into the hospital to give birth these days, as they want to be in surroundings that give them comfort and a woman in good health doesn't have too much to worry about. It's not that they don't feel the needs for any long term monitoring of postpartum symptoms, it's that they simply don't have room for patients who might not have anything wrong with them. Whether you had a C-section or a natural birth, your body is going to be somewhat traumatized by the changes it just went through. Thankfully, one online retailer has made it easy for moms-to-be to shop for everything baby needs right from a home computer.
A woman can also suffer from postpartum swelling as a result of intravenous fluids she received during the delivery.

Excess fluid can leave the body through the pores too, so women may find that they sweat a lot after birth. Postpartum edema in the breasts can block a woman's milk production so that she doesn't make enough to feed her baby. Swelling accompanied by pain in the legs or head can also point to a serious health problem. Massaging the breasts while feeding or pumping can help lessen the edema as it forces milk out.

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