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But, tried few methods through which I feel that I have improved in my communication graph. Communication is necessary in team building, knowledge transfer and effective social living.
Ok, now let we come to the point, what are the things which affects our communication skills? Initially you may feel some what tough to do this, but day by day, your translation rate gets increaes rapidly. Also, one more things is there, In the discovery channel we can see some programs such as Man vs Wild or any documentary subject programs, broadcasting in our regional language.
During our day to day activities, we may go to different places or watch others by sitting idle. Let’s look at four categories of movements and how they either project openness or they distance you from others. Avoid demonstrating a cliche by “turning your back on someone” or “giving him the cold shoulder.” These phrases describe the act of using your body as a barrier. Some illustrators help you project confidence and openness, and some completely destroy it.
Example: In making an important point to a person or group, an extended arm with the palm up is one way to invite people to agree.
Maryann Karinch, author of 20 books and ACE certified personal trainer, is a veteran business insider and communications consultant.
Communication depends on various factors such as our attitude, our thoughts and most importantly, the people we interact with. When you talk to someone, they are more likely to take you seriously when you make adequate eye contact. As most of us would accept, communication is an essential part not only for successful work life, but also in the personal life as well. The important point to remember is that poor communication can often bring negative results not only in your professional life, but also your personal life as well. To become effective communicators, it becomes important that people should be aware of a few fundamental tips that can be used in our work and life interactions. Also, do not forget to recognize or complement any positive contribution made by the individual or group of people to whom you are talking to. If possible, you can connect on a personal level to an individual to whom you wish to communicate well. However, it is better to keep away from controversial topics like politics and religious beliefs. Otherwise, when they feel criticized and attacked, they will never lend their ears to you, thinking that you are always criticizing others.
When you have answers to these questions in your mind, you can effectively communicate what you want to. Of course, you will be interested in putting forth your thought on the points expressed by others, but completely listen what they want to share and then show your dislike or agreement to the points expressed.
When you are talking with somebody, you should be careful about maintaining a healthy body language. So, it is better to ask for input and feedback from others when you have communicated something.
Not only from the beginning, it is better to ensure that your conversation ends up in an effective manner. To conclude, productive communication is something that involves clarity, consideration, awareness, respect and consideration. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

Why some people are able to find common ground and gain the trust of complete strangers without any problems in a matter of minutes, while others find it difficult even with the members of their family? An effective but easy way to improve your communication skills can be expressed with a single phrase: be a good listener. Although it sounds quite banal and unpretentious, yet for many people it is not so easy to follow this advice.
All people just want to be heard and by giving them this opportunity once you will gain a lot of friends. In addition to listening, you may need a few more tips to improve your communication skills. If you want to show that you truly understand your interlocutor, simply repeat his key idea. These will work well for some people no doubt, but let’s not forget that not every culture is the same around the world. When it’s open, you invite people to connect with you and demonstrate your desire to connect with them. When you understand how to use them, you have a lot more control over someone’s perception of your power, your confidence, and your intentions. They can be an object you put between yourself and someone else—a desk or cell phone, for example—or a body posture.
They can make other people feel uncomfortable around you, but if you ask them, they might not even be able to tell you exactly why they feel uncomfortable.
That means that something about doing them makes you feel as though you’re releasing tension. If you have difficulty identifying your adaptors, ask someone who has the opportunity to observe you in stressful situations. Some of them are invitational, some of them aggressively make a point, some of them indicate uncertainty, entreaty, frustration, anger, surprise, and so on.
Certain gestures clearly indicate that the listener wants the speaker to talk faster, stop talking, or keep talking.
Her previous books include Diets Designed for Athletes, How to Spot a Liar, I Can Read You Like a Book, and How to Become an Expert on Anything in 2 Hours.
Leigh Stringer, author and workplace design specialist, provides five tips on how you help your employees become healthier and more productive.
For people to understand you, it is crucial to speak clearly and most importantly, not mumble.
Believe it or not, maintaining enough eye contact can make wonders when it comes to convincing people.
When talking about productivity tools, experts are of the opinion that learning how to maintain a good communication skill is highly important, but it is a tool that it mostly neglected too.
As you know, time is highly precious and so you should never forget to show you are considerate and give respect to time. You can look for areas, where interests overlap and even in professional situations, there can be some personal interests in common like children, sports and hobbies. Rather than being complaining and negative, when you are constructive, people will come forward to express their ideas with you. Whenever, you wish to express your displeasure and concern, it is better to be kind and encouraging. You should maintain a co-operative and calm tone when you are talking to your subordinates in your office or even your spouse at home. When you are more focused on the outcome, you can talk accordingly to achieve your goals, but not in an authoritative or arrogant manner. Understanding how to value the viewpoint of others is highly important in effective communication.
For instance, fidgeting, distraction and lack of eye contact is generally considered to be signs of impatience and restlessness.

When you are conversing with somebody and finds that the individual expresses these signs, remember that the conversation is not going to be productive. Even, if your relationship allows, you can ask the person about the reason behind the discomfort.
Most of us generally think that we have reached a resolution and come to an understanding, but the fact is that we have completely misunderstood the thoughts of other people. This means that when you close up the deal in a friendly manner, the other parties will be happy that you value their feelings. At the same time, it is the most difficult skill that needs enhancing during the whole life. Why someone who doesn’t seem to distinguish by any talents is considered to be an “exceptionally nice person”, while someone smart and talented isn’t liked by anyone?
The ability to listen is not just closing your mouth so that the other person inserts a few sentences. The key is to not pretend: follow the story, ask clarifying questions, react to key moments. In fact, by doing this, you show your doubts about the intellectual and oratorical abilities of the person. Before agreeing or disagreeing with anything, just focus on your comprehension of what you have just heard.
Looking the other person in the eye is like telling him that you are interested in his story. When I studied French one of the most distinguishing points between them and Americans was how the French appreciate interruption in conversations because it shows that the other person is not only listening but is engaged (watch their political debates in comparison to American political debates).
It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement. Women tend to use relatively small movements, such as rubbing fingertips together, touching their hair, playing with an earring, and wiggling toes. And to be able to express it in the best manner possible, so that we are understood as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to hone our communication skills. Remember that there is a fine line between the two and you should never try to cross this line. When you have a clear idea about what is supposed to happen next, it will be helpful in avoiding conflicts in the later stages.
Sometimes it is not so easy, especially if the other person does not possess oratorical skills. Half of the confusion in the world comes from the fact that people think one thing, say another, and their listeners understand a third. Men may wring their hands, rub their thighs, click a pen, or drum their fingers on a table. The wrong gestures can give off mixed signals which could act against the purpose of your message.
This will not only help you win over anyone, but also is a great way to show respect to the other people.
She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe. Because of this, you would come across as nervous and under confident, which isn’t a good sign. When people feel such an attitude from you, it immediately changes the atmosphere of your relationship.
Just think about how great you feel when someone is listening to you intently while you are enthusiastically talking about something very important for you.

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