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Do things that you set aside during your relationship to be done later because you didn’t have time then.
So much so that I made psychology my major, later to be adjusted when I saw how much math was involved!
My interest was peaked in that course some 15 years ago, especially within the section on sleep.
Today I’m going to dig into the stages of the sleep cycle and why these are important for healing and how they play into feelings of fatigue so commonly coupled with endometriosis. I went back to that old psychology book that still remains on my bookshelf and flipped to the sleep section that inspired me all those years ago. This rhythm corresponds with innate circadian rhythms that are regulated by your suprachiasmatic nucleus, a small group of nerve cells found in the hypothalamus in your brain. The hypothalamus is a master gland of your body’s hormonal system controlling hunger, thirst, fatigue, body temperature and sleep cycles. Life changed a lot with the advent of artificial lighting and the many technological devices all around us.
During stage four, deep sleep, your brain emits large, slow delta waves that can last from 30-45 minutes.
After about an hour of falling asleep you return to stage three and stage two, where you spend about half of your night. If we are to have a chance at feeling energized and refreshed, getting quality deep sleep is essential.
To take advantage of the most healing, deep sleep, it’s best to get to bed no later then 11pm (10pm is better).
During this time (10pm-12am) human growth hormone (HGH) is released, which helps to maintain healthy tissues.

But if you begin a pattern of not sleeping enough or not getting enough deep sleep then a long term pattern emerges that decreases your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Now that we know how important sleep, especially deep sleep is, then I hope you’re inspired to do what you can to improve your own sleep. The light hours are when we should be awake (or waking) and the dark hours are when we should be sleeping (or preparing to do so).
Your brain characterizes this stage with sleep spindles, which are bursts of rapid, rhythmic brain wave activity.
During this time your brain waves become rapid and saw-toothed, your breathing becomes rapid and irregular and your eyes dart around in rapid eye movement (REM). This is when your body repairs and grows tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens your immune system. As the night passes onwards the deep sleep stages gets shorter and then disappears, so it’s best to take advantage of these times early in the night. They are easily recognizable when I’m flying off the handle about something, or crying out of nowhere. This is not good news if you’re dealing with endometriosis or any other chronic condition.
It starts to paralyze you as you start to think ‘time never heals, it stings you twice everyday’. Do everything that your boyfriend or girlfriend never let you do or you didn’t do to keep your partner happy!
Cry as much as you can, you feel will the hole in your heart filling up again as all the bottled up emotions start to flow out; it will let out all the pain and grief you are feeling.
Taking care of the pet will mend your heart subconsciously, and you wouldn’t even realize when you got over your heartache.

Breaking up with someone you love sounds cruel and the pain it brings with itself is even more unbearable. A dog, cat or any other pet that you wish to have will take your mind off from the breakup and you would not be able to even notice when it happened. You now have time to go out with your friends and do all the crazy things that you used to do.
Once you have achieved your set goal, you will be rejoicing in its attainment and the thought of breakup will have been long gone. Don’t be scared to date again because until and unless you fail, you can never taste victory.
But, if looked at positively, it means that something better and greater is waiting for you. You can party till late night, go for movies, check out girls or boys, and go on a road trip.
So falling in and out of love is a process that ultimately takes you to your perfect person. This is a very passe saying but is true ‘if it was true love, it will return back.’ But this doesn’t mean you have to keep waiting all your life for it and keep nudging your head into the wall. And when you find one, you realize that those were trivial relationships and don’t matter now.

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