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If you’re like many people with varicose veins, you may dismiss your swollen legs and painful symptoms for a very long time.
All diseases of the veins in your legs including spider and varicose veins, begin when valves in the veins become incompetent, producing a reversal in vein blood flow and increasing blood pressure (venous hypertension) in the affected blood vessels. The treatment of varicose veins has evolved from debilitating and obsolete “vein stripping” procedures associated with a lengthy and painful recovery to comfortable Saphenous Laser and Radio Frequency Ablation procedures at VSA, performed in the office from a single needle stick. Sclerotherapy is the injection of medication directly into an abnormal vein to make it close off.
Microphlebectomy, also a quick and painless procedure, offers an aesthetic solution for removing prominent varicose veins. Physicians in specialties unrelated to vein treatment often provide aesthetic spider vein and varicose vein procedures as an added service in their practice. When you come to VSA for varicose vein treatment, we will also evaluate you for signs of venous disease. An underlying venous problem can lead to more serious problems such as blood clots, bleeding, skin pigmentation and ulcers. When your venous screening exam reveals the presence of venous disease, we accept most insurance coverages including Medicare. Varicose veins are large, distended and sometimes twisted veins that may develop on one or both legs. Three major risk factors for the development of varicose veins are age, occupation and pregnancy. Age: with increased age, elastic walls of the veins deteriorate and become more susceptible to overstretching.
Occupations: many occupations that require standing or sitting for prolonged periods produces venous stasis and varicose vein formation. Pregnancy: during later pregnancy, a greatly expanded blood volume and increased lower abdominal pressure reduces venous drainage and favors the development of varicose veins.
Patients with varicose veins seek treatment for a variety of reasons – sometimes they are motivated by aesthetic concerns and often they wish to relieve symptoms that compromise their quality of life. When you come to VSA, we evaluate your vein problem and determine if a procedure is indicated to correct a problem in your Greater Saphenous Vein system. Vein stripping is an obsolete and invasive procedure for treating prominent varicose veins and associated chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) related to incompetence of the Greater Saphenous Vein.
State-of-the-art and minimally invasive procedures at VSA for treating incompetence of the Greater Saphenous Vein offer a much better solution. At VSA, Great and Small Saphenous Vein Laser Ablation is a highly effective, safe, quick, virtually painless and easy treatment for varicose veins from pathology in these systems. The actual removal of large varicose veins is accomplished through Microphlebectomy at VSA. You are one step away from the most effective, technologically advanced procedures for the safe and virtually painless treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, venous leg ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency.
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Testimonials Finding the right doctor for any type of treatment can be a very arduous process, and I had three unpleasant experiences until I was referred to Dr. La sciatica o sciatalgia, spesso erroneamente considerata una patologia o condizione medica a se stante, indica in realta un insieme di sintomi, essenzialmente riconducibili ad un’infiammazione del nervo sciatico che, dalla parte bassa della zona lombare decorre nei glutei e scende lungo la fascia posteriore della coscia, dal polpaccio fino al piede; dovuta a una patologia a monte. Negli ultimi anni, con l’aumento della sedentarieta, quindi della sofferenza del muscolo piriforme, una buona fetta di pazienti soffre di sindrome piriforme. CURE: Nella maggior parte dei casi, la sciatica viene curata con rimedi di automedicazione. Caterina LentiNata il 13 Luglio 1984 a Francavilla Fontana (BR), e giornalista pubblicista dal 2015. One area that they excel at treating is contending with water retention and providing treatment for swollen ankles, legs, and feet.

Perhaps you have resolved to live with the unsightly appearance of progressively twisted varicose veins and swelling. Both of these vein treatment procedures are easy, quick and comfortable through the use of local anesthesia. Aesthetic clinics staffed by vein doctors who lack training and equipment for venous disease treatment, do not diagnose or treat the underlying problem.Cosmetic treatments may temporarily eliminate your surface varicose veins but the problem will likely produce more veins in other parts of your legs. Relatively simple procedures can eliminate these conditions before they become catastrophic and life threatening events. When the valves in the veins become incompetent and do not close completely,  blood flows backwards towards the feet.  Restricted venous drainage increases the blood pressure in the surface veins of the leg. Sales personnel, nurses, mechanics, waitresses and those who sit at a desk all day are most at risk. Although these generally subside after delivery, women who have varicose veins during pregnancy are more apt to redevelop them later in life. They are not skilled, experienced or trained to provide treatment of underlying venous disease.  Generally, these vein clinics are staffed by physicians in other specialties such as podiatry, dermatology and internal medicine.
When it is determined that varicose veins are related to venous disease, the diagnostic evaluation and vein treatment surgical procedure is often covered by Medicare and private insurance. Vein stripping involves removal of the Greater Saphenous Vein on the inside of the thigh and lower leg.
In an office procedure with the patient awake and comfortable, a procedure called Saphenous Laser Ablation achieves the same result though a single needle stick. Through a single needle stick after local anesthesia, a small diameter laser filament connected to a laser system is used to close off the Greater Saphenous vein from the inside.
This technique uses radiofrequency energy (instead of laser energy) to heat up and damage the wall inside a vein. Through this European technique, prominent varicose veins are removed through tiny needle punctures and virtually leave no scars. These state-of-the-art aesthetic and medical procedures are fast, comfortable, without side effects, associated with a rapid recovery, and performed in the office while you remain awake. Even if you have serious symptoms for many years, Vein Specialists of Arizona can help you to recover and regain a quality of life you may not know is possible. Anche la gravidanza e un fattore incidente sulla sciatica: l’utero, ingrossandosi, esercita una pressione sul nervo sciatico, in secondo luogo, il maggior peso e la postura tenuta dalle donne incinte, aumenta la tensione muscolare e la compressione vertebrale. Il medico puo consigliare la fisioterapia, in particolare nei casi di ernia del disco, dove puo essere fondamentale nel processo di guarigione.
Each essential oil offers an anti-inflammatory benefit but some specialize in addressing different ways to combat water retention and inflammation. Please consult your doctor or health care practitioner before using any natural or commercial remedies. You put up with exhaustion from full, heavy, aching leg pain and cramps, and restless legs with strange sensations that keep you tossing and turning at night.
When venous drainage and increased blood pressure occurs in the surface veins of the legs, the result is spider vein and varicose vein formation. Patients resume walking immediately after their procedure and are back to normal activities within a few days to a week.
Treatments for venous diseases are generally covered by health insurance plans and Medicare. Over time, this the veins stretch, producing varicose veins which may lead to more serious venous disease.
Varicose vein treatment is suggested as a preventative measure when the varicose vein disease is associated with a history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
When cosmetic treatment only is provided, the disease in the veins still exists along with related symptoms and the potential to develop into a serious problem. Unlike cosmetic vein clinics where payment is the patient’s responsibility, our diagnosis and treatment of venous disease is generally covered by Medicare and private insurance. Procedures for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons are solely the patient’s  financial responsibility. Patients have minimal complaints following this varicose vein surgery and resume normal activities within a few days.
Microphlebectomy is quick and relatively painless, producing better results than through traditional treatments. Procedures for the treatment of venous disease are generally covered by insurance and Medicare. When you complete this form, we will promptly get in touch with you to schedule a vein treatment consultation.

From the very first appointment, I felt confident of having found not only an outstanding physician and specialist, but also a person who was compassionate and caring.
Anche se non molto comunemente, ci sono due sintomi associati con la sciatica che potrebbero richiedere cure mediche immediate e un intervento chirurgico urgente: una progressiva debolezza della gamba e un un’incontinenza urinaria o disfunzioni agli sfinteri. I programmi di riabilitazione comprendono esercizi per correggere la postura, rafforzare i muscoli che sostengono la schiena e migliorarne la flessibilita. For example, juniper oil is ideal as a foot soak; whereas, chamomile oil is better as a topical application.
Besides not wearing your favorite pair of shorts, you may find yourself opting out of activities you enjoy, either  because of embarrassment or just not being able to stand on your feet. Severe varicose vein disease is generally related to a problem in the Great Saphenous and Small Saphenous venous systems. Patient satisfaction is extremely high as the symptoms related to venous pathology are permanently eliminated. Since the procedures are cosmetic, there is usually no reimbursement by health insurance providers. These patients have an increased susceptibility to form more life threatening clots and develop serious venous disease such as chronic venous insufficiency and stasis leg ulcers.
Although a great cosmetic result is achieved, it is only a matter of time before new spider and varicose veins appear in other parts of the legs. Our front office will gladly assist you in the insurance reimbursement process when that option is available.
It is associated with a long, painful recovery and bruising that can take months to resolve. Patients recover quickly, walking the same day and resuming most activities within a few days. To treat a varicose vein, radiofrequency energy is directed through a thin tube (catheter) inserted through a small incision in the vein.
Coloro che soffrono di sciatica sono spesso lavoratori giovani e robusti o sportivi, nei quali il dolore e comparso dopo essersi affaticati, dopo aver sollevato un peso, dopo aver compiuto un brusco movimento.
Le persone con questi due sintomi possono soffrire di Sindrome della coda di cavallo (cauda equina) e devono rivolgersi immediatamente al medico.
In alcuni casi il medico puo prescrivere un antinfiammatorio combinato con un miorilassante per alleviare il dolore; solo nelle fasi acute potrebbero essere prescritti dei narcotici. Should we find venous disease to be your problem, you may be entitled to insurance benefits for diagnosis and treatment. Those who are bothered by the unsightly appearance of their spider and varicose veins, should be evaluated and treated for venous disease prior to undergoing any aesthetic procedure. It can be used on large veins in the leg and can be done in an office setting using local anesthesia.
DIAGNOSI: La diagnosi di sciatica si basa sull’ esame clinico, che si effettua quando la sintomatologia risale a qualche giorno o al massimo a qualche settimana. Anche gli antidepressivi triciclici e gli anticonvulsivanti possono alleviare il dolore cronico, perche sono in grado di bloccare i segnali di dolore diretti al cervello oppure di aumentare la produzione di endorfine, gli analgesici naturali prodotti dall’organismo. As the quality of your life deteriorates, you probably come to realize that this disease of the superficial veins in your legs is much more serious than you once thought – a problem that you desperately want to go away. Il medico, per definire la causa della sciatica, esegue alcune manovre su tutto il decorso del nervo sciatico in grado di evocare o accentuare il dolore. Dopo pochi giorni il dolore si attutisce e dilegua ma, di tanto in tanto, per mesi o per anni, i pazienti hanno episodi di lombaggine sino a che, in seguito a qualche sforzo o trauma, compare la vera sciatica. Gli esami diagnostici servono invece a individuare con precisione la causa della sciatalgia e si richiedono quando il dolore dura da almeno un mese e non vi e una risposta alla terapia prescritta dal medico sulla base dell’esame clinico (radiografia del rachide lombro-sacrale, risonanza magnetica, elettromiografia e neurografia a risonanza magnetica).
E’ fondamentale cercare di muoversi durante la giornata, quindi non stare troppo a letto; tenere la parte dolorante coperta con calze di lana, eliminare i chili di troppo che gravano sulla colonna vertebrale. Altre volte l’inizio e subdolo; si avverte solo qualche disturbo nel piegare la schiena, nel sollevarsi, nell’alzarsi dalla posizione seduta oppure quando si tossisce, starnutisce o si fa uno sforzo violento. Gli esami del sangue sono poco utili, se non a volte la VES e la proteina C reattiva, per dimostrare la presenza di un processo infiammatorio in corso.
La sciatica recidiva con facilita: coloro che soffrono di sciatica di lieve grado possono improvvisamente avere attacchi acuti, pazienti apparentemente guariti possono avere una ricaduta ad una minima occasione.

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