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If you're a white-footed mouse, 2 feet of snow might be a welcome forecast, but if you're a black-capped chickadee or a white-tailed deer, it's bad, bad news. The bitter cold, deep snow and, now, rain and warmth are for birds and animals extremes in the battle for survival, from which some emerge in spring as winners. A doe Whitetail Deer emerges from beneath a fir tree in Augusta in December, where it had bedded with three other does. And the snow is just the kind of insulating blanket some creatures need to flourish, said Judy Camuso, wildlife biologist with the state Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Having that protection makes it harder for owls to prey on tunneling mammals, but only in the short term.
Juvenile owls and hawks make up most of the number of vulnerable creatures that have been hurt, Lamb said. Encounters with humans rather than brutal weather often end up placing some animals at risk. Goldfinches clung to the feeder at Ahlberg’s house in Cape Neddick right through the worst of the blizzard last Friday and Saturday, she said. Many species of birds including the black-capped chickadee use daily torpor to get through especially longer-term stretches of freezing weather, Lamb said.
Deep snow can be a challenge for the cloven-hooved white-tailed deer, which are heavy enough to pierce through snowdrift and banks. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion.
The Midwestern states are home to the Eastern Chipmunk, a member of the rodent family along with squirrels, mice, and beavers. Chipmunks are omnivores, enjoying a wide variety of foods – nuts, berries, seeds, mushrooms, insects, lizards, baby birds and bird eggs. Chipmunks tend to get into the same kinds of trouble that squirrels get into, but because of their diminutive size, they can find themselves in unique situations from time to time. Chipmunk problems occur because chipmunks often create burrows in well-hidden areas near objects or buildings.
Chippies have two more front incisors than squirrels do, and we all know the busy chewers that squirrels can be. To prevent little birds, chipmunks, and everything else from getting into your dryer vent in the first place, consider installing a pest barricade over the dryer vent opening outside. If you believe that you have found an infant chipmunk, look around very closely to make sure that there is not a den site nearby that baby belongs in. If no den site is visible, take baby inside to keep her warm while we decide what to do next. Once you have baby settled, let her sleep while you keep watch over the back yard looking for a Momma Chipmunk to come by searching for her baby.
If you never see Mom outside or you are sure that she died, please give us a call directly at (636) 492-1610 for more information. If you have other questions about chipmunks please feel free to call anytime and talk to our wildlife specialists about any concerns you may have. The eastern coyote is a wolf-coyote hybrid that has expanded its range across the eastern US and Canada.
The coyotes of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains were lithe and quick, usually weighing less than 30 pounds.
Indeed, scientists have since discovered these super-sized coyotes are only about two-thirds coyote. Monzon says hybridization enabled eastern coyotes to adapt quickly to fill the niche left by wolves. Some scientists and conservationists see the coywolf as a nightmare of the Anthropocene — a poster child of mongrelization as plants and animals reshuffle in response to habitat loss, climate change and invasive species.
All of this interbreeding upsets the conventional notion of species as discrete, inviolable entities. Partly scientists fear hybrids will be less fit than organisms that have evolved in place over eons. Prime examples are stocked rainbow trout that cross with native cutthroat trout in the U.S. Other researchers see hybridization differently, though — as a shortcut to the kind of evolution that has benefited organisms since time immemorial.
As scientists scrutinize genomes, the old idea of separate, radiating species — an ever-diverging tree of life — has come to be understood as more of a tangled web, says Michael L. Examples include hybridization between polar bears and brown bears long before modern climate change — during the most recent Ice Age, when shifting glaciers may have forced polar and grizzly bears into common regions.
Jim Mallet, a Harvard evolutionary biologist, has discovered that Heliconius butterfly species in the Amazon rainforest, far from significant human interference, have freely crossed with related species. Scientists who view hybridization as a driver of evolution and biodiversity say it even has a role to play in future conservation.
This more tolerant view of hybridization has already scored one huge conservation success story. Scientists and conservationists shouldn’t reflexively try to enforce distinctions between species and subspecies, says Arnold. A natureza sempre tenta conquistar e superar qualquer ambiente hostil que forcas implacaveis do planeta conseguiram criar.
Peixes sao animais de sangue frio, o que significa que quanto menor a temperatura de seu entorno, mais dificil e para eles manter suas funcoes metabolicas. Enquanto peixes articos evitam o congelamento, outros animais sao projetados justamente para congelar, como uma medida de sobreviver a estacao fria.
Esta forma notavel de sobrevivencia ao inverno e explicada pelo fato da ureia e glucose (que vem a partir da transformacao do glicogenio no figado, que ocorre antes dos animais congelarem) limitarem a quantidade de gelo e reduzirem o encolhimento osmotico das celulas, o que, de outra forma, poderia matar os bichos.

Eles conseguem isso atraves da geracao de calor no corpo por meios quimicos e mecanicos, geralmente a partir de movimento muscular rapido e constante. Os protozoarios, bacterias e esporos, bem como alguns nematodeos, fazem enquistamento (entram num estado de animacao suspensa, separados do mundo exterior por uma parede celular solida) para suportar condicoes hostis por longos periodos de tempo. Manter-se fresco e um desafio em areas tropicais, especialmente quando os animais sao maiores ou mais energicos. Ser muito grande pode ser uma desvantagem para as criaturas que vivem em areas tropicais, pois elas constantemente precisam diminuir a temperatura do corpo. Para operar em ambientes extremos, alguns animais evoluiram diferentes tipos de composicao do sangue, como a baleia cachalote e o ganso-de-cabeca-listrada da Asia. Em areas tropicais e equatoriais, a alternancia das estacoes pode ser “incomoda” para muitos animais. Desde sua descoberta, as fontes hidrotermais tem intrigado muitos cientistas por causa de sua vida submarina. No entanto, essas aberturas infernais sao muitas vezes cercadas por colonias de varias especies selvagens, a maioria das quais, obviamente, prospera em um mundo toxico, sem sol. Uma especie de papagaio nativa da Nicaragua (Aratinga holochlora) faz ninhos na cratera do vulcao Masaya. This page addresses some of the common issues the Chippies cause, without meaning to, of course.
Moth balls reportedly work well, a liquid spray called Tree Guard, a liquid product called Ropel, ammonia poured on the outside of the hole (NOT INSIDE!), cat feces in the burrow hole – All of these ideas have reported success with relocating chipmunks. Chipmunks, on the right day, can put a squirrel to shame when it comes to how much they can chew in a very short period of time. You lug the hamper down the stairs to the laundry room, sort it all out, ending up with baskets of clothes crammed everywhere on the floor, filling the laundry room. About 10 percent of their genes belong to domestic dogs and a quarter comes from wolves, with which they hybridized as they moved east north of the Great Lakes. In fact, areas with the highest densities of deer had coyotes with the greatest proportion of wolf in their genomes. Golden-winged warblers increasingly cross with blue-winged warblers in the US Northeast and eastern Canada.
Gradually they outcompete distinctive strains and species, wiping out biological diversity that has evolved over millennia. Arnold, research professor of evolutionary genetics at the University of Georgia and the author of Evolution Through Genetic Exchange. And gray wolves in forest regions owe their dark pelage to genes from domestic dogs — not a black lab of recent heritage, but the dogs that accompanied early humans from Asia perhaps 14,000 years ago. Faced with an isolated and severely inbred population of Florida panthers, wildlife managers in the state reinvigorated the population by releasing eight female cougars of a different subspecies captured in Texas.
Alem disso, conforme as temperaturas abaixam, cristais de gelo se formam nas celulas de seu organismo, de forma que o animal pode sofrer danos irreversiveis e ate morrer. Mas, nos ultimos anos, uma proteina anticongelante foi descoberta no seu sangue, que impede a formacao de cristais de gelo. Varias especies de sapos e tartarugas praticamente congelam durante o inverno – pode-se realmente quebrar uma janela jogando um congelado, mas vivo, sapo contra ela. Podemos tracar um paralelo entre insetos e aquecimento de um motor diesel no inverno antes de inicia-lo. Radiadores naturais sao uma maneira eficiente de reduzir a temperatura do corpo: por exemplo, as orelhas do elefante e do coelho sao cheias de vasos sanguineos, ajudando o animal a resfriar seu corpo no calor. Em aguas frias, no entanto, grandes criaturas de sangue frio podem prosperar e ser bastante energicas. Ambas as especies tem uma incrivel capacidade de armazenar muito mais oxigenio em suas celulas do sangue do que outros animais. A estacao das chuvas pode significar inundacoes frequentes em que muitos animais terrestres perdem a vida, enquanto a estacao seca significa falta de agua, o que, naturalmente, e ruim para todos.
A temperatura das aguas que cercam estas aberturas excedem o ponto de ebulicao, e a enorme pressao dessas profundezas impede quaisquer bolhas de aparecer. Essas criaturas tem conseguido lidar com a falta de luz solar (que sabemos que e uma parte vital para a maioria dos seres vivos, uma vez que provoca a sintese de vitamina D) e com temperaturas absurdas. Eating more seed than they ordinarily would packs on a little extra weight — not a bad plan just before a heavy snow.
But that, in turn, becomes a boon to owls, fox and fishers who all feast on the small rodents and other mammals, she said.
Chippies carry the dirt in their cheek pouches and scatter it away from the burrow, making the burrow entrance less noticeable. Make sure that you also remove an attractants you may have that will keep the chippies coming back.
You wash the first load of clothes, then you come back downstairs to change it out for the next load. Southern flying squirrels hybridize with northern flying squirrels as the southern species presses northward in Ontario. Often it is a common generalist species that swamps and essentially obliterates a rare, specialized and localized species.
Acquisition of bright, distinctive colors to warn birds that the butterflies contain cyanide. Opponents of the move were concerned that hybridization between subspecies would destroy what was unique about the Florida panther.
No entanto, peixes articos, mesmo sem poder gerar calor pro seu proprio corpo, como focas e outros mamiferos marinhos que vivem nas mesmas aguas congelantes fazem, parecem prosperar. Como esta proteina funciona, no entanto, so foi desvendado ha tres anos em uma pesquisa realizada pela Volkswagen (sim, o fabricante de carros).

Existe, no entanto, um limite para a sua resistencia: embora parecam rocha quando congelados, a sobrevivencia destes animais pode ser comprometida se mais de 65% da agua nos seus organismos congelar. Alem disso, sabemos que os animais de sangue frio sao geralmente bastante letargicos e capazes de apenas algumas “rajadas” de energia. Eles fazem isso nao apenas para criar a energia necessaria para manter o voo, mas tambem para a protecao contra o frio do inverno – como as abelhas se reunindo e “tremendo”, a fim de evitar o congelamento. Na verdade, e por isso que enquistamento e uma das realizacoes mais notaveis do mundo natural: os cientistas conseguiram trazer de volta a vida bacterias e esporos de milhoes de anos de idade, o mais velho dos quais com aproximadamente 250 milhoes de anos (sim, mais velho do que os dinossauros).
Os coelhos que vivem em areas do Artico tem as orelhas menores, como mamutes tinham, a fim de proteger-se do frio.
O requisito para isso e o tamanho: megatermia e a capacidade de gerar calor devido a massa corporal total, um fenomeno encontrado na tartaruga-de-couro (a maior tartaruga do mundo) ou em grandes tubaroes, como o grande tubarao branco. Entre os animais para os quais a natureza tem feito grandes esforcos para garantir a sua sobrevivencia estao os peixes que “respiram”. Jatos de sulfureto de hidrogenio sao constantemente lancados das aberturas, uma substancia altamente toxica para a maioria das formas de vida. Como estes papagaios conseguem viver em um ambiente que mataria seres humanos e outros animais em questao de minutos ainda e um misterio para os cientistas, e prova que a Mae Natureza, em sua determinacao de vencer, nao se deixa intimidar com muita facilidade. Top it all off with a dark, fluffy, short tail and you’ve got quite a cute little critter on your hands! They wake up and survive off of the stores of food they brought back to the burrow in their cheeks before winter set in. Sometimes the chipmunks mistakenly believe that the middle of your retaining wall is the best place to build their burrow. A proteina impede a formacao de gelo nas moleculas em seu entorno, permitindo assim que as celulas continuem o seu ciclo de vida. A cachalote precisa prender a respiracao por muito tempo devido ao fato de que submerge a grandes profundidades em busca de comida, enquanto os gansos precisam manter um voo energico sobre o Himalaia, sendo que naquelas altitudes o ar e bastante pobre em oxigenio. Os cientistas agora tentam descobrir se essas aberturas foram os ambientes onde a vida primeiro surgiu, cerca de 3,5 bilhoes de anos atras.
Considerando que a fauna que vive perto de aberturas toxicas em aguas profundas teve milhoes de anos de evolucao para se adaptar a viver ali, os papagaios da cratera do vulcao Masaya adotaram este estilo de vida so “recentemente”. Chippies, as they are affectionately called, live in our yards, parks, woods, and school yards. As moleculas de agua, que normalmente exibem um movimento de danca, sao desaceleradas pela proteina, o que dificulta a formacao e quebra de ligacoes que permitem a criacao de gelo. Ja algumas especies de bagres e enguias nao so respiram ar, mas tambem viajam por terra entre pocas de agua.
They like areas that offer lots of hiding spots, but being just five inches long and weighing in at about 3 ounces, it doesn’t take much to hide these little guys.
Two to five mini-chippie babies are born in April or May, and second litters can come in September or October as well. Animals are sometimes just like us, and the kids just get into more trouble, for no good reason.
You scream, drop the wet clothes, trip over the other laundry baskets full of dirty clothes, still screaming, and now you’ve completely lost sight of the chippie. Estes peixes conseguem tirar o oxigenio do ar nao por meio de pulmoes ou branquias, mas atraves do uso de uma area especializada de seus intestinos. Chipmunks fit in the little ventilation holes on our gas grills, dryer vent holes, under garage and shed doors, and pretty much anywhere else with an opening any larger than a nickel.
With the BBQ pit, just open the lid and leave it open and little chippie will run off to create a new home right away. It’s something that they grow out of in time, but some kids are more trouble than others. You may see them outside at your bird feeder stuffing themselves, but as soon as they see you – they’re GONE!
After you calm down and become less hysterical, it’s time to prop open the dryer door, the laundry room door, any windows nearby, and any doors nearby to offer the chippie an exit.
Typically, chippies dig down first at about a 45 degree angle and then they turn the burrow up for their actual sleeping spot. Chipmunks are most active outside of the burrow in the early morning and late afternoon, dawn and dusk. This ensures that if it rains or floods, the water will end up down at the bottom of the den, with chippie nice and dry above the water.
At dawn they come out and lick up the moisture from dewy plants and porches, and in the evening they hang out right next to the Cardinal’s at the bird feeder filling their belly for the night. It would be extremely difficult to follow the burrow all the way back to where the chipmunk is actually living. They do bite, especially when you try to corner them, catch them, or hold them in your hand, and let us tell you firsthand, they bite– HARD! All bets are off if babies are in the burrow, or if it’s cold and chippie needs the burrow to survive. But they aren’t going to chase you across the room, run up your leg and eat your face.

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