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Step 1Sleep with your head propped up with pillows or with your upper body elevated higher than your lower half. Step 5Use an anti-inflammatory medication (pill or cream) to reduce the swelling along with any pain.
Step 6Check your medication’s side effects and consult with your pharmacist, doctor or nurse for instructions on stopping or changing your medication if you believe it has caused your facial swelling. Step 7Ask your doctor to check for an infection or other underlying health condition that can cause swelling. Step 8Apply a warm compress to your eye for 10 minutes if you have a stye at least four times a day. Immediately go a hospital emergency room or use an EpiPen if you have one if your face swells rapidly for any reason—especially with a food reaction or insect sting as the swelling could extend to your throat causing asphyxiation.
Never use cool towels or ice packs longer than 10 minutes as the cold can cause tissue damage. Swelling in the body occurs primarily as a result of inflammation, and can result from injuries and various maladies of the body, including pregnancy. Appropriately targeted massage delivered by a licensed neuromuscular massage therapist will help rapidly diminish inflammation and swelling of an injured area of the body. Some people use potato slices applied around a swollen area, fixed with gauze for an hour at a time to bring down swelling.
When you are injured and swelling is being experienced with pain, exercise will be important. Localized swelling from an injury may be treated with home care, but if you've tried the above steps and haven't seen reduced swelling after a few days, it's time to see a doctor and make sure there isn't any underlying condition. Swelling in the feet and ankles happens due to the extra fluid trapped inside the tissues on its way back to the heart. Your pregnancy swelling can get worse if you are lying or sitting in one position for too long.
Conquering fluid retention through yoga exercise is a well conceived idea since the ancient times. Though these tips and foods are safe and highly effective in reducing edema in pregnancy, it is important to check with your doctor whether you need any tests to rule out the dangerous causes of fluid retention like pre-eclampsia that need any specific treatment.
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Treating or reducing swelling not only helps to disperse any potential cosmetic embarrassment that facial swelling can lead to in public situations, but can help with treating a greater or serious underlying medical condition.
Too much salt in your diet not only increases fluid retention by absorbing and holding fluid in body tissue (edema) in common swelling sites such as the ankles but also the face. Your facial swelling may be the result of a reaction to an airborne or food allergen, allergic rhinitis or an insect sting. Cold treatments, commonly used by physical therapists for tissue and joint swelling, remove heat from tissue and cut off the transmission of signals through nerves, reducing pain, constricting tissue around blood vessels and cutting off blood flow and reducing general inflammation and swelling.
If you have an infection or other condition, your doctor can help you create a treatment plan. When these conditions are left on their own without intervention, pain becomes worse, and injuries can become more severe.While there are many causes for swelling, your first line of defense should always be rest so the body can heal while swelling reduces.

What is happening with an injury is, blood is rushing to the injured area and this is good, but sometimes it goes so fast, it causes extreme inflammation and pain.
These are specially trained therapists who can determine exactly how fluids must flow and what optimal nerve flow will be to support natural healing. As most swelling is due to poor blood circulation, rubbing mustard oil to the affected area for about five to seven minutes can help to relieve inflammation and reduces swelling rapidly.You could be looking at how to reduce swelling in one of the best ways here. Generally, when an injury is new, you will want to use cold compresses to reduce swelling and couple it with elevation of the injured area.
10-12 glasses of water would make a great difference, especially when water retention is the cause of your condition.
You may use regular salt or Epsom salts as a warm to hot compress to help reduce swelling and provide pain relief.
This is true, as the standard American Diet (SAD) is characterized by a tremendous intake of sodium and a low intake of potassium.
Always call a doctor if you are experiencing additional symptoms like fever, warmth in the swollen area, or have any chest pain trouble breathing.
Similarly, if you are taking medications and suddenly present with swelling, or if you had a recent injury and a limb or digits become painfully swollen, see a doctor. Lack of sleep, dehydration, water retention, menstruation, pregnancy, high amounts of alcohol and lowered activity levels are some of the causes that lead to swelling on the face. When you are pregnant, the pressure from the growing uterus and the extra fluid accumulated in the body due to the hormonal changes can result in a swelling in the ankles and feet. Then, rotate the foot in a circle 8 times in one direction and 8 times in the other direction. Working out your muscles in the pool helps to reduce fluid retention as the water gently presses against the soft tissues and forces out additional fluid. These exercises and yoga postures have an ability to counter water retention in different parts of the body including your legs, ankles and feet. No matter the cause, you can reduce facial swelling with a combination of home remedies and professional medical treatments.
Take an antihistamine with a decongestant if you believe your swelling is from inflammation of your sinuses.
Your doctor may recommend the use of an antibiotic cream or outpatient surgical lancing to drain and clean out any infection. When you are able to rest and elevate the arm or leg which is injured, you reduce the amount of blood collecting in the area and thus alleviate any potential blood clots and increased inflammation and pain. It is not advised to try to give yourself a massage, as you may be exacerbating the injury.
Your body will start storing water if it feels that you are dehydrated and excessive storage will lead to swelling. Ibuprofen has a duration of action lasting 6-8 hours with a dosage range of 200-800mg and Naproxen has a duration of action lasting 12-16 hours with a dosage range 0f 225-550mg. The vegetable has natural astringent properties and this helps to reduce swelling and puffiness. When you drink water you eliminate the toxins in your body and this in turn reduces the swelling and puffiness on your face.
You may feel uncomfortable at first however after the initial shock that you skin gets it will learn to adapt to the change in temperature and benefit from it. First, the continuous contracting and pumping of the leg muscles makes the extra fluid get squeezed out from your tissues. Most pregnant women also find relief from the tired and sore limbs in the semi-weightless environment that water provides.

It can also strengthen the leg muscles making them more effective at pushing the fluids out of your extremities. Gently press the heel towards the back wall for a stretch through the ankle, foot and calf.
Besides these exercises, you should also make appropriate changes to your diet like reducing your salt intake as a preventive measure in the management of pregnancy swelling. Refer to Step 7 as you may have a sinus infection caused by a fungal, bacterial or viral source. Increasing your water intake will help remove toxins and keep you hydrated, supporting a healthy inflammatory process. One of the best low-impact exercises of benefit to consider is yoga when you need to learn how to reduce swelling. This is all good relief and therapy for the healing cycle and all about electrolyte balance. In terms of recovery from injury, the focus should be two-fold: minimize sodium intake and maximize potassium intake through increased fruit consumption.
There is a common misconception that Acetaminophen is also anti-inflammatory and it is not.
The anti oxidants in the tea will help to reduce the puffiness under your eyes and all other areas of the face. Luckily, there are a few exercises and yoga poses that are helpful in managing these problems. Second, the elevated heart rate increases the blood circulation in your legs, which helps flush the fluid away. Here are some of the most effective and safe yoga poses for pregnant women to help them manage swelling and water retention. Then, lift the foot away from the floor, on the plane same as that of your hips and shoulders. This will help you regain muscular control and easily reduce swelling while regaining strength at your own pace. Prime sources for potassium include citrus fruits, raisins, orange juice, coconut water, and vegetable juices. It merely stalls the perception of pain in the brain and you can take no more than 4grams in 24 hours or you risk liver failure. Here are some simple exercises and yoga postures that will help you get rid of your pregnancy swelling and also make you feel fresh and more energetic. However, walking too much may make your swelling worse; so stick to about 20 to 30 minutes of walk a day. Take a few turns in clockwise and anticlockwise directions while keeping an eye on the stability in your lower back. When the swelling goes down, muscle tension becomes the predominant pain, and this is best relieved with warm compresses or hot ones. The tannin in the tea is a natural stringent and this helps to decrease the inflammation on the skin. This yoga pose keeps the feet and ankles in their full range of motion, which helps reduce the swelling.

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