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If you have any doubts, please contact BalticSeaside.LT before making advance payment for your reservation and we carry out an additional credibility verification of the service provider. Nowadays, the district retained its historical uniqueness of former Riga ghetto area is almost exclusively in Europe, has not endured architectural changes in the past 60 years, serving as a historical and architectural monument of the second World War II Holocaust events.
Conversely, Riga residents and visitors who are not indifferent to the historical and cultural heritage are important even a small trail that allows you to memorialize and to promote tolerance environment.
World War II memorial honoring the victims of genocide, the museum established in the territory of the Riga ghetto street pavement covered walkway.
Filmapia is a comprehensive library and platform for Film Shooting Locations and Resources, worldwide. An investor group form Russia has bought the recreational centre Vernisaz in Riga for LVL 6 746 918 via Latio real estate company, as reported by At the moment investors from various countries are increasingly often interested in buying commercial property in downtown Riga.
Statistical data from Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia shows that there are certain regions in Latvia where traffic accidents involving non-insured vehicles take place more often.
Canada just as the Baltic States spends some time comparing its success to that of other countries.
Following the country’s second indecisive election in half a year, the Spanish King has invited acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to form a government, but part of elected parties have pledged not to support his cabinet. While on a visit to Poland on July 28, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church has called on several hundred thousand young pilgrims to express compassion and welcome migrants.
Fewer applicants, fewer admissions and therefore scarcer study programmes this year, but the number of Lithuania’s high schools - colleges and universities- remains at a record-high number, 47. During a routine inspection at a border checkpoint connecting Latvia with Russia and Belarus, officials of State Revenue Service’s Customs Administration intercepted 794,960 contraband cigarettes.
Household consumption expenditure comprised on average EUR 316 per household member monthly – 16 euros or 5.4 % more than in 2014.
Historic military compound the Seventh Fort in Vilnius, Lithuania has become a popular site for weeding parties and children summer camps, but, according to Israeli press, a Nazi German concentration camp had once stood there.
Inga Kolegova, head of State Environmental Service, who has agreed to become a candidate to lead Latvia’s State Revenue Service, is confident that businessmen will support her, as she told journalists after her meeting with the Latvian Employers’ Confederation and Latvian Free Trade Unions Association.

Director General of the State Land Service Elita Baklane-Ansberga has submitted her resignation to Justice Minister Dzintars Rasnacs. The municipality of Hiroshima city in Japan, has noticed that players of Pokemon Go are playing the augmented reality smartphone game near the nuclear bomb attack memorial site.
Germany’s biggest lender Deutsche Bank has in the second quarter of 2016 registered a large fall in profits and has stated it could continue cutting of expenses in an unfavourable economic environment. This summer criminally accused Aivars Lembergs officially reached pension age and joined the ranks of Latvia’s wealthiest pensioners. Authorities in Turkey stated on July 28 that dozens of media outlets would be closed in relation to the attempted coup on July 15.
Imports of used cars to Latvia have been declining in the past 14 years – 21,271 used passenger light cars (M1) were registered in Latvia in the first half year of 2016, which is 9% less in comparison with 2015. The administered budget revenue plan of Latvia’s State Revenue Service for the first six months of 2016 has been completed by 99.5%, according to information from SRS. Japanese drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has announced the sale of its medication packaging plant operating in Polva, Estonia, to Swiss drug maker Acino. Supreme Court of Latvia has satisfied the appeal submitted by Gita Revalde in relation to the Administrative Court’s refusal to accept her plea on the decision to dismiss her from the post of rector of Ventspils University College. Compared to May, the level of construction costs in Latvia had increased by 0.3% in June 2016. Finances accumulated in state funded pension plan continue to increase in Latvia – the volume of accumulated finances has grown by EUR 102 million in Q2 2016. Gulbis: problems could start if Muslim community in Latvia exceeds 10,000Week in Lithuania. The tragic murder of police by citizens has nothing to do with our right to criticize government repression in Turkey or elsewhere or, God forbid, a Trump administration.
It is located near the suburb of Moscow: District of rich and unfortunately now forgotten history. Tourists walk in suburb in search of their relatives’ last place of residence, ghetto descendants, as well as researchers, teachers, youth of interest in the native state historical aspects.
Petersburg architect Ludwig Bohnstedt, for the then German-speaking City Theatre, and has been refurbished several times.

Increasing rent rates also mean that such properties investors buy in Riga will earn more money than they did in the past. Researchers in the North American country sought to evaluate differences in the living standards of its territories and provinces and found that people in Nunavut live like Latvians do. The recently reported information regarding the missing three-year-old boy named Rudolf turned out imprecise. The number of light commercial cars (N1) registered in Latvia has declined 9% to 1,547, as compared with 1,705 cars in 2015.
Many of Riga residents and tourists have found their relatives’ names the funeral list. Businessmen from Russia and other CIS countries are increasingly active – unlike their colleagues in many other European countries, they have access to funding, including bank funding, on favourable conditions. Lido Group’s companies paid the country EUR 10.7 million in taxes, putting the company among Latvia’s 100 biggest taxpayers. Conversely, Spikeru red block houses keep the memory of those who during the war was assigned to forced labor performance in inhumane conditions.
2011 expansion of the museum’s exhibitions, as well as the training center and the creation of video libraries. Latvians consider the opera an enormously important part of their cultural heritage, and they were determined that the new Opera House would spearhead their drive towards recreating their national identity. Businessmen from Estonia are also increasingly interested in buying commercial properties in Latvia, thanks to the adoption of the euro that has created favourable conditions for investments in other countries, explained Sins.
The museum staff ready to introduce visitors to the study results, as well as provide advice on Latvian Jewish historical, cultural and educational aspects .
Indeed, led by its enigmatic director, Andrejs Zagars, the Latvian National Opera has succeeded in attracting highly favourable recognition worldwide - not least thanks to the company's youthful brashness and willingness to take risks. Historians suggest that the Latvian second During World War II had destroyed more than 90 000 Jews.

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