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Can you please suggest a remedy and do I need to take it after 3 to 5 days of topical application of antibiotic cream. Today I went to town and I felt thick pug of mucus followed by acidic stomach later in the afternoon. Did you undergo any thyroid operation, and if so that could be the cause to mucus reservoir at the throat area. Since the reflux disease in you is a right sided condition Arsenic Album 30C three times a day for one day is the solution. My past history includes Primary Adrenal Insufficiency diagnosed in April 2006, weak adrenals diagnosed in February 2012, treated by Acupuncturist from February 2012 until March 2013.
I visited a Naturopath on 27th August who gave me Cortrex supplement which contained Bovine Extract and Bovine Cortex. When the Naturopath realized that she had made an error and was overstimulating my adrenals she asked me to discontinue Cortrex supplement.
My current symptoms are weak body, recurring intermittent palpitations between 3 am to 9 am. Palpitations occur before and after emptying bladder during the night, while turning in bed,upon walking from restroom to bedroom during the night. I had a bowel movement during the night but today my abdomen feels full, stomach feels acidic, acid rising up chest to throat. I am currently taking Aconite LM1, 3 liquid drops in 4 ozs of water for night palpitations and high night cortisol.
I have taken Bryonia and Arnica 30C for left forearm pain due to rotating left palm with sudden jerky movement while exercising.
I have taken Arnica 30C and Bryonia 30C, three times daily x 3 days for left shoulder and arm pain. Pain was intense yesterday, worse from lying on it, from movement, nagging pain over deltoid area radiating down the arm above elbow, pain in scapula region.

Since you are complaining bitterly about your symptoms and about everything that is annoying or irritating you, you need Hepar Sulph and a few doses of Nux Vomica. Today I noticed blood mixed with clear mucus coming from my right sided throat erosion due to acid reflux. It resembles a bulls eye in center with purple discoloration and hardened elevated lump with thick scar tissue surrounding ulcer.
Last Friday morning my ENT specialist also requested an early morning TSH test from a different lab. Is there a Bach Flower remedy that would help my constant fears of being alone and of change? The pain starts in the shoulder, radiates down the upper arm, in line with the upper chest region.
Since this last post I have heartburn and acid reflux after eating my evening meal at 5.30am.
I would appreciate if you would explain to me why this is happening and how I can relieve the symptoms. I experienced low BP, low blood sugar, fainting spells, feelings of doom, panic, nervousness, clammy arms and hands day and night while taking Cortrex.
All of the other symptoms have gone and I experience good energy daily as long as I do not exert myself. I also experience fear of change at this time and this emotion is probably affecting my digestive system. I had a Reiki healing session today and my healer has told me that I have strained the muscles and tendons in the left forearm. I had a Reiki healing session and my healer said that I have strained the muscles and tendons of the left arm. I am extremely sensitive to everything including people, their energies, light, noise, perfumes, odors, electro- magnetic fields, computers, TV and light fixtures.

My diet is gluten free and I eat lots of greens, fruits, brown rice, beans, chicken, turkey and fish.
My symptoms went away until 2 hours after my evening meal of green vegetables, carrots, zucchini, chicken and black beans pureed into soup. Pain increases when I move arm forward and back, difficulty elevating the arm due to increased pain. Will I continue taking the Bryonia and Arnica for 3 days or is there another remedy that I need to take for the muscles and tendons strain?
I feel acidity in abdomen, tender stomach, tender spleen , swollen lymph nodes near spleen. I was told that I am not digesting protein due to lack of protein digesting enzymes secreted by pancreas.
I can extend the arm in front of me but I am unable to raise it due to restriction and sharp pains upon movement. I have read online that holistic vets do not recommend them because cats need high protein, otherwise they lose muscle mass leading to weakness. Would it be beneficial to continue Arnica remedy until pain subsides or do you recommend another.remedy. Mucus production is mostly clear with occasional tiny green plugs of mucus in nasal passages and right side of throat.

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