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Though a range of allopathic medicines are available going for home remedies is a better option as these provide lasting solution for complications related to hair loss and help you grow hair and regain your lively look.
In case you find it difficult to procure essential oils, you can try castor, coconut and olive oil. Using natural products is healthy for the hair and skin and there always are home remedies that can be tried at the onset of any problem to prevent it from increasing. You can use fresh henna leaves and grind them to form a fine and thick paste and apply on the hair directly. It is always advisable to rinse thoroughly with water first, apply oil after drying and then shampoo the hair after henna application to leave behind soft and shiny hair. Juice of one raw onion can be applied daily on clean scalp by men and women of all ages to prevent hair from graying. It can also be used to grey hair to reverse the process, but this might be a very slow process and may or may not work on all.
For application, use fingertips followed by gentle circular motions to rejuvenate the scalp. Aromatherapy is the usage of essential oils for varied hair problems on a regular basis to get rid of the problems. It is always recommended to condition the hair after thorough shampooing; it helps to repair the damages and makes the hair soft and manageable. Amla juice (from fresh fruit) can be taken on empty stomach each morning for hair benefits. Done regularly, this has been the most recommended and primitive way to reversing hair graying and is also beneficial for those who want to prevent the hair from graying.
Sesame oil, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil or any other oil can be heated on low flame. Curry leaves are shown to have color retaining properties for hair that prevents hair from turning grey.
This might not be known to many, but walnut shells have hair coloring properties that give an awesome brown tone to the hair.
After this, strain the mixture and with the use of soft cotton ball apply it to the portions of the hair that have turned grey or lost color.
We all want to look young but as the time passes, the skin aging and greying hair are the two visible aging signs. Curry leaves is most effective for grey hair and Vitamin B available in curry leaves is beneficial for grey hair. You can add some curry leaves to coconut oil and and let it boil for few minutes (approximately 7 minutes) and let the leaves turn black.
Indian gooseberry is one of the best and effective home remedy to prevent grey hair and also helps in treating other kinds of hair problem. Black tea is very beneficial for hair, it is full of antioxidants and stimulates growth of hair and prevents hair breakage.
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Flowers, stems and seeds of various plants are a rich source of essential oil and can be used as a  home remedy for having visible hair growth.
If in case you are not too familiar with the real reason why earwax exists, it is actually a substance that is produced by the glands in order to protect the ear.
It is not always necessary that one best solution fits all types of hair and its related problems.

With the unhealthy and busy lifestyle, one can also experience hair graying even before they have reached the age.
There are a few simple ingredients straight from the kitchen shelf that you can use to maintain and repair the lost color or grey hair. You can also mix two portions of henna powder and one portion of reetha powder, with a tablespoon of gingelly oil or any other oils that suits your hair type.
This natural coloring agent can be mixed with a teaspoon of curd and applied to color the hair that is very dry. Even before dyes were popularly used, rubbing of raw onion on the scalp was a natural herbal treatment for hair graying problems.
To avoid your hair from graying, mix 3 portions of almond oil with one portion of coconut oil.
Done regularly at least thrice a week cure problems of hair fall, weak and lifeless hair and is also beneficial to maintain the natural color of hair and prevent it from graying and discoloring with age.
A few drops of the essential oils massaged to the hair every night before bed time is essential. For dark hair, it is advisable to use thyme, sage and rosemary oils and lavender or german chamomile oils for hair that is light in color. In addition, one thing that can be done every time after shampoo to prevent hair from graying is using herbal rinse to maintain its color. You can also use it in dry powdered form that is readily available at the stores and boil it with extra virgin coconut oil till it turns dark.
When it is hot can you can see fumes coming, add about 8-10 curry leaves to it and leave till the leaves turn brown. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. You hair turns grey when your body discontinues producing the melanin responsible for dark hair color.
Let the oil get cool and you can keep this oil in a container and massaging scalp and hair with the oil 2 to 3 times in a week before going to bed and in the morning wash your hair with herbal shampoo. Indian gooseberry has Vitamin C that helps in promoting hair growth and helps in improving hair health. Heat some coconut oil and add some amla pieces to the oil and boil it for 1-2 minutes, let it get cool, strain the oil and apply it on scalp and hair before going to bed at night. Essential oil extracted from tea tree, lavender, basil and grapefruit seed are an excellent remedy for hair loss. Regular massage will stimulate hair growth thus helping you regain a vibrant and lively look. If everything goes according to plan, there are several processes that take place inside the ear which will ensure that earwax that has been in the ear for a long time will be placed near the outer ear for easy removal but there are times when blockages may take place.
It is essential to have good looking and healthy hair to feel confident and get the desired appearance in any given situation.Grey hair is one such problem that does not have a perfect solution. If you have grey hair, it is essential to start caring immediately to reverse the process, also at the same time, a little change in the lifestyle and with extra care on regular basis, you can prevent the hair from graying even when you reach the certified age. Often, followed by overnight oiling, it is prescribed to use hot towel mask on the hair (turban therapy) before finally rinsing off the oils with the shampoo. Boil about half a cup of the chosen herbs in 2 cups of water for about 20 minutes and let cool.
There can be so many reasons for oily hair – hereditary, overstress, oily food, hormonal changes etc.

As these essential oils are strong, these should be used after they have been diluted with another carrier oil.
Try this home remedy for a month and you will notice considerable improvement in your condition.
Use aloe vera on a regular basis and you will notice considerable improvement within a month.
Try the above listed home remedies on a regular basis and you will have visible improvement within a month. Let the oil cool down to room temperature or turn lukewarm and apply to the scalp thoroughly in circular motions. When cleaning your ears, stick to using cotton buds just to be sure.Wrong method of cleaning the ear – There are also times when people clean their ears the wrong way.
The best option in treating oily hair that comes to our mind is shampooing, but for chemicals in it that further heightens the mess.
Regular massage with coconut oil will help stimulate hair growth and you will notice a considerable improvement within a month. If in case you already see it as a problem, do not worry because there are some home remedies that you can do to effectively get rid of it.Top 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Earwax Fast and NaturallyUse Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Rid of Earwax Naturally Usually, hydrogen peroxide is used by people for other things but it can also be effective in getting rid of stuck ear wax on the ear.
In fact, the acidic property of lemon controls the oil secretion by balancing the pH level of the scalp.DIYMix lemon juice extracted from two lemons in 2 cups water. Apart from drinking it every morning, adopt it for oily hair too.DIYBoil 2 tbsp of black tea leaves in 1 cup water for about 10 minutes.
The mixture will help dissolve the ear wax and the rubbing alcohol will help dry the liquid that might be left on the ears. Vinegar also has some components that will help get rid of bacteria that might be causing the blockage of ear wax.Mix vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a bowl. Aloe vera benefits are numerous.DIYMix 1 tsp aloe vera with 1 tsp lemon juice and further mix it with 1 cup of shampoo. This further helps it control excess oil secretion and reduce its accumulation on the hair.DIYPour 2-3 tbsp of the apple cider vinegar in a small cup of water. Use Almond Oil to Get Rid of Earwax Sometimes, people find it hard to believe that oil can be used to clean ear wax because they sometimes think that ear wax can have an oily consistency too. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp.DIYTake 3 tbsp of fuller’s earth in a bowl and put some water into it in order to make a paste of thick consistency. Aside from that though, omega 3 fatty acids can help get rid of the wax that is blocking the ear.Do not place omega 3 fatty acids inside your ear. Coconut oil contains MCFA which is a form of fatty acid that can help get rid of the excess wax found inside the ear. Home Remedies For Gas Pain In Chest How to Get Rid of Yeast Infection Fast Top 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Indigestion Fast Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
Egg yolk is a good hair conditioner that also removes excess of oils from scalp.DIYBeat two egg yolks and add lemon juice to it.
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