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Common symptoms of swollen gums include pain in the gums, bleeding from gums, increased interspaces between the teeth and so on.
You can mix clove oil with black pepper and apply on the affected area to treat the pain and inflammation associated with swollen gums.
Rinsing mouth with warm water containing salt (1 tablespoon) can also help in the treatment of swollen gums. You can also prepare a mouth wash by mixing oils such as peppermint, tea tree and chamomile oil.
A paste can be prepared by mixing castor seeds oil and camphor and applied on the swollen gums (in the morning and evening) to obtain relief from the problem of gum bleeding and swelling associated with swollen gums.
You can also boil lawsonia inermis leaves in a glass of water for a period of 10 – 15 minutes.
You can also rub aloe vera gel on the affected area to reduce gum bleeding and pain resulting from swollen gums. Going to the dentist doesn’t always help treat gum disease you know, you have to do stuff on the side as well. Actually these remedies are helpful to me who is being treated by an oral surgeon and I can’t seem to get rid of the inflammation in one area. I was diagnosed of Emphysema in February 2015, my doctor told me it has no permanent cure, i was given medication to ease the situation, this affected me so badly as i constantly go short of breath, this continued till a friend of mine Anna Madsen told me about Dr Ejiro from South Africa who cured her mother from emphysema, I contacted this herbal doctor and he sent me the herbal medicine through courier service, when i received it i applied it for 3 weeks as prescribed and was totally cured of emphysema within 18-20 days of usage.
You can create a tonic by boiling coriander seeds (2 – 3 teaspoons) in water (2 cups).
You can apply a mixture created with the use of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon essential oil on the swollen feet. You can consume a tea prepared with the use of dandelion root 3 to 4 times in a day to treat the problem of swollen feet. You can prepare a drink by boiling molasses (half teaspoon), aniseed (1 tablespoon) and water (1 cup).
You can consume food items rich in vitamin E (such as spinach, sweet potato, red bell pepper, almond and so on) to deal with the problem of swollen feet. The problem of swollen feet can be treated by soaking feet in warm water containing epsom salt.
Intake of water (8 – 10 glasses) on a daily basis can help in the treatment of swollen feet.
April 18, 2016 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Eyelids are important parts of our eyes. April 18, 2016 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Swollen eyes might be disturbing aesthetically.
April 2, 2016 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Despite the fact that eyes are fragile, injuries to these eyes are not uncommon.
April 2, 2016 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment Something blows into your eyes might trigger scratched eye, which causes pain either right away or some hours later.
An excess growth of skin bacteria often leads to an inflammation of the eyelids which is referred to as Blepharitis. Redness of the eyelids, itchiness and partly swollen and scaly appearance at the bottom of the eyelashes are some of the common symptoms of Blepharitis, an eye condition that many people often suffer from. An allergy or irritation due to presence of some bacteria or elements in the air causes Blepharitis. Blepharitis and related eye infections have often been treated with herbs like barberry, bayberry, bilberry, calendula, chamomile, eyebright, goldenseal, and passion flower down the ages. Since thousands of years, Indians have been using the method of oil pulling to treat Blepharitis. People suffering from Blepharitis should restrict themselves to a proper balanced diet comprising of beta-carotene along with citrus bioflavonoid and even dandelion. Blepharitis when caused by dandruff should be treated with a dandruff shampoo recommended by your skin specialist.
Paste made from bayberry and mixed with vinegar is considered to be helpful in treating pain from a toothache.
A concoction can be made of essence of rose flower (50 grams) combined with juice from half a lemon.
In India, the resin of asafetida, an extremely pungent plant, is used to relieve toothaches.
Before we talk about the treatments, let us take an eye on some of the most important causes of swollen gums. Swollen Gums Caused due to Plaque and Tartar: Bacterial plaques are one of the major causes of swelling in gums.
Swollen Gums Caused by Food: At times certain foods which we eat gets lodge in between the teeth or under the gums.
Swollen Gums Caused as a Result of Allergic Reaction: Some people get allergic reactions with some ingredients present in the toothpaste, medication, and certain food. Old and Faulty Tooth Restoration: Swelling of gums is also seen because of the old and faulty teeth restoration. Gum Swelling Caused due to Misaligned Tooth: It is mostly seen that the misaligned teeth, like the crooked or the crowded teeth cause swelling of gums because of the fact that such teeth are difficult to clean and thus are more prone to the bacterial build up. Medications as a Cause for Swollen Gums: Certain medicines also cause the symptoms of swollen gums.
Hormones: Some women especially during pregnancy get encountered with the swollen gums because of some changes in hormones. Abscesses: Tooth decay which gets spread into the dental nerve can sometimes cause gum swelling near the root of the tooth. Treatments for swollen gums begin with a doctor's visit for a check up on the visible of notable symptoms in swollen gums.
Regular dental cleaning and other procedures like scaling and root planning can be helpful to treat the swollen gum condition in gingivitis.
Fluoride and topical medicines or rinses may be prescribed by your dentist for reducing the symptoms of swollen gums. Taking vitamin C and calcium tablets can help in getting rid of the symptoms of swollen gums. Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment for Swollen Gums at Home: Hydrogen peroxide is a wonderful antibacterial agent which improve the gums' health and kills the germ build up in mouth. Tea Tree Oil as a Home Remedy for Swollen Gums: Oils help in reducing pain and swelling of gums. Treating Swollen Gums at Home Using Asafetida: Asafetida is one more natural home remedy which is used for treating swollen gums and teeth pain. Home Remedy for Swollen Gums Using Rose Essence: Rose essence along with lemon juice can also help in relieving pain and reducing swelling of gums. Aloe Vera an Effective Home Remedy for Swollen Gums: Aloe vera is one more effective home remedy for treating swelling of the gums. Baking Soda to Treat Swollen Gums at Home: Baking soda is one more effective home remedy which can be used to treat swelling of gums. Salt Water Rinse to Treat Swollen Gums at Home: Plain salt water solution can also work as an excellent home remedy for swollen gums.
Home Remedy for Swollen Gums Using Arabica Bark: Boiling the bark from the Arabica tree and reducing it to almost half the quantity and gargling the liquid can help in reducing the swollen gums and pain.
Castor Seeds: A paste made by mixing castor seeds oil and camphor can be used to apply on the swollen gums for best relief. Lemon: Lemon juice boiled in one glass of water is to be gargled for at least two times a day for treating swollen gums at home.
Now that we are known to some of the best home remedies and treatments for swollen gums, it is essential for us to take the necessary steps in case of anyone suffers from swollen gums. Lips are one of the most noticed parts of your body and it would not be wrong to say that it is indeed one of the biggest factors that determine your beauty.

Honey is one of the oldest natural products that are known to be very beneficial in a number of health related issues. Turmeric powder is very effective in treating a lot of skin related problem and a mixture of turmeric powder and fuller’s earth which is also known as multani mitti can work wonder for the problem of swollen lips. Baking soda is a perfect remedy to cure swollen lips if it is caused by insect bite or allergy.
Follow these simple and effective remedies to get fast relief from the problem of swollen lips. You can get swollen glands in the neck, groin, armpits, or throat and different kinds of infection can lead to swollen glands like fever or cold. Now read the article and learn how to get rid of swollen glands effectively and naturally at home. Apple cider vinegar is proper for your neck pain and sore throat because the acid in the vinegar can fight bacteria and reduce soreness in throat effectively. Firstly, you need to have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of honey, and a cup of warm water. Alternatively, you can mix some apple cider vinegar with warm water and gargle it every day. Marshmallow is a useful herb for healing swollen glands and it was used in many centuries ago in Europe and North America. Gargling salt water is one of the best home remedies for swollen glands in neck and throat. Another effective way to get rid of swollen glands is to suck on garlic, which is a common spicy at home. Make sure you choose a quite room to do the treatment because it will help you relax and feel fresh in throat and neck. Continue reading this writing to discover more other effective home remedies for swollen glands! Simply, you need A? teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a glass of boiling water and a teaspoon of honey. You need to get A? cup of chamomile flowers, some tablespoons of whole cloves, A? cup of cinnamon chips, and a cup of dried licorice root. Each time, you should get some tablespoons of tea and cups of cold water, put them into a sauce pan and boil the mixture in medium heat, reduce the heat, and simmer it for 10 minutes. If you want to discover cheap and effective home remedies for swollen glands, you should add water in the notebook because it is vital and useful for healing your problem.
If you want to get more useful and home remedies for many diseases, you might visit our main Home RemediesA page. After reading the article about top 8 home remedies for swollen glands, I hope that you have learned some useful treatments to get rid of the problem in neck, throat, and other parts of the body.
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Rub this paste directly on the affected area to reduce the pain and swelling resulting from swollen gums. Gargling with this mixture 2 times in a day can help in treating the problem of swollen gums. It is important to note that this remedy can provide only a temporary relief from the problem of swollen gums. Massaging affected area with a mixture of baking soda and turmeric extract can help in curing the problem of swollen gums.
Gargling with this mixture 2 times in a day can also help in curing the symptoms of swollen gums.
This mouthwash can be used for gargling 3 – 4 times in day to cure the inflammation resulting from swollen gums.
And besides the Salt in Warm water trick actually works, I use it for my gums and I notice a big difference.
Excessive consumption of food items rich in carbohydrates or containing salt may result in swollen feet. Drinking this tonic multiple times on a daily basis can help in reducing the problem of swollen feet. Using this remedy on a daily basis can give effective results. You can also wrap the affected feet with a towel soaked in warm water containing vinegar to reduce the swelling. Application of rice water containing baking powder on the affected area can help in the treatment of swollen feet. Consumption of this drink 2 to 3 times in a day can reduce feet swelling in short span of time. The vital function is protecting the eyes from injuries and external debris which may get in to the eye surface, causing abrasions. Common symptoms of this problem—referred also as corneal abrasion include pain, tear overproduction, sensitivity to light, and squinting. This results in occasional allergies and blockage of the oil glands present in the eyelids. A gritty, irritating sensation similar to a feeling like something has fallen into your eyes is experienced as the crusts drop into the eyes, by those suffering from Blepharitis.
The part of the eyelids, which help the eyelashes stay attached to one another is referred to as anterior Blepharitis. Some of the symptoms of Blepharitis include an irritation in the eyelids due to excess oil or an oily skin condition referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. However, their effectiveness is yet to be proved as there is no proper evidence for the same. Besides, it is risky to use herbal preparations near or on the eye area and should be avoided unless advised or suggested by an experienced eye specialist or physician. Carry on with your usual eye cleanse regime and then while holding the eye lids back use the cotton bud to brush across the area affected by Blepharitis. The eye-lid must be held back for a minute as contact with the eye can lead to a stinging feeling.
This procedure involves taking in to your mouth, two to three tablespoons of virgin Sunflower oil by gradually swirling it inside for fifteen minutes after which it should be spit out in your bathroom. Avoid gargling or swallowing this oil. Other options here include evening primrose oil, lutein, fish oil, red clover and selenium. In this reference, it is suggested to have a diet that is rich in vitamin B complex and basically includes all forms of group B vitamins like fiotin and folate. Blepharitis symptoms cause irritation that can be considerably reduced by the use of a good and effective anti-dandruff shampoo.
Poor oral hygiene with excessive sugar intake causes the growth of bacteria resulting in inflammation of the gums and teeth. Home remedies are often herbal and, as natural treatments, lack the side effects that can be common with drugs. Dip a clove of garlic in rock salt and apply to the tooth that is aching for surprising pain relief. Stir thoroughly and place the mixture in your mouth holding it as long as possible on the irritated area. Mixing heated asafetida resin with lemon juice and applying to the affected tooth is said to give quick relief from toothache pain. Brush, floss, and rinse following every meal and particularly after eating any sugary food. Calcified plaques are called as calcus or tartar which leads to gum swelling and can be removed only by a dentist.
If not cleaned properly, this can cause infection and swelling of gums in one or two days until the food is removed.
Such allergic reaction causes irritation and various symptoms including swelling of gums, redness and irritating pain. Drinking enough of water help in producing saliva in mouth which in turn functions in killing the bacteria and help in maintaining proper hygiene of the mouth. Swishing 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and water in and around the teeth and gums for at least 30 seconds can get you relief from pain in swollen gum condition. Tea tree essential oil gets an instant relief from teeth and gums pain being a potent antibacterial substance.

It is a pungent plat and its resin is used to prepare a blend with lemon juice in heated condition. You can prepare a concoction taking the lemon juice from half a lemon and mixing with 50 gram of rose flower essence. The affected gums can be rubbed with the aloe vera gel and then requires a gargling with water for best relief in swollen gums.
Prepare a mixture from salt, baking soda and turmeric powder for the best results and apply the mixture in the affected portion of the gums. The salt and warm water solution is used to rinse your mouth which acts in fighting infection and prevents further build up of bacteria or causing further swelling in gums. A paste made from bayberry and vinegar can be used once in a week for strengthening the gums and preventing from inflammation or swelling and pain. It must be noted that a strict medical check up is necessary in case the swollen gums or any of the symptoms like irritation, pain, redness of gums or bleeding gums remain for more than two weeks.
Viral infection, dehydration, dryness, nutritional deficiencies, injury, insect bite, environmental change and improper management of lips are some of the main reasons that result in swollen lips.
All you need is to mix some turmeric powder and fuller’s earth to make a mixture by adding cold water.
All you need is to wrap some ice in a cloth and apply on your lips for about 8 to 10 minutes. In addition, non-infectious condition can cause swollen glands such as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.
This ingredient includes mucilage that can soothe mucus and coat in your throat effectually. This natural treatment has been used for a long time and it can get rid pain whenever you have sore throat. This ingredient will kill bacteria and reduce irritation as well as pain in throat and neck. It will reduce sore throat, soothe mucus, and reduce irritation, swelling because the ingredient has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. I think that you have already heard about the benefits of drinking waterA and adults should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. This article is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor immediately if you cannot get better effect from those home remedies. You can rinse your mouth with lemon juice mixed with essence of rose flower 2 – 3 times in a day to cure the problem of swollen gums. Eyelids have eye lashes to maximize its function, and on the edge of these eye lashes we find oil glands. Swollen upper eyelids and bags under the lower lids might cause you to look tired and under the weather, which is often unexpected. This is a result of an infection due to bacteria or dandruff on the skin known as seborrheic dermatitis. This treatment procedure was followed by me twice daily for four days and then reduced to once daily for the following two weeks.
The interaction of the bacteria and sugar forms acid that can result in toothaches and swollen gums. Brush in a circular motion, with a toothbrush that is soft to firm, covering all surfaces of the teeth. Upon knowing your condition in swollen gum and the underlying causes for the swelling of gums, you dental provider will undergo the treatment procedures for relieving you from the symptoms and discomfort. The essential oil from tea tree is to be massaged on the affected area of the gum to ease the pain, discomfort and swelling. Applying this mixture on the affected tooth or the swollen gum will help in provide instant pain relief and reduce swelling. This mixture is to be held in the mouth for some seconds to minute and the procedure must be repeated several times a day. Every girl want to have red and sexy lips but then there are a lot of problems in the way of getting perfectly shaped lips and one such problem is swollen lips. Swollen lips are accompanied by cut and bleeding that makes the situation worse making it very difficult to eat and drink properly. The anti inflammatory properties of aloe vera help in reducing the inflammation and pain in your lips and help them recover fast. The anti bacterial, anti septic and healing properties of honey help recover the swollen lips in a better way.
Glands are lumps of tissue that includes white blood cells and they can help you bat viruses, bacteria and things that cause infection. Salt water will reduce swollen cell and you will get ease with this as it removes excess mucous effectively. Brushing teeth on a daily basis with this mixture can also help in the treatment of swollen gums. Maintain the desired temperature by re-wetting the washcloth in warm water and repeating the procedure. While cleaning keep the eyes closed and rub the washcloth or your index finger using horizontal strokes multiple times over the eyelashes and margins of the eyelids.
Soothe the affected area with calendula ointment and also compress the eyes with cool, wet tea bags regular ones or chamomile tea bags for instant relief. There are many popular home remedies that have been found effective for these symptoms and offer a low-cost alternative to store-bought medications.. You can also mix a bit of black pepper with the clove oil for another pain-reducing concoction. One of the most common conditions may be chronic gingivitis which may cause swelling of gums. In case medications cause irritation or swelling of gums, it is essential to talk with your doctor and go for a replacement on the same.
So, maintain proper oral hygiene, taking balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and having a dental check up in every six month can be helpful in safeguarding self from the symptoms of swollen gums. Lips being one of the most sensitive parts of your body needs special care and attention therefore you need to cure the problem of swollen lips and here are some of the natural remedies that you can use in order to get rid of the problem to get healthy and beautiful lips. Moreover the anti bacterial and anti septic properties of aloe vera help heal the swollen lips resulted from an insect bite. It should be kept in mind that you are not supposed to apply ice directly on your lips which otherwise can cause mild frost bite and soreness. Some of the symptoms of Blepharitis include a feeling of a presence of some particles inside the eye, a burning sensation in the eyes, light sensitivity, redness and swelling of the eyes and eyelid area, blurring of the vision, eyes drying up and eyelash crusting. With this process the oily debris accumulated on the eyelids as a result of Blepharitis is loosened and the crust softened. It is also my suggestion to place tea bags soaked in hot water and then cooled on your eyes for relief. It is obvious that swollen gums are signs of any underlying condition which alerts you for the early diagnosis and treatments.
So, it is surely an important task for everyone suffering from such a condition of swollen gums to go for an early detection of the condition and take the appropriate treatments to get rid of it. In this article we will study about the causes and some of the best ways to treat swollen gums and take a look on some of the most effective home remedies to get rid of swollen gums.

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