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For some of us, this is all worth the extra work that will be needed to drop the additional pounds and get back on track over the first few months of the new year.
It’s tempting with all those holiday party invites and camping out for early morning sales to live on the minimum amount of sleep you need to maintain your sanity.
When you are faced with that cookie tray and the table lined with pies and cakes, if you’re not hungry it’s going to be that much easier to control how many you eat; or even better, pass them up altogether. Another good general modus operandi, but during the holidays we find it’s often more difficult to follow. We know it’s no fun to make it through the holidays without indulging somewhat, which is why our holiday survival guide is geared more at helping you make the indulgences you do allow more worth it. I know what it’s like to skip bread, drinks, and dessert, only to end up stress eating Christmas cookies at night. The anticipation of January first and a brand-new diet, whole new life, and many lost pounds in the future is all too familiar. Weight loss, health and nutrition are hard during this time of the year, but we’re going to simplify things, stick together, and make it through the holidays.
Legend has it the average American gains around 5-7lbs over the holiday season, but we’re here to change that.
You’ll be getting so much value from this group, but I do ask some requirements from you! You must also commit to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology over the duration of the group. Exclusive meal plans created by me, to maximize your nutritional intake and satisfy cravings. This entry was posted in Miscellaneous and tagged challenge group, holiday survival guide, holiday weight loss, program on November 3, 2015 by danielle. Disclaimer: In addition to being a certified holistic health coach and NASM personal trainer I am also an Independent Beach Body Coach.
It's just over a week until Thanksgiving, and in many parts of the country the snow has already started to fly. 2.) Ken Winston, policy advocate for the Sierra Club's Nevada chapter, talks about wind power. 3.) Avital Andrews, green living editor for Sierra magazine, shares tips for a green Thanksgiving.
This election season, Big Oil and Big Coal spent hundreds of millions of dollars shoveling dirt on clean energy initiatives and smearing candidates who stood in the way of the fossil-fuel agenda. There you sit at the Thanksgiving table, hearing your uncle say that coal and oil are the only ways we can realistically supply our energy needs. We all know that a diet based on local, organic produce is the most planet-friendly choice.
Whether you were directly in the path of the storm, had friends or family affected -- as Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune did -- or simply have something to share, please check out our Share Your Story website and submit your story, photos, or thoughts about how Sandy affected you.
From November 11 through December 7 (Veterans Day through Pearl Harbor Day), the Sierra Club’s Mission Outdoors program is teaming up with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to sponsor a public lands essay and photo contest. The contest, "What My Public Lands Mean to Me," encourages vets, active-duty military personnel, and their families to submit photos, essays, and videos about their favorite places outdoors and time spent on America's public lands.
As part of its Wind Works campaign for clean energy, the Sierra Club has announced a national "Wind Week" to urge Congress to renew the vital Production Tax Credit for the wind industry before it expires on December 31.
Photographer Suzi Eszterhas spends months in the field with her wild subjects to capture moments like this one -- a two-week-old lion cub at Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya meeting its father for the first time. We collected some of our favorite shots from Eszterhas's portfolio and asked her to share some tales from the field.
There’s the giving of presents, the giving of time and money, and the giving in to all the indulgences with the excuse of, “It’s the holidays.” And it’s true, it is the holidays, and if we gave into those indulgences only once with that excuse everything would be all good. This is pretty much a good rule of thumb before attending any social gathering where you know the food selections will be overall unhealthy options, but it is essential during the holidays where party hosts have a tendency to want to outdo the TV commercials in their decadence. Whether you are just starting to focus on eating healthy or you need a little extra accountability this group is going to give you everything you need to stay on track (and stay sane) through the holidays!

No starvation, no crash diets, just good food, regular exercise, and some goals, support and accountability.
This is quick and will take 2 minutes of your day, but will be crucial in keeping you on track! I make this a requirement because especially during this time of year, it makes for an easy, quick, and healthy meal for you to have each day.
I can help you choose the best workout at your level, or you can choose to continue with whatever workouts you love! Send me a message to [email protected] or comment below if you’d like all the details! Try one of our lodge trips, which combine scenic settings and outdoor activities with the comforts of home, all at a budget-friendly price.
You've probably long since retired your trusty old wooden rackets -- but don't pitch 'em out. Find out in the Sierra Club Holiday Survival Guide, which also supplies you with recipes, green gift-giving tips, and more. The Sierra Club is cataloging our experiences so we can continue to push for leadership and policies that fight climate disruption. Entries will be accepted through December 6, and three winners will be featured on the BLM and Sierra Club websites and receive an outdoor support kit from the Club. Wind Week, which began on November 12, brings together labor, environmental, and wind-industry groups to push Congress to extend the tax credit. Click through the slideshow and then read our interview to find out the mountain gorilla's chances of survival, how long it takes to get a great photograph of a cheetah hunt, and how it feels to be slapped by a chimp. The problem is, as soon as Thanksgiving week rolls around we’re inundated with heavy dishes of ham, turkey, potatoes, gravies, and sweets, sweets, and more sweets. Now more than ever it’s important you get enough sleep each night so you have the energy to keep to your regular exercise schedule. We know you want to kick back and relax and have just one, then just another, what’s three right? Well yes we should, but with those few glasses of champagne we know you’re going to sneak – because we’re not holiday Nazis here, we know you’re still going to indulge a little bit – and the egg-nog lattes and hot chocolates, it’s going to be even more important you remember to slip glasses of water in there. So what if you could actually lose a couple pounds before the New Year instead of gain them?
Glide over frozen lakes, mush your own sled, snowshoe or cross-country ski remote backcountry, or carve telemark turns down open bowls in a magical winter landscape.
Each lodge trip offers its own mix of activities including day hikes, nature walks, visits to local attractions -- even yoga and wine-tasting if you want it. But if Congress doesn't renew the Production Tax Credit before the end of the year, all that is in jeopardy. The Sierra Club's Victory Corps worked to get President Obama reelected -- and also helped net dozens of other victories nationwide, moving us toward a greener U.S. On Hannukwanzmas Eve, your sister says she wants to be green, but she doesn't know where to start. We've tackled the issue of sustainable meat in a four-part series that shows you the best ways to consume meat, fish, and eggs.
With the holidays come many things, and so I like to be prepared for all of the different scenarios. Holiday parties fill our schedules and we’re tempted to forego our exercise due to late nights and other social functions eating our time and stealing our energy. You’ll already have enough distractions; you don’t want to start missing “just one” because you just don’t have the energy. Every candy, sweet, and pie making company is blasting out their sugary delights in advertisements every commercial break. Well, even the one bottle of beer, glass or wine, or mixed cocktail is full of nothing but empty calories. Shakeology is one simple meal you can grab and go, plus it assures that you’re getting complete nutrition within your day.

Write to your representative in Congress and urge them to renew the Production Tax Credit to protect American jobs and ensure a clean energy future.
Meanwhile, your brother lets on that he'd like to put solar panels on his roof, but it's just too expensive. I want to make sure everything goes off wit out a hitch, so I head to Walmart to get everything we need for our holiday preparation and entertaining needs. Then you can kick back a bit come January while all your friends are putting in extra reps and added minutes on the treadmill. When you’re thinking about how much you want to relax this holiday season, just think about how hard you want to work later to make up for it and then gauge how much is too much. And while you’re at it, if you really want to reap some extra benefits from your water and do something good for your overall health, mix two cold glasses a day with the Ark 1 Pink Drink and let the micro nutrition do wonders for your body.
80% of your results are going to come from nutrition so we want to ensure your nutrition is on point. In Oregon, natural gas companies want to permanently alter the coastline with liquefied natural gas shipping terminals. Plus, as you’re likely to be the only rested shopper, you can more easily outrun the competition to get to the best deals first. You think they don’t know exactly what they’re doing when they shoot those commercials with tight close-ups on all that mouth-watering goodness? Now I too was a skeptic of a meal replacement, but I promise, this is no quick fix, weight loss shake. The multibillion-dollar plan would include highway-size pipelines along the Columbia River. Another advantage of getting these products at Walmart is being able to use the Ibotta app to get some cash back.
This is one meal a day packed with nutrition and unlike anything you’ve tried before.
These brands will keep you covered this holiday season and you will have what you need to survive the holidays.
You’ll have a hard enough time facing off the cookie tray at yet another office party this year, you don’t need subliminal messages already doing their dirty work before you get there.
These are great staple to have in every room for a variety of situationsBe flexible with your plans and don’t have a strict schedule.
It is good to plans things, but it is also fun to just be together and relax and have funUse a lot of plastic wear and paper supplies to save yourself the time doing dishesThe holidays are great for getting together, but it can be stressful when there are a lot of people together. Clean up the tough messes and have a durable cloth-like paper towel like Viva® on hand so you can get on with the festivities. They are great for wet or dry use and they have the great Choose-A-Sheet option, so you always have the right size towel for the job. I like to get the Viva® Vantage® because of the revolutionary scrubby texture that helps making cleaning messes easier.I found these new slim canisters at Walmart and fell in love! They make tissues readily available so that my family and friends will have them on hand for any number of uses.
If you have seen the commercials you will know that it gets you clean enough to go Commando. With the strong absorbent ripples and strong but gentle paper – you will love how well it works. The Cottonelle® Ultra Comfor Care is also great and gives you ultra cushiony, ultra luxurious, ultra clean fresh feeling. The Scott® toilet paper has a lot of sheets and you get 100 free sheets per roll for even more long-lasting performance.

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