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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. First Nurse Pracitce Act - on left is as proposed by the NCSNA on right is as the act passed and was signed by the governor. That any nurse who may present to the clerk of the Superior court in the State on or before December 31, 1903 a diploma from a reputable training school for nurses conducted in connection with a general hospital, public or private, in which medical, surgical, and obstetrical cases are treated, or in connection with one of the three State Hospitals for the insane, or who shall exhibit a certificate of attendance upon such training school for a period of not less than two years, or who shall present a certificate signed by three registered physicians stating that he or she has pursued as a business the vocation of a trained nurse for a period of no less than two years, and is in their judgment competent to practice the same, shall be entitled to registration without examinations, and shall be registered by the clerk of Court in the manner hereinafter provided. On and after January 1, 1904 registration as a trained nurse shall be made by the Clerk of the Court solely upon a presentation to him of a license from the State Board of Examiners of Nurses as created and provided by this act. The said Board of Examiners is authorized to elect such officers and frame such by-laws as may be necessary, and upon the occurrence of a vacancy is empowered to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term. Any person who shall procure a license under this Act by means of any false and fraudulent representation or by the production of false certificate or testimonials, or who shall refuse to surrender for cancellation a certificate of registration or license which shall be revoked under the provisions of Sec. In all appointments of nurses in hospitals under the control of the State, County or City, preference of employment in regard to future vacancies shall be given to registered nurses, provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed to interfere with the employment of pupil nurses, and no pupil nurse who has had less than two years’ training shall be sent out to take charge of a private case.

It shall not be lawful for any Hospital, Sanitarium or Training School in the State of North Carolina, whether incorporated or otherwise, to issue diplomas, certificates or any other credentials certifying to the competency of their pupils as trained or graduated nurses, unless they have had the instruction, training and experience provided for in Sec. This Act shall not be construed to affect or apply to the gratuitous nursing of the sick by friends or members of the family, or to any person nursing the sick for hire who does not, in any way, assume to be a registered or trained nurse.
Nothing in this act shall in any manner whatever curtail or abridge the right and privilege of any person to pursue the vocation of a nurse, whether trained or untrained, registered or not registered. Professional integrity is the manner in which the working people should conduct themselves.
It is necessary to have the integrity in the nursing profession as it is a distinguishing hallmark of the accountancy in the profession. From a Christian perspective, caring for the sick in the early church was seen as a ministry for Christ.
According to the Christian perspective, the nurses ought to respect their moral attribute, and adapt to the different surrounding since the patients have different illnesses. Nurses Christian Fellowship advises the students in the universities and nurses to follow Jesus Christ and engage the gospel in their nursing practices.
The group advises the nurses to use the prayer needs in nursing as the basis of their faith and the care they offer. The Christians are finding therapeutic communication a significant part of nursing for the nurses to learn how to reflect verbally, listen and guide family and patient communication.
A profession means pursuing an occupation with a high motivation and involves a degree of learning and skills.
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Thomas Hospital in Londonwhich adopted the Nightingale System.- Made Florence Nightingale the mother ofmodern nursing. 1st, 1903, any nurse who does not come within the above provisions, but who has had five years of nursing experience, and who can furnish proof of good moral character and professional ability and who can pass the examination by the State Board, shall be eligible for license and registration. As Christians, nursing has always been an important part of community life in the religious orders.
In this era, the surgeons and the physicians criticized the nurses for concentrating on the spiritual aspects of the patient and ignoring the physical. The Nurses Christian Fellowship (NFC) is an Intervarsity Christian fellowship ministry in the United States. In the book of Romans 8: 13-16, the Bible affirms that “we have a spirit, that needs to be redeemed, a body that would age, die and resurrect and a mind that could be disciplined even though it may be tempted”.
According to Christians, the nurses are not supposed to view the profession as a means of financial gain but should be committed and called to serve as a ministry to the Lord.
This explains why most of the professions have a code of conduct to guide the character of the people in the working places. The code of conduct comes hand in hand when it comes to the professional integrity as it lays down the primary foundation. Integrity in the profession assists the nurses to align their performance in the health care with the society’s reasonable expectations. They asked the nurses to be more observant and monitor the patients’ treatment and progress. It encourages the students in the nursing faculty and nurses to connect and explore the Christian faith with the nursing practices.

A Christian finds the mentoring and the networking as a way of partnering with Jesus in his eternal plan since all Christians are on a journey of faith. Nursing in these early years attracted many young women, given that one of the rules of the Benedictine Monasteries was that caring for the sick was to be placed before and above every other duty. This saw the nurses improve their skills from only caring about the soul to the body, as well. NCF provides resources to the nurses to improve their understanding of the nursing practices from a Christian perspective (Porterfield, 2005). Once the nurse evaluates her fundamental skills in nursing writh regard to Christ’s examples then, they can offer the best services (Hull, 2009). The book of Ephesians 2: 10 informs individuals of being God’s workmanship created in the image of Jesus Christ for the good work that God prepared beforehand, thus we should be able to walk in them (Hull, 2009). Professionalism has various characteristics among them expertise, standards, respect and responsibility. Given that the health care faces so many pitfalls between them: politics, organizational bureaucracy, and self serving groups, the nurses have integrity. It serves as a cornerstone in the nursing profession as it helps in retaining credibility (Stranahan, 1999). The monasteries encouraged the women to pursue the nursing career since they could use their spiritual and intellectual gifts to develop their nursing skills (Stranahan, 1999). One Christian, Florence Nightingale viewed nursing as a medical profession that needed to treat the spirit of a person as critical to his health as the body.
Having a better spiritual well being would ensure greater quality of character, thus personal and professional integrity (Porterfield, 2005). The expectation of a professional person is to take pride in doing the best job and still seek to improve and develop his skills. In the current society, several pitfalls face the healthcare sector, for example, the politicians with their self interest. Christianity plays an important role in mentoring the nurses and students in the nursing faculty. This calls for determination by the nurses to follow the code of conduct and maintain the moral integrity despite the circumstances. Nightingale is remembered worldwide for bringing revolution to nursing (Porterfield, 2005). For professionalism to be achieved, people need high integrity (Bridging the gap: connecting Christian faith and professional practice, 2011). This paper outlines the significance of the professional integrity, the Christian view and the impact of Christianity on the integrity of the nurses. Nurses are completely responsible for their work as they have their own philosophical views, code of conduct, and place in the health care system (Buttitta, 1992).

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