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The weekend event will allow everyone to have a feel of what 10 men experienced in the wilderness of Vancouver Island in Canada. History Channel will let you feel how being alone in the wilderness feels and what to expect from the show before it premieres on TV.
The show revolves around the contestants who are trying to stay alive as long as they can and whoever lasts the longest will win $500,000. The show, which is dubbed as the ultimate test of man’s survival and a first ever attempt of its kind on TV, will have no camera crew and producers to help them in the most difficult and dangerous situations.
The 10 ordinary men, who left their career and family behind, will be dropped off in separate and extremely remote locations and will have no interactions with each other. In the first episode of the series, the contestants will learn what they put themselves into and will realize the struggles that lie ahead. While each character battles to simply enter the dense forest and find a suitable base camp, they must also find water and make a shelter before night falls and temperatures drop. The the diverse list of contestants, who are all fans of outdoor activities and survival challenges, includes law enforcement officer Josh Chavez, carpenter Dustin Feher, corrections officer Alan Kay, outdoor gear retailer Sam Larson, former military man Brantley McGee, outdoorsman Lucas Miller, Boy Scouts of America member Mitch Mitchell, family man Joe Robinet, expeditioner Wayne Russell, and post-apocalyptic fiction author Chris Weatherman. History's popular survivalist competition Alone debuts its second season tonight—which means 10 more brave, bold souls will march into the Canadian wilds with nothing but a pack of supplies and a video camera to potentially self-record their own demise.
Unleashed into the wilderness of Vancouver Island, the (you say) fearless (I say nuts) men and women must fend for themselves, battling weather, starvation, loneliness—and as this exclusive clip from tonight's Season 2 premiere reveals, things that go bump in the night. South Carolina resident Tracy Wilson, 44, is a military brat and former solider and cop whose family taught her how to live off the land. So, ultimately we make it and here these list of best picture for your ideas and information purpose regarding the History Channel Alone Tv Show Alone Survivalists Alone Winners as exclusive updates collection. The TV show, which is the boldest survival experiment ever attempted, will be premiering on June 22 in more than 200 territories across the globe. The activity will help you understand what the participants went through using a 4D technology. The brave men will enter the backcountry carrying only what they can fit in a small backpack. They will face extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown and document the experience themselves. With no crew behind, the contestants are also tasked to record all the challenges they will face in the wild forest. As the sun goes down, a new challenge presents itself: relentless rains and the struggle to build a fire without matches.
So, take your time and get the best History Channel Alone Tv Show Alone Survivalists Alone Winners photos and pictures posted here that suitable with your needs and use it for your own collection and personal use. Each of them has the freedom to choose the 10 items to bring in order to help them survive in the harsh environment where wild animals are present. Even worse, some find that water, shelter and fire are the least of their worries when the island’s large predators wake from their dens and begin to stalk their new neighbors.
But if they're the last person to throw in the towel on the adventure, they take home a $500,000 prize. History Channel Alone Tv Show Alone Survivalists Alone Winners images and pictures selection that uploaded here was properly picked and published by admin after choosing the ones which are best among the others. You can’t call home to chat, no one knows if you’ve been injured or if you are starving, if you are freezing or dehydrated. No one is around to keep you sane, the only conversation you’ll have is with a personal camera.

You are Alone.History Channel’s hit adventure series Alone enlists 10 survivalists to face the wilderness on their own.
In its second season the contestants were dropped on Vancouver Island and left to use their outdoor skills as a means of outliving one another.
For up to a year, the men and women competing must hunt their own food, build their own campsite and keep sane until they are the last man or woman standing. Inked caught up with Larry Roberts of Minnesota, one of this season’s contestants who got a big tattoo honoring his experience on the show. The 44-year-old couldn’t say whether or not he was the last man standing on Alone season two, but he did fill us in on how exactly he filmed himself without a crew, the weirdest things he ate to survive and the details of his new ink.
I still have thoughts about the island and a lot of times I actually wish I was still back there even though it was a difficult experience. There was more anxiety and nervousness with trying to perform and to live up to the expectations that I had put on myself. I used a gill net, which just catches fish in their gills when they bump up against the net and try to squeeze through the little holes. I had a preconceived idea before I ever saw my area that I’ll probably have a sandy beach that would allow me to drive stakes into the ground for the net, but I didn’t. My area was gravel on top of bedrock so I had to cut my branches for my gill net and wedge them in rocks and try to secure them without driving them into the ground. I made sure I had the net out as far as I could so I did it when the tide was out and the tide is really never sitting still, so that was a very calorie burning physically demanding test.And then you’re working so hard you’re probably even more starving once it is set up.
Well that’s just it, I’m climbing my hill every single day to get to my camp, even just to sleep or get food. Sometimes I was working at night time because that’s when the tide would go out, so I’m getting a few hours of sleep. I was burning calories at a really rapid rate.You had a really difficult time building a camp for yourself because of the grounds you had to work with. With the rains and even just climbing up and down the hill made it start to turn into a mud pit.
Procuring enough food to meet the calorie expenditure that I was having to do.What was the weirdest thing you ate?
The olympus, I ate so many of them things, they kept me going when I wasn’t able to catch a fish. Your belly doesn’t even know you ate if you ate one periwinkle or one olympus but if you ate a fish your belly is like Yes! The boat, if they had to pick up our media from our camera, they would come out in a boat.In the show you see that spear that I had on my back, they call it a frog gig, but it’s a branch that I batoned and made little spikes out of. Everything I had a deep attachment to, it wasn’t like Oh that looks cool, we’ll throw that in there.When did you decide on this Alone piece?
I had wanted a big piece for a long time but it wasn’t until sitting in my shelter that I started creating this design. When it got dark I’d start thinking about all the different elements that I wanted to put in it.What tattoos did you have before you started Alone? I think I got my first one when I was 18 or 19 and it was just something that I had always wanted to do. I researched this one tattoo shop in San Diego and I saw some flash that they had of a tasmanian Devil. It’s similar to marathon runners or people that work out and so when you get one done you want another one.

I got ‘em all done by the time I was like 24 or so.What toll did Alone take on you mentally?
Sometimes in real life I’m a little quiet but it turns out when I have a camera in front of me I’ve got no problem spilling my guts to it. When it got dark was when my mind started going.Did it get to a point where you felt trapped? I was out there and I thought, Oh my gosh I forgot to tell my wife to fill the propane tank.
We live out in the country, and if you don’t get the propane tank filled, the water heater is not going to work, the gas range isn’t going to work, there’s a lot of things that aren’t gong to work. I worried about that for two weeks.How did your family react when you confronted them about Alone?
Both my son and daughter were like, ‘Heck yeah Dad give it a try!’ My wife was very, very supportive. I had my first kid at 21 and we kind of just devoted our whole lives to our kids and didn’t do a lot independently.
Our anniversary will come around and the kids are like, ‘What’re we doing for our anniversary?’ We’re a very tight knit family.
It was only after I came back that my wife confided in me that she was worried about me and that it was pretty difficult to run the household by herself.I can only imagine. We have a network of friends in my hometown that I knew would check on her, I knew my kids would check on my wife, but they had no contact whatsoever. If there was some major emergency and I got pulled out or something they would have been notified, but as far as everyday struggles, they had no idea.Why were you so drawn to Alone?
Basically it has been something that I have been training for and the only real test of my skills would be able to do something like this.
It was a huge game, it was like my Super Bowl.You have to be quite crafty to survive in the wilderness. Well what if something were to happen and you got washed up on the proverbial desert island? If you don’t have a knife you better know how to chip a rock and make a cutting tool.
How are you going to gut a fish without a knife?You had to film your whole experience out there. You would think in today’s age they could come up with a waterproof camera that we could use out there but it was very delicate.
One of the shots that I did, I had to climb up the hill, set the camera up, make sure it was going to be showing me, and then go back down and go about my business. And they gave us a ton of the little memory cards how you would use in your cell phone or camera. If you’re memory card was getting too full, you had to remember to bring extra memory or batteries if you were going on a walk.

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