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Dean Leads Graduate College of Social Work Toward Achieving Social Justice, by Sylvia Mendoza — The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine. UC President Janet Napolitano and the President’s Advisory Council on Undocumented Students will host a national summit on undocumented students from May 7-8 at the Oakland Marriott City Center Hotel. The invitation-only conference, which aims to discuss the needs and challenges that undocumented students face in higher education, will bring together undocumented youth leaders, immigration advocates, researchers, government officials, artists and funders from across the country.
The schedule includes speeches by Napolitano and discussion groups about financial aid, legal services and career development, as well as federal policies and laws. This is the first time the university is hosting a summit on undocumented students, according to UC Office of the President spokesperson Shelly Meron. Meron added that the summit expands upon Napolitano’s previous work, such as her distribution of $5 million across the UC system in 2013 to expand access to university resources to undocumented students. Ivan Villasenor Madriz, a campus junior and undocumented student, believes that UCOP is hosting the summit because it is conscious of the undocumented student enrollment in the university and is attempting to build a bridge between student reality and administrative capacity. He believes that the summit could bring about change that would allow for equity for undocumented students within the UC system but that the success of the summit depends on the integrity of the participants and their willingness to challenge limits.
But Putri Rahmaputri, a UC Berkeley senior and undocumented student, has mixed feelings about the summit and Napolitano speaking at the event. Because the summit is invitation-only, Rahmaputri said, it doesn’t include the voices of all students. She added that although she has her own feelings toward Napolitano because of her history of involvement with deportation as former secretary of Homeland Security, Rahmaputri feels that she needs to attend the conference to make sure the voices of students are being heard. According to Villasenor Madriz, Napolitano must transcend her role as a UC administrator by breaking what he believes to be the status quo of the university putting responsibility in the hands of the state. The university’s next step after the summit is to debrief the recommendations that come out of these discussions, Meron said. Correction(s):A previous version of this article misspelled the name of Ivan Villasenor Madriz. How does dividing the amount of money undocumented immigrants pay in taxes by the number of citizens in California provide any sort of useful metric? Unemployment rates even top 50 per cent in many countries for those aged between 15 and 24.
Policymakers have claimed for years that education is the best insurance against unemployment. Yet, the truth is, post-secondary education does not automatically enhance job opportunities. Many young people understand that college education is no silver bullet against unemployment or under-employment. But compare that with what education providers think: More than 72 per cent of them believe their service would equip young people for the labour markets. Requiring professors to have work experience outside academia could be one way to add value to the student experience on a practical level as they would have a clearer understanding of which skills and strengths are sought after by employers. Indeed, quite a few universities are already attempting to enhance the practical relevance of their schooling.
Additional indicators need to be considered for hiring and promotion, with previous work experience outside academia being a particularly decisive indicator, to boost the practical value of higher education for university students. Those leading Fachhochschulen frequently require professors to have gathered work experience outside academia before their appointments, because it is believed that such experience would demonstrate to scholars which skills are needed, even essential, in the job markets. The success of Germany’s Fachhochschulen, from a labour market perspective, has been remarkable. Many experts agree that Germany’s Fachhochschulen and their professors who have work experience outside the academy represent important factors behind this success. Slowly, the value of scholars with work experience outside academia is being recognised beyond Germany.
Equally, recruitment for doctoral programmes sometimes takes into account practical experience these days. RocketNews RSS News FeedsRocketnews is a leader in live news stories, a resource for daily news feeds.
About Us: Rocketnews is an aggregator of the top online news articles and stories from around the globe. It seems as though challenges, uncertainty, tragedies and economic downturns are taking hold of the world on a daily basis.
On the week of the disappointing coincidence of the Brexit vote and the Supreme Court decision to block DACA, I happened to be performing my one-man show on Asian American history in New York City. CINCINNATI ? A judge is to hear final details of an agreement to settle a blind student’s lawsuit accusing Miami University in Ohio of using technology that presented a barrier to her education. Kepler is a postsecondary educational program first established in Kigali in 2013 by the nonprofit organization Generation Rwanda. President Barack Obama spent his 54th birthday talking to a robotic teddy bear that teaches children how to manage their diabetes and watching a radio waves demonstration used to detect senior falls. IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ? Idaho State University’s former assistant tennis coach and the university have denied allegations made in a lawsuit in which a former tennis player says he was discriminated against because of his Mormon faith. A federal judge has rejected a race discrimination and retaliation suit by an African-American assistant professor of economics who failed to win tenure and promotion at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) provides minority students with one-on-one leadership coaching, role-playing exercises and networking opportunities to groom them for future management positions. George Mason University moves forward with plans to foster diversity despite the controversy surrounding the renaming the law school after the late Justice Antonin Scalia.
Mainland China’s (hereinafter referred to as China) tourism education at university level started almost at the same time as its modern tourism industry. Currently, there are 810 tertiary tourism education institutions [2] offering Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in tourism or related areas with an overall enrollment of 440,038 students (CNTA, 2009).

According to the WTTC (2010) statistics, the tourism industry sustains 17,123,000 jobs in the Tourism, Direct Travel and related sectors. Here are a few things I like to point out about this comeback mom's resume, which was written in 2004 when she was returning to work after 13 years as a stay-at-home mom. This and most of the other resume examples in this collection were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.
Pamela hired a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team to write her resume, following my 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume. Filed under Consulting Resume Samples, Human Resources Resume Samples and tagged Career Change, Chronological Resume Samples, Employment Gap, Re-Entering Workforce, Unemployed Now. Alan Dettlaff,  Dean of the Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) at the University of Houston. Ilze Earner, Associate Professor at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, City University of New York, met Dettlaff when the Migration and Child Welfare National Network was being set up by the American Humane Society—Child Protection in Chicago.
California received $2.7 billion from undocumented families in 2010, the latest year for which I could find data. The federal government likely receives a net benefit, given that undocumented immigrants pay into Social Security and taxes, for example, but are denied most federal benefits. Did you mean to divide the total amount of money undocumented immigrants pay by the number of undocumented immigrants? For instance, the youth unemployment rate now stands at 54 per cent in Greece, 58 per cent in Spain and 53 per cent in South Africa.
Indeed, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has repeatedly lobbied for countries to maximise tertiary education rates. Take Italy, where these days it actually seems harder for those with a college degree to find a job than those without one – 33 per cent of college graduates between 20 and 24 remain out of work, compared with 30 per cent of those with only a high school degree. Indeed, only 50 per cent of youth stated in a recent survey that their post-secondary education had helped them find a job. And 74 per cent of them also estimate that more than half of their students found a job within three months of graduation. In order to obtain tenure, scholars must churn out as many peer-reviewed articles as possible; publications in prestigious peer-reviewed journals are the most important key performance indicator within academia. Students are asked to solve various hands-on challenges, some of which the professors might have faced in their professional lives before joining the university. University professors at Fachhochschulen frequently set up internship programmes with firms where they had worked previously. Unemployment rates of graduates from Fachhochschulen are even lower than those of university graduates in Germany.
Biswas is Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. Rocketnews uses news feeds from a variety on online news feed providers including Feedzilla, Yahoo, and the BBC.
This fall, the first cohort of 201 students will participate in the San Diego Promise pilot program. Court documents show attorneys for Aleeha Dudley and Miami agreed two weeks ago on the main parts of a settlement. The initiation of China’s tourism education appeared in 1978 when Nanjing Tourism School was first established. Unlike the traditional postgraduate programs, the basic entry requirement of an MTA candidate is at least two years working experiences in tourism industry therefore fresh graduates are not eligible for the enrollment (China Daily, 2010). Pamela (not her real name) is a mother who is returning to the workforce after many years of full-time parenting. Even though Pamela was unemployed when her resume was written, she found a lot of relevant experience to put on her resume. Looking at her Professional Affiliations section, we can see that Pamela planned ahead for her re-entry into the workforce.
Clients assessed facilities, staff relations, mental health services and cultural sensitivity.
Coached and trained supervisors in meeting facilitation resulting in productive work groups and a stronger sense of cohesiveness. He contemplated majoring in education and then special education but knew deep down they were not the right choice. The study cautions its findings, however, given the limited data set does not cover every State.
Meanwhile, only 42 per cent of employers think educational institutions would adequately prepare youth for a job.
Many just want to study the subject they are most passionate about – and we very much believe this can be a recipe for success. For instance, many universities have launched various seminars on networking and communication skills to enhance their students’ employment prospects. Furthermore, the networks developed by professors while working outside academia could also benefit students. The Berlin School of Economics and Law maintains cooperation with 480 companies, and an internship for an entire semester is mandatory in various of its bachelor’s courses. Similarly, many students admitted to Columbia’s various doctoral programmes must have professional experience as well. Julian Kirchherr is a doctoral researcher at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. Addition news feed providers included online media suppliers, local and regional publications, industry journals, companies, governments, universities, PR companies, official organizations, associations, shopping guides and weblogs. Wiewel has been president since 2008, a time in which PSU has tried to shift away from its reputation as a commuter school.

Jones, a political scientist, has been tapped as the next president of Arkansas Baptist College — a small, private historically Black college located in Little Rock. The notification on structure scheme of the newly launched 19 professional master programs. She used the term "Organizational Development" in her two most recent job titles to match her job objective.
She didn't need to because she had such rich volunteer work to fill that span of time on her resume. However, California is well represented so I feel it appropriate to draw the same conclusions. Sadly, ignorance remains rife among many universities regarding the irrelevance of their schooling from an employer’s perspective. Professors who have never led more than a team of three to four research assistants in their 20s are now being asked to teach courses on leadership and communications practices.
This working style mirrors how many organisations, in both the public and private sector, currently operate. Featured content providers include Reuters, Metacafe, News Corporation, About, BBC and The Sun.
Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education in China, eight universities [1] were assigned to launch the first undergraduate programs in Tourism in the early 1980s. Even though people who work in the travel and tourism industry may not necessarily come from tourism education programs, it is still fair to say that tourism tertiary education in China now bears significant responsibility to train, develop and supply qualified talents for the industry under a constantly increasing demand. One night, he watched a reporter on the news who went on a ride-along with a case worker for Child Protective Services.
As his career in the child welfare system opened up, he focused on racial disparities, improving outcomes for LGBTQ youth and addressing the unique needs of immigrant families.
Dettlaff explained, “My goal is to get it to the next level, past the up-and-coming and arrive. While, Business Management and Public Administration courses are at the same first level of the Management discipline. However, despite the release of two important government documents in 2009 signaling that China is now advocating the development of the tourism industry into a new era, limited changes have taken place in the tourism tertiary education despite the recent launch of the MTA programs. The disproportionality of Latino children in the child welfare system intrigued him to no end. In addition, in China, tourism-related programs are offered throughout its tertiary and secondary education systems. In reality, it is common to see undergraduate programs named as Tourism and Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, Convention Management, and so on. As to the relatively newer program of Exhibition Economy and Management, it is comparatively unrestricted in terms of curriculum design, which may lead to the qualification variations in terms of the quality among different programs.
The curriculums of China’s tourism tertiary program are still based on the Western paradigms or are simply assembled from the curriculums of other disciplines. During the exploratory (1978-1988) and massive development (1989-1995) stages of tourism education (Tian, 2008), the secondary institutions (mainly vocational schools) were the major suppliers of tourism programs. Constrained by the limited resources, the overwhelming majority of courses in tourism tertiary programs are still delivered by Chinese and in Chinese, apart from those which by nature have to be taught in English or other foreign languages (such as Tourism English or Tourism Japanese etc.).
Without significant reform of the current tourism curriculums in China, the graduates of these tourism programs would not be able to meet the fast growth in the demand and the continuous changes and challenges of the industry. His research helped develop policy, for example, where an undocumented family member can become the primary caretaker of a child who gets taken from his parents—in lieu of going to a foster family.
According to the department website, dual master’s degrees can be obtained in Business Administration and Public Health, or a Juris Doctorate.
As Table 1 shows, the amount of tourism tertiary education programs started surging after entering into the canonical stage (1996-present).
The traditional Master programs in tourism are offered by generic disciplinary schools and departments such as Geography, History, Business Management, Economics, and so forth.
At the same time, more and more educators and researchers are calling for the broadening of the horizon of the tourism programs offered in China. Consequently, the employability of such graduates is questionable and their future uncertain. Four specializations are offered: Health and Behavioral Health, Social Work with Latinos, Political Social Work and Individualized Specialization. On the other hand, some of the leading universities are now trying to internationalize their programs by either adding more bilingual courses [mostly taught in English or offer exchange and study abroad opportunities to their students, in partnership with overseas institutions (including overseas work placements)].
It is undeniable that tourism higher education in China is now facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. How China responds to these opportunities and challenges will determine the success of its future tourism education and industry.
You live it.”It is the only college of social work in the world to have a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Jody Williams, as part of the faculty. Award-winning social work researcher and #1 New York Times best-selling author Brene Brown is also a faculty member.Dettlaff’s own research and work with professional organizations is pivotal.
For example, he serves as chair of the Commission on Educational Policy for the Council on Social Work Education, a research and policy association examining social justice issues at local, state, national and international levels.

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