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As with any nursing professional, the public health nurse is responsible for providing care for patients.
During the past several decades, the Minnesota public health nurse has been blessed with an abundance in funding and support, as well as a relatively health population. The good news for the Minnesota public health nurse is that patients are still more likely to have insurance and be above the poverty level. Hawaii: Outlook and Challenges for Public Health NursesPublic health nursing fills a crucial role in creating a high quality of life in a given community. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. While everyone pursuing a nursing license will learn a small degree of information about pediatrics, most could substantially benefit from taking a more in depth pediatric nurse course. Pediatric Nurse Job Duties: What to Expect as a Pediatric NursePediatric nurse job duties are different from what a mainstream nursing professional faces. If you are an RN or ADN looking for a way to advance in your career without spending years in the classroom, you might want to consider fast track nurse practitioner programs.
As with many other sub-specialties in the nursing field, there are shortages of qualified NPs. Your first nursing assignment is not too soon to start thinking about and planning for your career path. Among the requirements for becoming a nurse practitioner is an advanced degree, such as a master’s degree in a variety of approved NP tracks available at many colleges and schools of nursing. Some schools will offer accelerated nurse practitioner coursework designed to prepare a nursing applicant to take the registered nurse licensing examination (NCLEX) and, following this, obtain a BSN in Nursing at the end of two year’s study. If you want to save even more time, there are over 168 nationwide accelerated BSN to MSN programs available from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Once you have completed the necessary coursework and experience in your NP specialty, you are ready to apply for certification.
The Accreditation Board of Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) recently awarded accreditation to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program (AANPCP).
By taking advantage of fast track nurse practitioner programs, you can meet the qualifications for entry and certification in your nurse practitioner field of specialty sooner and move forward with confidence in your chosen career path. West Virginia Nurse PractitionersAs an important member of the health care field, nurse practitioners fill a vital need through treating patients and helping them remain healthy. Nursing encompasses such a wide range of services that students who are considering a nursing career must determine the level of expertise and education they seek; this dictates the nursing degrees types that will help them achieve their career goals. The entry-level nursing degree, the Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN), qualifies graduates to take the NCLEX-RN and apply to be a licensed Registered Nurse. Four-year Nursing Schools: Most offer an ADN with the option to transition seamlessly into an RN-to-BSN program if desired.
Most graduates obtain their registered nurse licensure and build a fulfilling career at this level.
Most professional nurses prefer the BSN degree because it indicates possession of the skills and practice theory that are required to think critically in patient care.
Most commonly, a four-year nursing school confers the BSN degree, but some medical schools include a school of nursing that awards this degree.
Traditional BSN program: Four years of full-time study will award a BSN degree and prepare students to take the NCLEX examination and apply for licensure. RN-to-BSN program: This course of study is designed for registered nurses who are already working and who have an ADN or equivalent degree. Accelerated BSN program: This program, not commonly found, is geared toward students who previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in a different field.
The MSN degree program offers interdisciplinary study to prepare nurses for advanced practice with a specialization such as nurse practitioner, midwifery, and anesthesia. Universities’ School of Nursing offers the MSN degree with highly flexible campus and online programs. In addition, some universities offer joint master degree programs for nurses who want to advance further in the professional arena. All three types of nursing degrees will equip students to become effective, knowledgeable professionals.
NCLEX Questions for Your Study GroupAny career in healthcare can be both financially and morally rewarding. Even though there is currently a nursing shortage, the real shortage is in the amount of space available in nursing schools.
Accentuating your personality and experience in your admission essay is vitally important for nursing school candidates. Remember that your statement is to show the school why you will succeed in their program and represent them well in your career. Proofread your statement yourself, have someone else proofread it and then give it a once over again. State Health Facts show that there are 47 Maryland hospitals representing .9% of the total number of hospitals nationwide. Those who choose nursing as a profession have various career paths they can follow, one of which is the pediatric nurse practitioner. In addition to the state license to practice nursing, the Kids Health website notes pediatric nurse practitioners hold a master’s degree in nursing in the form of a Master of Science degree or Master of Science in Nursing degree, known as MS or MSN, respectively.
Special training for board certification in pediatrics involves advanced education and skills for working with children of all ages, from infants to teens. Pediatric nurse practitioners engage in the same duties as a registered nurse, but with a focus on children.
In addition to education and training required to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, a number of special skills and qualities are vital for being successful in the field. A nurse with advanced cardiac life support skills will often be called on to give patients life-saving emergency drugs, perform intubations, perform other airway management procedures, stabilize blood pressure and heartbeat, and perform other related procedures. Nurses taking an ACLS certification class will learn about and practice several advanced procedures that may need to be performed.
While each school’s programs will vary slightly, it is reasonable to expect many simulations of emergency situations during the classes. According to Jacksonville University, the median annual salary for a staff RN working in the ICU was $68,111 in 2010. Even so, it is likely that the ACLS certification’s main benefit will be the doors that it opens.
The job outlook for RNs, in general, is good, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting twenty-six percent growth. The Benefits of Becoming a Critical Care NurseCritical care nurses work with critically ill patients of all ages.
A practitioner in the field of psychiatric nursing is a combination of clinical specialist and mental health diagnostician. Part of the initial evaluation includes a comprehensive mental health assessment that identifies any history of violence and self-harm behavior. Once the nurse establishes a workable diagnosis, the next step is the development of treatment protocol based on established criteria.
Treatment protocol for mental health issues requires a nurse to minimize situations that may complicate or negate the treatment. A nurse practitioner prescribes medication for patients, and must be fully versed on the current drug therapies. A psychiatric nurse practitioner teaches mental patients how to manage and overcome certain disorders that may plague them all their life.

A psychiatric nurse promotes and teaches self-care to patients to advance their health status.
The skills required to be an effective psychiatric nurse practitioner go beyond what they teach in school. Psychiatric Nurse Salary and Other Career InformationIf you think nurses are simply those that work in hospitals and emergency rooms, wearing scrubs and treating a variety of patients, you’re mistaken. This could include performing evaluations, providing preventative health measures such as vaccinations, giving patients instructions on taking medications and educating patients about preventative care.
Typically, this certification is obtained through the pursuit of an education at a four-year college or university. Unfortunately, a fiscal deficit in 2010 resulted in heavy cuts to health and human services, a move that in turn led to major cuts in Minnesota’s community health clinics. This suggests a greater propensity for receiving preventative care and thus not requiring as many major medical interventions.
Continue Reading »Florida: Outlook and Challenges for Public Health NursesWhat does a Public Health Nurse do? It is a 16 hour long course that provides knowledge and skill foundation, for nurses at all levels. The course utilizes actual hands-on skill training, lecture, group discussion, online content, and video content. If you think that you would like to specialize in pediatrics, a course focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder will be indispensable to you. At the end of the successfully completed course, you will receive a PALS course completion card.
They are also prone to develop new allergies or not be aware of all allergies they might have. Taking a class in this would prove particularly valuable for those interested in pediatrics. According to the Mayo Clinic website it has been estimated by the American Nurses Association (ANA) that nurse practitioners could perform between 60 to 80 percent of all preventive and primary care.
For those who may be interested in this rewarding path, there are as number of options available, including fast track nurse practitioner programs, designed to shorten the time between application and certification.
It will help to get as much floor experience as possible, to help you decide whether you want to specialize in pediatrics, women’s health, public health, gerontology or another specialty. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)’s web pages on education programs for NPs offer a wealth of helpful and current information on where to find a fast track nurse practitioner program near you.
After additional specialist modules are successfully completed, the candidate will be awarded the MS degree. Their database can help prospective students find approved fast track nurse practitioner programs nearby as well as time-saving online programs. As the most respected and largest credentialing body worldwide, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) offers certification in a wide range of nurse practitioner specialties, including Acute Care, Gerontology, Family or Adult Psychiatric, Emergency, Pediatric or School.
They offer certification for entry-level NPs through core competency examinations in Adult, Gerontology, Adult-Gerontology, and Family Nurse Practitioner.
Three popular options offer students a choice of completing their education all at once or advancing through each degree at a more balanced pace.
Most successful RNs have launched their careers with an ADN degree while others use the ADN as a stepping stone to the bachelor’s degree.
Students appreciate the convenience, scheduling flexibility, and cost effectiveness of these programs.
Some registered nurses continue their studies to earn a bachelor’s degree, which opens more doors for career advancement.
A wide range of choices among schools ensures that students will find a program that matches his or her needs and interests; programs vary considerably in financial aid, career guidance, specialization, size, location, and cost.
The program concentrates on the final two years of study for a BSN degree, and most schools offer classes online with flexible schedules to accommodate working nurses. The curriculum usually takes one to two years and provides an intense study of nursing theory and practice.
Graduates provide advanced patient care, perform research studies, and provide professional leadership. Except for nursing anesthesia, most specializations do not require much clinical work and adapt well to online study; this permits nurses with a BSN degree to continue working and caring for a family while completing the MSN program.
The most popular programs bundle the MSN degree with either a Master of Business Administration degree for those interested in management or a Master of Health Administration degree for careers in public health and health facilities. For each individual, the right degree will depend on career goals, interests, and availability for further education.
Most entry level positions also have a great deal of advancement opportunities built into them.
One of the most difficult is writing your statement of purpose, letter of intent, admission essay or whatever that particular school chooses to call it. Once you become a nurse, you will be working as an advocate for the patients, so show the school why your experiences will enable you to do this well. Perhaps you had a low GPA during your freshman year of college, or you are only able to attend school part-time because you are a single parent. You do not want to have a glaring error making you appear as if you do not put care into your work. For those who enjoy working with children, pediatrics may be an ideal fit, especially in the role of a nurse practitioner.
Kids may be uncomfortable or even fear a trip to the doctor’s office and a compassionate bedside manner can help put children at ease. Unlike adults, children may not understand a specific procedure or be uncooperative or difficult due to their trepidation or lack of understanding.
The practitioner must be able to assess the most effective treatment to pursue and whether or not to refer a child to specialist. The nurse practitioner must be able to explain a child’s diagnosis, treatment options and other essential information to the child’s family, other health care professionals, and sometimes the children themselves. Nurses in emergency rooms (ERs), intensive care units (ICUs) and other areas where patients are at high risk of emergency health developments often need ACLS certification as part of their positions.
These courses do not teach algorithms, pharmacology, or ECG reading – nurses seeking ACLS certification should already have the background needed to understand these aspects. Teamwork will also be emphasized since many hospitals use this format for their critical care nursing staffs. Those with the credential will be able to apply for positions that would otherwise not be available.
It was determined at the end of the 19th century that patients in mental hospitals required nursing care. The nurse practitioner must access the basic health and mental status of patients using evidence based clinical practice guidelines.
The practitioner looks for evidence of suicidal tendencies, sexual and substance abuse, as well as diagramming the patient’s developmental and social particulars.
The diagnostic phases include differential, examination of critical thinking processes and the interpretation of data. A psychiatric nurse practitioner must be able to conduct both individual and group therapy sessions. This specialty requires detailed knowledge of psychotropic drugs and their therapeutic applications. The nurse practitioner must be able to gain a patient’s trust, and maintain that relationship over a long period of time.

The nurse provides psycho-education to families, and other significant individuals to promote understanding and management of the illness. It is the goal of a practitioner to educate patients about healthy behavior regarding their condition. It is a distinctive healthcare role that requires intuition, communication and sensitivity. Public health nurses have the added responsibility of responding to health concerns in the community, be they immediate epidemics or chronic issues such as obesity. However, continually rising rates of obesity are expected, resulting in greater chronic health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.
Continue Reading »Georgia: Outlook and Challenges for Public Health NursesWhat Does A Public Health Nurse Do? Continue Reading »Texas – Public Health Nursing OutlookWhat does a Public Health Nurse do? This makes the study of pediatric allergy and immunology particularly important, but not exclusively relevant to those specializing in pediatrics.
In this age of increased health care costs, trained certified NPs can reduce the workload on physicians and lower costs for patients while continuing to provide high levels of care. As you are gaining experience, let your supervisors know about your career intentions: they can often help guide and advise you regarding where to study or what programs or other requirements are necessary as well as updated regulations. Becoming certified demonstrates your commitment and competency in nurse practitioner core requirements to potential employers, and may increase your chances of being hired and promoted as you become more experienced. Continue Reading »Illinois Nurse PractitionersNurse practitioners provide acute and long-term healthcare nationwide. The popular RN-to-BSN program specializes in preparing RNs for the next level with a focused curriculum. No matter the name, it all adds up to the same thing—it is a document that tells the school why you want to become a nurse and why you should get your education there to achieve your goal. Because of this, it is important to do the best job possible when it comes time to write your nursing school statement of purpose. You may also want to mention what encouraged your interest in nursing—be it an experience in the hospital or someone you admire who is involved in the field. Also, keep your statement positive; this is not a good place to debate political or educational issues. Another consideration is to make sure you format your document in a way that is easy to read and easy to scan through. Continue Reading »Goals That Can Help You Advance in Your Nursing CareerThe best time to set goals for your nursing career is when you are hired and start working as a nurse for the first time. While nurse practitioners still hold all the duties a registered nurse would have, most states allow them to prescribe medication and perform other duties formerly reserved only for physicians. If they are additionally accredited through the national board exam, they may hold the credential of Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, or CPNP. Certain other critical care facilities or departments may also require nurses to be ACLS certified. The final simulation will be of a mega code that will test the students’ understanding and implementation of basic drug therapy, algorithms and arrhythmia interpretation. This salary difference is relatively small, but it still is about $3,500 more per year, which is nothing to sneeze at.
This can mean the difference between having a job and not having one in areas where there is heavy competition for general RN slots.
In modern medicine, psychiatric nursing is a growing field that requires advanced training, according to Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow.
A nurse practitioner may use any of the following steps to help evaluate and diagnose mental illness, explains the National Panel for Psychiatric-Mental Health NP Competencies.
The psychiatric nurse practitioner must be able to determine what scenarios contribute or exacerbate the patient’s condition. The practitioner diagrams drug treatments based on the patient’s status and health assessment.
The practitioner uses communication as a tool to reduce stress and enhance cognitive skills while maintaining professional boundaries. It is the job of the nurse to know what topics are approachable with family members without breaching the patient confidentiality. A practitioner must be able to deal with frantic patients in crisis, as well as concerned loved ones. Some health institutions require public health nurses to obtain extra certification as nurse practitioners. Continue Reading »Pennsylvania: Outlook and Challenges for Public Health NursesWhat does a Public Health Nurse do? Continue Reading »Pediatric Nurse Salaries by RegionPediatric nurses are registered nurses with specialized training.
Frequently, if a practicing registered nurse chooses to advance his or her education, employers will cover the costs of schooling and award pay increases. If you show you achieved the level of success you have despite your issues, you will appear to be an even better candidate for the program. This will make it more likely that your statement is given that first read that it deserves.
Each state has its own requirements for pediatric nurse practitioners, but the role generally combines the services of a nurse and primary care provider for children. In general, any situation that involves patients that are likely to need emergency cardiac or respiratory support will also involve ACLS nurses. A psychiatric nurse practitioner utilizes distinctive skill sets to provide therapeutic mental health care to children, teens and adults. The nurse may opt to perform a complete physical exam to rule out organic conditions that may contribute to mental health issues. A nurse receiving advanced education in psychiatry will be part of a larger team working to improve the mental health of their patients.
Continue Reading »Missouri Nurse PractitionersSince the mid-1960s, nurse practitioners have taken on select health care roles normally fulfilled by physicians.
Continue Reading »Why are there so Many Male Psych Nurses?The nursing profession has traditionally been dominated by females. Continue Reading »Essentials of Nursing Leadership and ManagementNursing leadership management is something that all hospitals need to take seriously. Continue Reading »Pediatric Nurse Job DescriptionWhen trying to find a job description for pediatric nurse positions, there are several things to consider. Continue Reading »Overview of Psychiatric Nurse Job DutiesPsychiatric nurses are responsible for taking care of patients that have some type of disease or illness where they are hospitalized for either a temporary or extended amount of time. Continue Reading »Pediatric Nursing: Typical Salary Range and Education ExpectationsWhat is Pediatric Nursing and How is it Different? Continue Reading »Northeast States that may Help Pay for your BSN and MSNSeveral Northeast states pay BSN and MSN expenses for eligible award recipients. Continue Reading »A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner has Specialized Skills and Duties for their ProfessionTo assess the mental needs of individuals and families, a psychiatric nurse practitioner requires special skills to fulfill the various job duties.

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