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The perfect gift for high school graduates, with tools, tips, and treats for first year survival. Mar.posted by Paula 4 CommentsCheck out this super easy Freshman College Survival Kit Ideas! Freshman College Survival Kit Ideas is full of all the unexpected items a college freshman needs but may not have on hand.
I put everything into a large caddy that can be used for the community showers since most freshmen are required to live in the dorm.
The next few months are anxiety-filled times not only for students but for parents and high school educators as well, as they begin finding out about college acceptances, financial aid packages, and everything else surrounding the move from high school to college. We hadn’t anticipated, however, the audiences beyond the students themselves that also found the book helpful. Over the past two years, we’ve visited numerous high school and college campuses around the United States and worked with the full range of those helpers to adapt our book’s resources to their specific community’s needs. Below you’ll find some suggestions for how The Freshman Survival Guide can act as a toolbox that you and your community can use for programming, classroom discussion, or for when specific issues arise.
We’ve helped develop customized programming for a number of high schools and colleges that have bought the book in bulk for their students. Download and share this one-page condensed Freshman Survival Guide with the high school juniors and seniors you know. A great deal of energy and attention is given to applications, scholarships and how to choose the right college, but a crucial question is sometimes left out in the admissions scramble: How will you manage once you’re actually in college? Reading through The Freshman Survival Guide now will help you consider some of the issues beyond simply getting in, such as: How will you maintain the friendships you have now? Find a few friends who will commit to reading this book with you and discussing each chapter. There is a big difference between reading a book about college life months before you arrive and actually setting foot on campus. Use your school’s resources, study groups, library, writing and math labs, and professor’s office hours. The first concern for many parents sending kids off to college is survival in the literal sense of the word. The Freshman Survival Guide has been used as a text for half-year courses for seniors, as the springboard for panel discussions, “off-to-college” nights and leadership programs. We’ve worked with administrators, professors, professional staff (counseling, orientation and residence life), and campus ministers at institutions ranging from large state universities to small private colleges and everything in between.

Used as a textbook for a semester-long, small group, first-year experience class (for credit).
Campus ministries have purchased it for their university congregations and hosted workshops.
And don’t forget to download and distribute a PDF version of our free one-page condensed Freshman Survival Guide.
Because I am lucky enough to have so many great young people in my life I also have to stick to a tight budget when giving them gifts. My budget for this gift was $50 so I took the extra cash left over after buying all the items into the other mug.
I am so in love with the money wreath and the money necklace, really cool ideas for a graduation gift.
Synopsis: Discover how seven year college senior Van Wilder earned his puckish reputation in this prequel detailing the freshman year high jinks that made history. This college survival kit will help any college student get the year started on the right track. I gave it to her as her high school graduation gift since she was moving to college that summer.
As the authors of a book about how to make a smooth transition to college life, we have become intimately aware of how stressful and exciting (and all the emotions in between) these next few months can be.
Two years and tens of thousands of copies later, that initial confidence has been validated many times over. The fact is there’s a small army of people helping students make the transition to college — parents, high school guidance counselors, teachers, freshman orientation and first year experience staffs, residence life staffs and RAs, college administrators, campus ministers, on-campus counseling services, etc. There’s a tremendous amount of information in the book, but not all of it is relevant to everyone.
We also encourage you to download and distribute a PDF version of our free one-page condensed Freshman Survival Guide.
If you’re also working it can be tempting to pack your classes in the morning so your afternoons and evenings can be spent off campus. Too often our campuses have been places where a poor decision or simple bad luck can have tragic consequences. Chapter 3 could be a good starting point for talking about the first few weeks of on-campus living. The perfect place to find all of the items I wanted to include in the kit and stick within my budget is the dollar store. I know college students these days  have all sorts of meal plans and dining options but there will still be times when they need to make something quick in their dorm room or common area.

Again I went with the microwave being the preferred cooking method of college students everywhere and picked up some single serve oatmeal cups.
Arrange microwaveable meals inside the basket around the edges putting a round one in the center. You can never go wrong with money, I know but sometimes it is nice to make a something to make the day even more special! My kids are grown, but I can use this idea for my grandchildren when their ready for college.
The Freshman Survival Kit combines first year essentials with cool supplies, stress relieving toys, and items students forget to bring like a Flash Drive (for data backup) and a Book Light. There are always unexpected items that you need at college and don’t want to run to the store one more time. If at all possible, though, consider leaving some gaps in your schedule so you’ll have time built in to hit the offices (financial aid, academic advisement, the registrar), go see your professors, visit the library, or attend student activities. We encourage parents to read this book and use it as an opportunity for family discussions about the things that matter. Consider setting aside time each month during senior year to talk through the worries and concerns you both have about college. It can be a great tool for preparing first-generation or at-risk students for the issues they will face.
I am a youth group leader at my church which means I am fortunate to be able to celebrate the success and hard work of many students as they complete their high school careers and move onto college. It is amazing all the great things you can find for gift giving for all sorts of occasion but especially for the high school graduates on your list this year. So the kit starts with a large container to hold all of the items. You could add a balloon instead or maybe a sweatshirt with the logo of their new college on it.
Young people everywhere deserve to be celebrated for this amazing milestone in their lives! The iRA Blog is also updated regularly with timely content addressing real issues facing first-year students in dormitories across the United States. Fortunately, most challenges in college don’t have life-and-death consequences, so make sure you also emphasize the small, everyday habits that build success and happiness.
Gifts with a twist of humor, such as the 'Just Sayin' sticky notes, help everyone to feel a little better.

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