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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I don’t know if anyone out there in internet-land is going to be attending with me this year, but if you are and (you don’t have a lot of experience with expos and conventions under your belt), then boy do I have the survival guide for you!
My device of the weekend will be my original 3DSXL, I have found waiting in line at PAX East to go by a lot smoother when I am cleaning out my street passes. I go for the whole weekend, so my strategy is to look at the panels and go to the ones that interest me.
Day 1: Walk around the expo hall and see where all the free stuff is, collect said free stuff and enter a few raffles. The final nugget I have for you is simple, make sure you meet up with friends, whether they be old friends or new ones you just met. About Latest Posts Booster GregA cartoonist, 3D Game Artist, video game and comic book nerd.Boost has been known to speak in obscure pop culture references.
This Tank Hero walkthrough will guide you through some of the intense levels of shooting gameplay for this Android action game. About the authorBy Josh Romero: He is a lover of videogames, as well as metal music, Gilmore Girls, chatting, social networking, Phoenix Suns, reading, writing and many other nerdy things. Darkest Dungeon is a brutal and unforgiving game, so we’ve compiled a few tips to help new adventurers survive the stressful dungeons that make up the game.
Anyone who has stepped foot within the Darkest Dungeon knows that the decrepit halls have a tendency to reduce even the most heartened party members to stressed shadows of their former selves. However, that doesn’t mean that new players should be put through the ringer when they first start out.
If a new hero develops bad traits or too much stress after their first foray into a dungeon, it’s probably better to simply fire the mournful survivor rather than spend the money destressing them, especially in the early game.
Upon starting a new game, players should also immediately begin investing in the Stage Coach so that more heroes pour in week after week. A short quest means there will be no camping involved, and usually feature simple objectives like clearing out 90% of rooms, defeating each room battle, or slaughtering every nightmarish creature that happens to be roaming the halls.
Remember, discretion is the better part of valor, too: if a mission is just to explore 90% of the rooms, players can succeed in that and immediately leave. Trinkets are an equipable item that heroes can wear a maximum of two of, but, for the most part, are not particularly useful. The trinkets of Darkest Dungeon grant advantages, but almost always have significant downsides to balance things out. Finding out which trinkets are worth it after the pros and cons depends on party style and combat strategies, but the vast majority of trinkets can be sold for extra gold, which is especially crucial early-game. Health can always be returned by the consumption of food, the spells of other heroes, or the successful completion of a quest. Thus, it’s often best to defeat stress-inducing enemies before tackling some of the damage dealers.
Of course, if a party is highly damaged, the situation may require you take out damage-inducing enemies first, but the general rule should be to minimize the stress.
Likewise, if one enemy has already spent their turn, players should focus fire on an enemy that hasn’t gone yet and attempt to eliminate them before they can even strike. With the above tips, players should be able to drastically increase their rate of survival within the dangerous shadows of Darkest Dungeon.
Darkest Dungeon is currently available for PC and Mac, and will come to PS4 later this year.
When friends would talk to me about life, their relationships, their divorce, their work – I always steered them away from bitterness.  Bitterness is so ugly, isn’t it?  Nothing wears on a woman’s face like bitterness, except for booze.  Have you ever seen a 50-year-old woman who looks 80? The way to create that progeria-like cocktail is to take a hefty heap of bitterness, a few splashes of unforgiveness, add vodka and stir.  Keep taking that and you will look like shit in no time. So, as my cosmic payback for this endless advice, I am currently faced with fighting bitterness off.  Yet, I feel like I am fighting it off while having lemons rammed in my face. I am very angry about my divorce.  I say that mimicking Richard Gere ala the Pretty Woman bathtub scene where he states he is very angry with his father and it took years of therapy to say that. For the record, it would make even more sense if the apple was actually a lemon.  Because, not appreciating what you do have and focusing only on what you can’t get – well, that is what sprouts bitterness. It wasn’t the rug being pulled out from underneath me as much as it was a series of small tugs. I have to call him “he” now because I really can’t refer to him as “my husband” anymore because he isn’t – not the one I knew or thought I knew.  And, soon enough he will lose that title entirely.
I have moved through the last eleven weeks like a high speed train, hitting every stage and stop of grief over the death of my marriage.  The need for my children to find a place to call home and a mother to come home to that isn’t pale and reeling fueled my engines. I have finally moved out.  Once I decided to let go of him, the house that used to feel like a home became nothing to me – walls, prison walls, barred, cold, old, infested with memories both good and horribly, horribly bad.
It became a viscous cycle and only looking back do I realize that it felt like standing on a rug that is being pulled and tugged at.  I was planting myself on it, pushing down my weight, holding onto the fringe crying – please don’t leave me.
And, I will tell you what, survival on solid ground beats hanging on to a tugged rug any day.
It was never meant to kill you, just trap you and remind you with each movement that you are caught.
Going through this separation and pending divorce, I keep getting asked how I am doing or how I am feeling.  It is what brought the image of barbed wire into my mind.
I like history and war movies and there never seems to be one that references WWI, from Legends of the Fall to War Horse, that doesn’t have that scene where a person (or a horse) is running seemingly free and gets ensnared. The vision of “The White Picket Fence” can transform into “The Thorny Fence” right before your eyes when your spouse insists on a divorce.
It is like the wood turns to steel and thorny spikes weave their way around it like rapid-growing ivy.
Just like in the World War I movies (barring the one’s where they just shoot the poor, trapped soldier to put him out of his misery), their freedom becomes dependent on the heroic actions of others. A phone call from my friends — not to complain about the divorce, but to distract me, make me laugh again or remind me of the person they think I am – not who he thinks I am. Catching a Joel Osteen show on television that seemed like the sermon was written just for me on just that day.
My next “club name” idea was, “The Basket of One Socks” because each of us very much felt like we went into the laundry room with a mate and somewhere between the hamper, washer and dryer – our mate disappeared. But, that can be such a disservice to people because divorce is designed just as the thorny fence was. It wasn’t intended to kill you, just trap you for a while and remind you with every movement that you are caught.

In the middle of me creating a story in my head about the mystery man that donated his body to science to help be a part of a cure to the disease that killed his beloved wife, my professor jolted me back to reality. I went from being lost in my own thoughts to feeling the eyes of the whole room on me.  Before I really even knew what I was saying, the words came out, “I don’t, I don’t … care. I immediately exited the room with tears fogging up my goggles.  Pulling my white lab coat off, using the sleeve to wipe my tears and the Vick’s Vapor Rub off my upper lip, I walked out into the hallway and took deep, terrified breathes trying to inhale the gravity of what I had just done. I have, over the years,  rationalized that decision in many ways –(1)  I was following in my father’s footsteps and not really thinking of what I wanted to do, (2) I was married at the time and it was too difficult to be a wife and do graduate school at the same time, (3)  I belonged in a more artsy field, (4)  The insurance companies were too much of a pain in the ass to deal with and I would do all that schooling just to argue to get paid. It was a pattern in my life that in my quiet moments inside my head I realized and regretted.  Yes, regret. Do I flog myself daily for them?  No.  But, I definitely do want to face them without rationalization.  Because how else will I remind myself to tough out the next “hard” thing? We really are living in a society where we are constantly advised to subtract from our lives, rather than add.  If a job, a friend, a person brings anything else but joy into our lives – walk away, remove them, cut them off, “find peace”, “find happiness”, move on – in other words – quit. About a year later, I was at a kid’s basketball camp with my sister and our children in our hometown’s grade school gym.  I spotted the girl with the “married with three kids” vision for her future and re-told the story of the old yearbook with my sister. Much has been said about children that are the product of low expectations.  “Oh, this poor kid was raised with parents that weren’t around. It is widely accepted and understood that expecting very, little from a person can be damaging.  Yet, in some ways, you leave them with nowhere to go but up.
This is something I struggle with to this day.  It is something that is so difficult to address with people because them thinking highly of you … well, shit … isn’t that a good thing? Telling someone they will never amount to anything is very easily recognizable as mean, horrible, and tasteless. Telling someone that you thought they would amount to more or that they are capable of being much more than who they are today – not as easily spotted. Because isn’t the truest expression of love to anyone to look at them as is, as they are today, not who they could be or might be or should be or who you want them to be and go, “That’s enough for me … more than enough.”? I can remember when I was first dating my husband and we were discussing setting up one of my friend’s neighbor with one of his friends.
It wasn’t anything I had ever thought about before.  But, I was a bit confused by his statement and asked why. His thoughts made sense to me, but I just back-burnered the thought because it was irrelevant.  I was with my husband, who wasn’t a widower, and that would never be a choice I would have to make. I finally settled on writing about it once the kids were told because I can’t write about “survival” while keeping one of the biggest things I will have to survive to myself.  And, honestly, writing makes me feel better. I have had relationships end before, but I have never been “dumped”.  So, it is a whole new experience for me and as I am sure many of you who have gone through it before can attest to – it brings out the “crazy”.
Like hearing I had cancer or needed the open-heart surgery, I needed time to process it before I could handle the reactions of others with more strength and dignity.  That is why I always felt so uncomfortable when people told me I was “strong” because if they had only seen the blubbering, angry, depressed, panic-stricken mess I was in my solitude – well, they may not think I was so strong. There is another slideshow playing – one of all the negatives in our relationship and I am incapable of shutting it off.
All of that brought me back around to the conversation I had with him so long ago about widows.  Relating the two actually brought me closer to the acceptance that I know I need to be at to pull myself through this. Whenever someone ends a relationship with you, no matter what they say, they have a vision of a life without you that is “better” than the one they have with you. Just like the widow may make her late husband this mythical creature, the unknown of the life without you becomes more attractive than the “known” they have with you.  How do you fight that?  You don’t.
The peace I found today is in stopping this incessant and damaging pleading.  It isn’t good for either of us. I was raised going to Pentecostal churches — which were an interesting experience for an innately cynical child. My mother asked me why I didn’t like the camp and I can still remember telling her, “Well … they all seem so happy – too happy – like I was afraid to drink Kool-Aid happy.”  My mom gave me a disapproving shake of her head. I went on to go to a Catholic high school and a Reformed Presbyterian college – once again exposed to what I considered people that were freakishly “happy”. I think it was that I thought I KNEW what would make me happy:  being healthy, having a husband that loved me and would grow old with me faithfully, having healthy, good kids and enough money to pay the bills. I realized that my list of things that would make me “happy”, although seemingly short and simple; was all based on external forces and things out of my control.
I had built my happiness on quicksand — a happiness that was completely dependent on the cooperation and opinions of others and sometimes simply just fate. I truly just “GOT” why all those people in the tent at that Bible Bootcamp were so damn happy. We all either are someone or know someone that is constantly thinking or saying, “If I just get THIS job, I will be happy.”  Or, “If I just get rid of this person, I will be happy”, or, “If I just had this much money, I would be happy. Returning to religion is a bit of the Prodigal Daughter returning for me – because I am still a pretty cynical person.  And, I think I still have a lot to figure out. But, today I know two things:  I love the concept of being loved no matter what and I accept that my list of external things that will make me happy is silly.
The last few weeks have been one of those times.  I will say that it has coincided perfectly with the impending spring and I am getting an early jump on “Spring Cleaning”. In the process of de-cluttering, I found some gems that I could never part with like a school paper of my son’s from so many years ago.  He was asked to compare two different people, but find the common denominator between the two of them. In the process of de-cluttering, I found out that I have “stuffing issues” and never need to buy another box of stuffing for the rest of my life. The biggest thing I found while de-cluttering my office, basement, pantry and refrigerator was a deeper meaning and possibly the reason that I turn to cleaning every time I feel like my life is out of my control. What is it about stepping back and seeing everything that is unwanted or unneeded gone give me such a euphoric sense of peace?
We tend to clutter up our minds, don’t we?  We take those negative thoughts that we have of other people or of ourselves and we stuff them on the shelf.  And, then we keep them there to rot like cucumbers – nasty, gooey, drip all over the bottom of your fridge – cucumbers. After time, just like my refrigerator appeared completely full before I started to pitch everything that was expired and unnecessary in it – our minds appear completely full.  It gives us reasons to hate, reasons to leave people, end marriages, end friendships, sever ties with siblings or family members. Once I pulled out everything in those spaces that brought nothing good into my life currently or wouldn’t in the future – they became new spaces.  Spaces I was then able to clean thoroughly, organize and begin again. I finally understood why I step back and look at a space that looked like a disaster, but after some hard work became new again gives me such a rush. When someone is coming at us in a fight – listing everything they see the bad in you or don’t like about you, did you ever notice that it is our natural inclination to start to conjure up every negative thought and thing that THEY have ever done?  How does that make you feel? My favorite “diagnosis” of women came from a guy friend who would say, “All women are bi-polar”.

I have been having a rough time of late with some personal matters.  (Yes, there are actually some personal things that I don’t vomit all over this blog). As the weeks of my “crisis mode” continued to pound on me like mortar shells, I found protection in the females that surround me.  And, their protection came in the form of all the so-called insults that get lopped at us. These insults from men can be Kryptonite to our superpowers because each of these “too” statements, within the normal range, is what makes women not only a soft place to land, but an endless well of compassion, strength and wisdom. The next time a man tries to put out your light for exhibiting what they view as “typical woman behaviors”, I say we just tell them that our hormones are constantly raging and we still manage not to serial kill people.  What is THEIR excuse? I say we then tell them to go into any nursing home and see the 98 old women and 2 old men walking around – because we live longer, too.
Maybe talking and crying and caring about others and having fears and doubts and not being afraid to express them or feel them are NOT our weaknesses, but our superpowers.
The tabloid tongues have been wagging for over a year now speculating about Bruce Jenner.  Was he transitioning to a woman – or not?  His mother finally confirmed what many already believed and he is scheduled to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer soon to give his whole story. I am pretty sure that beyond the mean-spirited people that will make fun of his budding new appearance, he will be touted for his bravery to finally step forward in truth. Did these women know he was keeping a secret when they married him and had two children a piece with him?  I doubt it.
I wonder when the wives finally found out.  Was it a mix of absolute relief, the feeling of an itch that could never be reached finally being scratched and anger over the years that they lost begging for a truth he wouldn’t give?
I feel like the women are going to get lost in all this.  Because it is on one-side a LGBT “issue”, I think that the women may not feel comfortable expressing their anger for fear it may come across wrong.
I am sure they have all forgiven him … anger is a wickedly destructive thing to hold on to. Is the pain any different for these women because the “other woman” was actually the woman inside him?
Rumor has it his password is New England Clam Chowder, but nobody can ever remember if it was the red or the white. While the roguelike dungeon-crawler offers a phenomenal gameplay experience, it’s no secret that Darkest Dungeon is a title which was designed to be difficult.
This makes it easier to replace party members in the early game, and is a crucial investment when dealing with the stress management of the small starting roster. These quests pay less than the larger, more dangerous tasks, but can often be packed full of dangerous surprises. A shovel is oftentimes crucial to keeping stress down on the off-chance of an obstacle, and bandages are always a must. If a hero has a dodge of zero, stock them up with trinkets that grant advantages but hurt their dodge – but keep them away from trinkets that might hurt their speed or maximum health. The longer players find themselves in dungeons, the more at risk parties are to slowly losing more and more health until the majority of the party is clinging to life along the edge of Death’s Door. Heroes like the Hellion also have great stunning abilities, and these can be used to drastically reduce the amount of hits your players will have to take.
The game certainly isn’t a cakewalk, and players will find themselves learning much more through a trial by fire as they quest to the Darkest Dungeon itself.
I have been helped in blessed with many things, friends, and a new home to live in all in an attempt to free me.  And, I DO appreciate it.  Why can’t I manage to just focus on that? It is a way of life that only works if every job is perfect, every person is flawless, every school is not too hard or situation is not difficult.
They wouldn’t do it otherwise, would they?   I think that is something that is hard to admit for either person.  The person doing the dumping feels guilty for feeling that and the one getting dumped takes a huge hit to the ego over it.
I remember coming home from my first week-long camping trip with my church and informing my mother that she better NEVER send me to another “Bible Bootcamp” again. Why do we allow men to crush us, to define us, to shame us into being less of what we are, asking for less than we want, not expressing ourselves fully, and burying our emotions? Attend more panels, meet up with friends and go to a panel or two that they enjoy (you never know, they might end up introducing you to Cliffy B in a robot costume). The opening game message warns players that there will be times when entire parties are wiped out, and that running away is often a viable strategy.
The starting Stage Coach only brings in two new heroes a week, and that’s simply not enough to safely get things going in a quality roster. In the early game, they are especially dangerous as players will be struggling with currency while ranking up.
If the player is going somewhere like the Weald, we highly recommend bringing 2 or 3 antivenoms as well, since most of the enemies there have a tendency to inflict Blight, which can build up massive damage in the long run. For the most part, trinket management should be simple: sell most of what comes in, and keep the rare good item.
Blitzing through the front attackers gives them plenty of turns to stress out your heroes, which puts the entire party at massive risk should any of them develop negative afflictions. Many heroes have abilities that can damage multiple enemies, but we’ve found the best strategy is to focus on a single enemy at a time and get them out of the equation at a fast pace, rather than doling out the damage evenly. These go a long way in keeping everyone happy and healthy, but the ultimate process for doing this smoothly can only be attained through trial and error. We hope these tips help new players minimize the amount of problems that build up in the long run, and wish you the best of luck – you’ll need it! In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
We have to agree – discretion is the better part of valor, especially when the alternative is death.
Anything else is a luxury, and an expense that can ultimately be spared if cash is tight – remember, heroes are expendable. By using attacks that damage the back row first, players will find themselves saving a fortune by not having to reduce stress as frequently.
Walking around in the dark also makes heroes gain stress very frequently, and those who were paying attention know that stress is the most expensive burden the game will throw at players.

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