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The .22 Long Rifle is the world’s most popular caliber, with annual sales running into the billions of cartridges (yes, that’s billions with a “b”). During 48 years of production there have been many variations, with the most familiar probably being the Carbine, originally stocked in wood and more recently in synthetic.
I’m not an engineer, but I’m told—and it makes perfect sense—that it’s a bit trickier to take a rifle that was designed as a solid-frame gun and work backward, trying to figure out how to turn it into a takedown.
Other obvious differences are a recessed lever in the bottom of the fore-end, just forward of the gap.
Since the rifle is shipped in two pieces, you’re going to put it together before you take it apart.
I’m pretty fumble-fingered, but even so, this is the simplest and most trouble-free takedown action I’ve ever messed with.
There is just one more essential step, and it’s the secret to both the simplicity of the design and smooth functioning of the rifle. Once this was accomplished, I got down to the business of tightening the zero and shooting some groups.
With inexpensive bulk ammo, the rifle grouped inside of an inch at 50 yards when I did my part, which is plenty of accuracy for all the uses I might have for an all-purpose .22 like this one. In between shooting groups, and in the interest of running a whole bunch of rounds through the rifle, my wife, Donna, and I traded off plinking at some reactive steel targets. Look, it’s my job to write about guns, so it’s kind of a normal thing for manufacturers to send me guns to play with. Firearms General Discussion Rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes, grips and everything in between.
So herein lies the question: are you safer or more in danger openly carrying a .22LR rifle?
Central to safety, I think, is whether or not displaying a small rifle makes you a larger or smaller target.
Likewise, packing a 1 or 2 pound lighter rifle means your pack can contain additional trade goods or survival supplies (food, water, better shelter, additional tools, water purifiers, additional ammo, a compact pistol, etc) while appearing more low-key. A Marlin P70SS 'Papoose' is a better rifle, better constructed, and takes down to fit in a small bag. My experience with the AR7 has never managed to give me a single moment of comfort or confidence in them. I've added some 32 round mags to the set-up, have braided a paracord single point sling attachment point, and added some other very useful things to the bag, like a KONUS Atomic Red Dot scope, survival stuff and so forth.
You can listen to some of the others blow smoke up your rear, however I have proof of my search for a 22 takedown, not just typed words. The only thing the AR-7 has on the Ruger is the fact that you can store the entire rifle in its buttstock,however it makes the buttstock very fat and funny looking and a little awkward to hold.
On some of the firearms websites I have followed discussions of what some GA and 135 pilots carry in their heavy iron Cessna 206s, 180s, etc. The idea of carrying a small light 22LR rifle when flying in rural areas just appeals to me. Point well taken, yes, not owning a .22- did hear earlier there were no shells available out here. In a land saturated with tacticool AR-look-alike .22 rifles, a couple of us may still be in the market for a semi-auto plinker that won’t scare Feinstein and her pals right to their misinformed cores. The 597 may not look quite as good as Amber Heard, but its nice stock, multiple optic mounting options and more than decent trigger offer you few excuses if you’re not getting sexy shooting results. Quality features that you won’t find on a lot of competitors’ alternatives include the dual, tool-steel guide rails on which the bolt rides, a last shot bolt hold-open feature, a true drop-free, double-stack, metal magazine that locks in as smooth as butter and releases with just a flick of your index finger, and even 5R button rifling on this and other models.
A little more than 200 rounds through it so far, but total reliability with three brands of bulk ammo and two better brands.
I have a 597 I bought on a whim (it came with a scope, and was super cheap) I’ve had nothing but trouble.
I can’t finish a 30 round magazine without 2 or 3 jams, with a variety of ammo, with any of the 3 30 round magzines I have. Internally, they’re like a Henry US Survival (AR-7), but crappier with lower quality parts. Yeah I must say, not only do the 10-round mags appear to be (and feel) high quality, but the factory 30-round mag has given me no issues either.

I find it hysterical that so many people are crying like simps about Remington not leaving New York. I don’t see how Remington can be held to fault for deciding to keep a plant in New York. Just took the case and a piece of canvas out to the backyard and tried to get a quick picture this afternoon.
If I knew now, back in 2001 when I decided to gear up, I would have saved a pile of fiat currency by buying 2 357mag levers, and two handguns.
Ive told several folks if they want any of my firearm collection, bring me these, and Ill trade. It’s also the world’s most useful load for plinking, practice, formal—and informal—competition and small game. From a marketing standpoint, whether tricky or not, this might be a bit of a gamble, especially with a model that’s been selling well for nearly a half-century. The rear of the barrel has a short extension that is inserted into that knurled ring and mates against the action. Unzipped, it has an inside main pouch for the receiver and two smaller pouches for the barrel and a scope. This scope was designed for dangerous-game rifles, and while I wasn’t concerned about man-eating squirrels, I figured 4X was all the magnification I needed and a rugged scope made sense for a .22 intended for rough use.
Things are chaotic, but you've survived and you've got sufficient resources for the foreseeable future. The premise behind it was a short term survival rifle that could be tucked away in it's stock until needed.
10-22 pistol, still accurate, can still mount optics, but small enough to pack in one piece, grab and go. Two guns, one bag, lots of ammo, all resting comfortably over my shoulder, or straped on like a backpack. Due to the heavy profile and the short receiver, it just doesn’t look like it’s really 16”, but fear not. The 597 has proven to be extremely accurate with each of 6 brands of ammo tested so far, including a few variations of the cheap bulk stuff.
The gun was taken literally right out of the box and it has run through about 240 rounds so far without a single failure of any sort. It’s more accurate than I’m probably capable of and it has that awesome, serious, tack driver look to it. AR-7s are picky with ammo, but the 597 is even more so (at least the older 597s that I’ve come in contact with). The 30 rd magazine springs wear out after only a couple of uses and are not serviceable, and I’ve yet to find ammo that works reliably in it. In my experience the newer mags work fine and an upgrade to the extractor is available through Volquartsen Custom. Their Headquarters is in North Carolina, they have a plant here in Kentucky, Technical Support is in Elizabethtown Ky, ammo was once made in Connecticut but is now in Arkansas. In a field like that it’s amazing that any one .22 rifle could lay claim to being the most popular. Most important, I had an idea that the main pouch in the carrying case might be roomy enough for the receiver with attached scope, provided the scope was fairly short. I put several hundred rounds of 36-grain Winchester Long Rifles through it without a single malfunction.
However, groups were tight enough that I needed to go a step further and see what it would do with match ammunition. There’s no pain, little cost, and off sticks or offhand it’s some of the best practice you can get. It rides in a bag, which I can carry on my shoulder or back; open carry, without being in your face visible carry, something that might come in handy one day. If I were to be flying from Atlantic City to Newark, I don't think I'd need anything like that. A solid contender, Remington’s 597 is oft-overlooked but is deserving of a place on your short list, too.
At 25 yards, every one of the 5-shot groups pictured can be completely covered with a quarter.

If these things applied to the 597 and its parts at one time, I don’t think they do anymore.
I like the ergonomics of it so far with the large magazine release and bolt hold open feature. I guess you guys are OK with supporting Belgium, Portugal, the Philippines, or other countries with MUCH more strict gun laws than New York simply because they aren’t, in fact, New York? It’s one thing to engineer a takedown from the beginning, with one of the design goals being that it can be broken down and reassembled and continue to function flawlessly with no loss of accuracy or shift in zero. From a distance it’s indistinguishable from the solid-frame version, but up close the slight fore-end gap is obvious. In both assembly and disassembly the bolt must be pulled rearward and locked using the familiar lever in front of the triggerguard. Assembly (again with the bolt open and locked to the rear) is accomplished by inserting the barrel extension into that knurled ring and turning the barrel assembly a quarter-turn clockwise.
You can pack it, stow it or carry it to wherever you’re going and be confident it’ll shoot where you point it.
One of our targets has miniature metallic silhouettes—ram, pig, turkey, chicken—that swing when hit. Conversely, if I were to be doing some bush flying from say Anchorage to Coldfoot I'd pack something perhaps more substantial than just a 22LR. At the same time, it’s a tried-and-true design that’s just popular enough to have aftermarket support and to keep you from being called a hipster . Taking all this into consideration, it’s not surprising that there are lots of great .22 rifles out there. Introduced in 1964, this little autoloader has been produced in the millions and can properly lay claim to being America’s No. With repeating actions, designing a takedown is more difficult to engineer than a solid-frame model, but it certainly can be done.
Disassembly is then accomplished by pushing the recessed fore-end lever forward and turning the barrel assembly a quarter-turn counterclockwise (looking from muzzle to action). The fore-end lever operates the locking lug for disassembly, but for assembly the beveled surface allows it to push forward into the fore-end as you twist the barrel assembly into place, then spring back when it reaches its recess on the forward surface of the stock. There are some good ones today, and I trust them, but I’m not really crazy about constantly attaching and detaching a scope, and it kind of defeats the purpose if you have to check zero every time you put the rifle together.
There’s no reason why it won’t work equally well with the several aftermarket large-capacity magazines as well as the standard Ruger rotary magazine. But he loaned it to somebody who was teaching his youngsters to shoot, and after Dad died I never tracked it down.
Lockup is mechanically consistent and sturdy enough that this should be the case, but I was pleasantly surprised at how tight its better groups were.
Perhaps more to the point in this day and age, how many gun safes can you afford, and how many do you have room for? I would keep it in a zippered gun case in the event of a ramp check, border crossing, Customs.
It shoulders naturally and the shape of the grip is comfortable and allows for a solid hold.
Once this is done, no further adjustment is needed for removal or installation of the barrel assembly, but it’s probably a good idea to check it for a snug fit. So I needed some time to get reacquainted with this old friend, and once that happened, the groups tightened right down. Combined with the forend’s mostly flat bottom and the recesses in its sides, you can really lock this baby in place. It’s a simple semiautomatic action, its legendary reliability aided by the rifle’s signature rotary magazine. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to get another one for quite some time, so the takedown feature of this model gives me all the excuse I need.

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