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Sunday was a special day for the royal family as they celebrated the christening of Princess Charlotte. Low prices, indeed: Walmart refused to overpay for Zellers, but Target rushed in with a higher bid. The stakes may be lower, but the principle is the same in the sorry tale of Target Canada and its retail arch-rival, Walmart.
As Joe Castaldo writes in his in-depth Canadian Business feature, “The Last Days of Target,” the whole affair began with Zellers, Hudson’s Bay’s ailing discount arm.
After Baker’s team let Target know Zellers was on the block—and Walmart was interested—the American company acted quickly to finalize its own offer.
A huge, well-capitalized rival already on the inside track and a ticking clock on the deal—you can see why Target, in the heat of the moment, wound up overpaying for the dowdy Zellers chain. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. The day's key business, market and company news, with analysis and opinion from Canadian Business Online's writers. On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasion. The Hershey Chocolate company was approached back in 1937 about creating a specially designed bar just for U.S. As for taste, well – most who tried it said they would rather have eaten the boiled potato.

But “Hitler’s Secret Weapon,” as many infantrymen referred to the chocolate bar, was hardly the only candy in the D-Day rations. On the home front, sugar was the first commodity to be limited for civilian use when in 1942 Uncle Sam rationed each adult to just 8 ounces per week, roughly half of what normal consumption was at the time.
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Walmart, of course, didn’t goad Target into its disastrous overreach in Canada—but it didn’t have to. It was Walmart that first approached HBC in 2010 to investigate the possibility of buying Zellers. Steinhafel bought everything, essentially committing the company to opening stores as quickly as possible to avoid paying rent on stores that weren’t operational and leaving landlords without anchor tenants. And while we all know that day served as a huge turning point for the Allied cause, you probably haven’t thought much about what those soldiers carried with them to eat during and after the invasion. The combination of fat and oat flour made the chocolate bar a dense brick, and the sugar did little to mask the overwhelmingly bitter taste to the dark chocolate. Candy was an easy way to pep up the troops, and the quick burst of energy provided by sugar was a welcome addition to kit bags. Bakeries, candy manufacturers and other commercial outfits also had to reduce their sugar usage: after rationing was implemented, they received about 70 percent of their pre-war amounts.
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Mary Magdalene on Queen Elizabeth II's Sandringham Estate, and there were plenty of family and friends, including her godparents, there to witness the occasion.

Food had to be lightweight, nutritious and very high in energy: after all, these men were about to invade Nazi-occupied land.
Since it was designed to withstand high temperatures, the bar was nearly impossible to bite into.
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As it so happens, the one substance that could fulfill all those requirements was a very unlikely item– a Hershey’s chocolate bar. These were devised more as meal replacements and not sustenance snacks like the D rations, and came complete with coffee, canned meats, processed cheese and tons of sugar. The viscous mixture proved too thick to move through the normal chocolate bar manufacturing set up at the Hershey plant, so initially each bar had to be packed into its 4-ounce mold by hand. At various points during the war, men could find powdered orange or lemon drink, caramels, chewing gum and—of course —more chocolate. Army’s best efforts to stop the men from doing so, some of the D ration bars ended up in the trash. Along with packs of cigarettes and sugar cubes for coffee, the K ration packs provided plenty of valuable energy for fighting men. Later in the war, Hershey introduced a new version, known as the Tropical bar, specifically designed for extreme temperatures of the Pacific Theater.

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