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The new waste destruction machine at the Femarec work centre shreds up to 1,200 kilos of waste per hour. The latest acquisition by Femarec for its Centre Especial de Treball is a machine which is unique in Barcelona.
The machine means Femarec can broaden services it offers to over 800 customers, thanks to the work of 150 people with psychological disabilities or severe mental disorders. The director general of Femarec, Amelia Clara, asserts that “nobody is more committed to their work than these workers”, and goes on “we open at 7 am here, but at 6 am there are people waiting at the door. Suscribete a nuestra NewsletterNoticias sobre Recursos Humanos, Talento y Liderazgo.Articulos, Eventos, Formacion, Casos de Estudio.
The drug cartel, which started out in 2002 as the La Empresa gang, expanded the scope of its operations in 2006 and began calling itself La Familia Michoacana. La Familia was allied with the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas, a group of former army special forces soldiers turned guns for hire, until 2008, but it later looked for new alliances. The cartel, which has been targeted by the authorities, "has had its operational capability and criminal structure weakened," leaving it nearly destroyed, the report said.
A total of 710 people linked to La Familia have been arrested, of whom 49 were in the cartel's "command level," the report said. The cartel was reorganized in March, when some members left to form the Los Caballeros Templarios gang and seek new alliances with other criminal organizations.
La Familia received "institutional support" from Michoacan state police commanders and gunmen were able to use "patrol cars, radio frequencies and uniforms" from different police departments, the report said.
Criminals sometimes used state police "patrol cars to block streets so that hitmen could get away," the report said. Authorities dealt a strong blow to La Familia on May 27, when 16 suspected cartel members were killed and 36 others arrested in a shootout in Jilotitlan, a city in Jalisco state.

The arrests of several other high-level members have rocked La Familia, which did not have a top leader. Ruben Gomez Cruz, suspected of smuggling synthetic drugs for La Familia into Texas, was arrested in Zapopan, a city in the Guadalajara metro area, while Jesus Mendez, one of the cartel's founders, was arrested last Tuesday.
Two other top La Familia leaders, Servando Gomez Martinez and Dionisio Loya Plancarte, remain at large. Mendez's arrest "destroys the command structure of the criminal organization," federal security spokesman Alejandro Poire said last week.
Mendez, known as "El Chango," was "responsible for murders, kidnappings, extortion (and) corruption," Poire said, adding that the suspect also staged attacks on officials and the public. La Familia Michoacana's ideological leader, Nazario Moreno, known as "El Chayo," was killed in a shootout with Federal Police last year. La Familia has a pseudo-religious ideology, portraying itself as the defender of Michoacan's residents.
It is a family-run company dedicated to the construction aggregates and mares dimension-stone extraction for over 40 years.
We own two quarries, the main one is set at Llucmajor road and is called Can Casetes, while the second one is at Son Rafaló.
We also have an important two- and three-axis truck fleet, trailers and cranes in order to take the material from our centres to the different stores and building places. Over the years, we have added the possibility to buy our products in different ways, such as bulk, 25K bags and big bags. You will also find garden products, such as soils, black sand, peat, fertilised soils, white and red gravels, as well as volcano light gravel, called "pumice".
Thanks to an important effort both from the managing team and all our workers, we have given our customers credibility, stability and safety, what constitutes the main milestone that keeps us improving every day.

Usted consiente expresamente el tratamiento de esos datos con la finalidad de enviarle información por cualquier medio sobre nuestros productos, servicios, ofertas o promociones especiales para lo que podremos elaborar perfiles de usuario que nos permitan realizarle ofertas personalizadas. Apart from paper, it destroys magnetic supports and other materials such as textiles and metal, opening up new markets for this social company, which has over 800 customer and 150 workers with physical disabilities or severe mental disorders.
The waste disposal machine for confidential documents shreds 5 tons of material every day and differs to regular machinery as Juan Andres Diaz, head of selective waste collection, explains.
Since 1992, Femarec has been working for social, labour and cultural inclusion via environmental awareness. Their work means everything to them.” Femarec’s work placement agency has also managed to find dignified jobs for over 30,000 people with special needs. In the past few years, it has undergone a strong expansion process due to the growing demand of our products and services.
Both include four mares-stone quarries, what allows us to produce mares-stone slabs in 3 colours, red, white and yellow. Waste disposal is its main speciality, but the real asset of this social company is its workers. Furthermore, the quality-price relationship and the efficient handling of our customers have helped us to be sector leaders. One of them is David Machin, who has worked for Femarec for over 20 years and apart from a work environment, has also made a group of friends there.

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