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December 18, 2012 by Editor 30 Comments This page has a vast collection of women Quotes in English from all around the world. I was first introduced to the Genderbread Person through Tumblr, a fun, and sometimes informative, microblogging platform. Whenever I talk to groups about gender, a common problem arises: people tend to assume that someone has to be on either the left half or the right half of all the continuums above, and when I explain that many people zig zag through the list, they give me blank stares. It has been accepted that we form our gender identities around the age of three, and after that age it is incredibly difficult to change them. Gender expression is all about how you demonstrate your gender through the ways you act, dress, behave, and interact–whether that is intentional or unintended. I assume this entire time you were imagining it was you, with your gender identity, acting out that example. Biological sex refers to the objectively measurable organs, hormones, and chromosomes you possess. For example, someone can be born with the appearance of being male (penis, scrotum, etc.), but have a functional female reproductive system inside. Sexual orientation is all about who you are physically, spiritually, and emotionally attracted to.
If someone is born with male reproductive organs and genitalia, he is very likely to be raised as a boy, identify as a man, and express himself masculinely. Also, feel free to use the comments on this post to discuss, ask questions, or provide different insights to what you read above. And as always, get in touch if you have any questions you’d rather not ask in an open forum.
So femininity for me coincides with, overlaps with, leads to, relates to masculinity and vice versa.
Thanks for asking for feedback it’s a great idea and I have a lot of respect for you and your work.
QRG, I really REALLY wanted to do circular continnums instead of linear ones, to further illustrate the fluidity of everything, but once I started drafting things up I realized circles are no better (and more flawed, actually) than lines. When you wrote this comment a month ago, did you know that it was the beginning of a slow-burn that would result in this image being viewed 200K+ times? Heterosexual and homosexual can still apply to intersexed people, depending on the gender identity. If you are raised male and think of yourself as male and then find out later in life that you are in fact intersexed then being sexually interested in females means you can still be hetero.
I think the point zyxw was trying to make is that the labels themselves (not the meaning implied by them) are meaningless. I think that this would allow people to also realise that attraction isn’t linked to anatomy. I completely agree and was realizing that sexual orientation is the less independent of the classifications, since it depends on the sex. And others, also — sexuality can best be represented by a multidimensional spectral continuum matrix. In her acceptance speech, the Democratic nominee took on her Republican rival by throwing Donald Trump’s own words back at him. The unicorn of American politics, the “real Hillary Clinton”—the Hillary Clinton I’ve known for nearly 30 years—that Hillary Clinton likes to wear low-heeled shoes to a butt-kicking. The comparatively less flashy, less spirited former First Kid managed to show her mom’s softer side at the DNC on Thursday. But, let’s face it, as the lead-in to Hillary’s big nominating speech, a little bit of boring was called for. I wish he and his wife didn’t have to stand there as the parents of a 27-year-old Army captain who was killed by suicide bombers while serving in the Iraq War. The state of the union is not strong when an American feels compelled to clarify such things.
The Fox host’s insistence that black laborers building the White House were “well-fed and had decent lodgings” fits in a long history of insisting the “peculiar institution” wasn’t so bad. In her widely lauded speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Michelle Obama reflected on the remarkable fact of her African American family living in the executive mansion. As we mentioned, Talking Points Memo, Michelle Obama referenced slaves building the White House in referring to the evolution of America in a positive way. In 1800, President John Adams took up residence in what was then called the Executive Mansion. Slaves that worked there were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802. In 2006, Donald Trump made plans to purchase the Menie Estate, near Aberdeen, Scotland, aiming to convert the dunes and grassland into a luxury golf resort.
Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination in Philadelphia, ratifying a promise made there 240 years before—that all are created equal. On Thursday night, in the city where the Founders declared all men created equal, I found my answer. The Democrat promised voters she’d do her job intelligently and doggedly—and help them be the heroes of their own lives. The Democratic convention, which culminated on Thursday night with Hillary Clinton, was inverted. Chris Morris’s brutal satire aired its last and most controversial episode in 2001, but its skewering of the news media feels more relevant than ever.
A sex offender is thrown in the stocks, presented with a small child, and asked if he wants to molest him. It’s hard to pinpoint the most cringe-inducing moment on “Paedogeddon,” a special episode of the British TV satire Brass Eye.
PHILADELPHIA—In a week’s new cycle filled with email scandals, hidden plots, foreign political hacking schemes, walk-outs, and calls to imprison the presidential nominee, at least one part of the Democratic National Convention appeared genuine. On Monday night after Michelle Obama’s show-stopping speech I found myself scouring the convention floor for one very particular item. A short documentary profiles the difficult lives of senior citizens who have lived in the city for decades. Each year in September, United Way’s Day of Caring Signature Site event kicks off the 365 Days of Caring civic engagement initiative, a year-round effort to achieve impact through corporate volunteerism.
During the 2015 Day of Caring, United Way mobilized volunteers to build reading corners, level books, assemble teacher toolkits, enhance student playgrounds and create outdoor educational classrooms in partnership with the Philadelphia School District.
If you weren’t able to join us for the 2015 Day of Caring, you can still make an impact in Education!
By thanking employees and sharing campaign successes, you make them feel appreciated and deepen their connection to United Way and the community. Volunteering connects your employees to the work they support when they give to United Way. Pro-tip: A meaningful volunteer project is great way to inspire team members and keep momentum during the campaign! Pro-tip: Gather the leadership donors from your organization and invite them to a special kickoff event! Through the Impact Fund, United Way takes a holistic approach to change lives and strengthen communities— one child, one adult and one family at a time.

Pro-tip: Share progress against goals for participation and dollars raised throughout the campaign to keep your co-workers engaged and the momentum going!
Pro-tip: Invite members of all ages, including younger employees who may be new to the campaign but want to make a difference. Pro-tip: Remember that participation on the United Way committee is a great way for employees to stand out for going the extra mile. Pro-tip: Choose a theme that is fun yet connects back to your organization and United Way’s work in the community. This year, our goal is to ensure our local children have the tools they need to succeed, including 1500 backpacks filled with school supplies!
Stuff the Bus is sponsored in part by the Borgata Heart & Soul Foundation and The Press of Atlantic City.
At the Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council, driven by United Way, we strive to be a forum for learning.
Join us on April 28, 2016 for our inaugural speed mentoring event featuring more than 20 executive level and c-suite women providing guidance and tips on how to advance your career, succeed in a male-driven industry, achieve work-life balance and more! Grace Killelea is the CEO and Founder of The GKC Group, the leadership development company that launched “Half The Sky Leadership,” which focuses on the advancement of high potential women. Her book, The Confidence Effect, is an outgrowth of her passion for helping women to connect their competence to their confidence, showing them how to take charge of their own careers.
Governor Chris Christie delivered his seventh budget message to a joint session of the New Jersey Legislature on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, officially kicking off the Fiscal Year 2017 budget process. The Governor offered highlights of what he characterized as a fiscally responsible balanced budget that imposed no new taxes on New Jersey taxpayers.  He also thanked the people of New Jersey for allowing him the opportunity to run for President. The new budget also recommends a surplus fund of $800 million, leaving enough of a cushion for lawmakers and Christie to absorb some loss of revenue that would come with the kind of tax cut Christie would be seeking in a broader deal on transportation funding.
In our first year, we have been able to provide scholarships to five girls at Andara Combined School in Namibia. We have also been instrumental in getting over 2200 cloth menstrual pads to girls in Namibia and Uganda. In 2012, we’re excited to be working with GladRags to be their exclusive pad donation partner. In his teenage years, Peter played both Basketball and Baseball for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church CYO. Upon his High School Graduation he was awarded an Athletic Scholarship for X-Country and Track to Murray State University in Kentucky.
The most significant event at this point in his life was the birth of his son in August, 1967. He accepted a physical education teaching position at Apponequet Regional High School in Lakeville, MA for school year 1967-1968. In the fall of 1967 he convinced the Athletic Director to add a Mena€™s X-Country team to Apponequet Regional High School.
Before the next school began, in August, Peter experienced another life changing event, the birth of his second child, a beautiful daughter.
The beginning of the 1968 school year at Apponequet Peter expanded his coaching ability and became Head Coach Mena€™s Track & Field. In November of 1969 he and his family moved to a new home in East Freetown, MA only a few miles from Apponequet Regional High School. Summer vacations were spent as Director of Clear Pond in Lakeville, MA from 1969-1987 where he introduced an annual Flea Market, Blooper Ball, which is still played today, and swimming lessons just to name a few. In late 1974 he developed stress related ulcers due to juggling multiple positions and family responsibilities.
In the fall of 1982 he became Head Coach of Womena€™s Field Hockey at Apponequet and earned league championship in 1983 with an overall record 32-12-9.
In 1982 he became Assistant Pitching Coach for University of Connecticut Womena€™s Fastpitch Softball Team.
During his tenure at Apponequet he continued his education and became Director of Physical Education, Athletic Director and served as Acting Assistant Principal.
I suppose there would be some people that would have a hard time swallowing that their partner wasn’t born with the correct anatomy but that comes down to ignorance more than anything.
I was trying to explain all this to one of my friends (in relation to my own genderqueer-ness) for about 20 mins the other day, then remembered seeing a link to this article on the Genderqueer facebook page.
Chelsea Clinton is not the most charismatic orator—as the Twittersphere was happy to point out during her brief address on Thursday night. Unlike some of this convention’s high-wattage speakers, there was zero chance Chelsea was going to upstage Hillary with a barnburner or tear-jerker. And I wish Khizr Khan hadn’t felt the need to declare his patriotism and loyalty to the United States of America. In better times, Khizr Khan, who was born in Pakistan and moved to America from the United Arab Emirates, might have begun his speech with what he said next: “Like many immigrants, we came to this country empty-handed.
He and the estate’s owner, Tom Griffin, sat down to discuss the transaction at the Cock & Bull restaurant. A mob of protestors is thrown a “dummy full of guts” that is stomped to pieces within seconds. In 2014, a study that traced people’s goals for personality change found that the vast majority of its subjects wanted to be more extraverted, agreeable, emotionally stable, and open to new experiences.
People wanted to become more extraverted if they weren’t happy with their sex lives, hobbies, or friendships.
The signs, symbols, buttons, and placards that saturated wardrobes, convention photographs, and Wells Fargo Center trashcans are real and nontrivial examples of unity, conviction, and genuine belief in the power of politics. The objective of my quest was a two-foot-long purple sign that simply read “Michelle,” and had been held up by thousands as she spoke. Three hundred sixty-five days of the year, United Way mobilizes volunteers in local communities to donate time and talent to help transform lives and drive measurable, lasting impact that none of us can achieve alone. Through our Early Warning Response System, United Way partners with several schools including General George G Meade School to identify students at-risk of dropping out and connect them with appropriate interventions to get them back on track.
Advocate for Pennsylvania’s public education in a fair, sustainable way or find an education volunteer opportunity with local students. Join United Way on social media to help communicate impactful stories and new opportunities to volunteer.
Throughout the year, a number of volunteer projects and special events are available to build team rapport and inspire more connection to the work of United Way. This is a great way to thank them in a special way and encourage them to help set a strong pace for the campaign. Many successful campaigns connect their organization’s corporate social responsibility platforms and goals to their United Way campaigns!
Be sure to give your committee members an active role in suggesting goals and activities to drive participation.
From providing quality early learning opportunities, to ensuring students read proficiently by the third grade, to positive interventions at critical times that keep youth on track to graduate college and be career-ready, United Way remains committed to investing in Education.
Help us drive Impact and start a campaign for supplies to fill backpacks at your workplace today! In addition to hosting educational workshops and sessions and facilitating peer-to-peer communications about best practices in employee volunteerism, we are proud to offer additional online resources to help make your employee volunteerism and corporate social responsibility programs stronger.

Grace’s career as a human resources and talent leader has spanned 35 years in the retail and telecommunications industries.
Together, we hope to bring educational and economic opportunities to girls and women in rural Africa. To accomplish this, we provide scholarships to girls living in poverty and showing promise in the classroom, and by providing reusable cloth menstrual pads so there is not a struggle every month to find sanitary products with limited funds.
These scholarships cover every cost that comes along with their education from their school fees, school uniform and even a food stipend for their families when good grades are achieved to encourage the family to take an interest in their daughter’s education. The recipients have ranged from an orphanage with Show Mercy International, schools, conferences and after school clubs.
Because of their commitment to our cause, our pad program is expected to at least double in our second year! While at Clear Pond a tragic accident took the life of Roy Caliri, a lifeguard for Clear Pond. He found himself managing coaches and student athletes and not having much to do with the students themselves. After leaving Stoughton Public School System he continued private Softball pitching lessons in his attached garage. Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, Peter wanted to ensure that his experience would, somehow, contribute to the advancement of research, and eventual cure, for this deadly form of cancer. It is an important idea for feminism because it allows women to see the connections between their experiences, and to see the effects of other women’s lives and work upon their own. And I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn,” she said. But Adams was in there with Abigail, and they were still hammering nails, the construction was still going on.
So, Michelle Obama is essentially correct in citing slaves as builders of the White House, but there were others working as well.
Griffin recalls that Trump was a hard-nosed negotiator, reluctant to give in on even the tiniest details. And Clinton took pains to frame the achievement not as the triumph of some subset of Americans, but as a victory for all Americans.
Britain’s most-read newspaper led a campaign to publish the names and locations of all 110,000 convicted sex offenders, prompting a riot in which an angry mob ransacked the home of an ex-con. They wanted to become more conscientious if they were displeased with their finances or schoolwork.
I hadn’t thought much of them when delegates and viewers—all coordinated, of course—pulled the signs out during their cheers for her speech.
Additionally, teachers and staff at Meade School have participated in professional development opportunities with the United Way, such as trauma informed care courses to prevent, mitigate and heal the impact of trauma on students. Whether you are hosting a Day of Caring or simply encouraging volunteerism, United Way can support your efforts! And it takes all of us - parents, teachers and caring adults - for children to achieve success.
She served as Senior Vice President of Talent at Comcast Cable Corporation before launching her company in 2012.Whether she’s captivating audiences or coaching one-on-one, Grace’s leadership inspires change. And you can help: by purchasing an Empower Kit to be given to a girl in need, you can help her complete her education and achieve her dreams! Thanks to GladRags, Days for Girls and a growing population of volunteers for getting all of the pads sewn. She was a joy to behold He loved her with all his heart and cherished every moment spent with her. Roy Caliri was also a former member of Petea€™s X-Country team at Apponequet Regional High School.
Activities including basketball, swimming, gymnastics and more were included in the program. Over 300 girls have the honor of calling themselves a a€?Garage Girl.a€? Also, continued coaching at the University of Connecticut until 2011. I think sexual orientation could be as well measured in different interrelated but not interconnected features. Her role was to comfort, to explain, to cajole, with an eye toward giving Americans a glimpse of her mother’s softer side.
George Washington selected the site in 1791, and as president laid the cornerstone in 1792. But, as Michael D’Antonio writes in his recent biography of Trump, Never Enough, Griffin’s most vivid recollection of the evening pertains to the theatrics. Clinton did what she’s good at: She talked about public policy and she proved that she’s not at all intimidated by Donald Trump.
Brass Eye, a parody of a 60 Minutes-like newsmagazine show, had been dormant after airing one season in the UK in 1997.
The findings reflect the social psychologist Roy Baumeister’s notion of “crystallization of discontent”: Once people begin to recognize larger patterns of shortcomings in their lives, he contends, they may reshuffle their core values and priorities to justify improving things. But I exited the floor to discover a flood of texts and Tweets from black women in my life—my mom, my wife, and my friends—who wanted their hands on a sign. The volunteer activities at United Way’s 2015 Day of Caring at Meade School supplemented our work in ensuring all children have access to a quality education from cradle to career. For over 20 years, Grace has focused on developing, supporting, mentoring, coaching and connecting women, both professionally and in her volunteer work. It was as if the golden-haired guest sitting across the table were an actor playing a part on the London stage. But it returned four years later for this surprise broadcast, one that saw its furious (fictional) anchors barking from a dark studio about the plague of seemingly super-powered child molesters stalking the nation, holding a funhouse mirror up to the climate of paranoia and fear that had built up around the country.
As I searched, I saw other questers looking among the ruins of nacho containers and under footprint-dusted bleacher seats for the same thing. She has served as the national facilitator for a selective, intensive leadership curriculum for women in the telecommunications industry, during which she worked with and mentored more than 1,000 executive women leaders. But she can come across as too cautious, too reserved, too conscious of other people’s eyes upon her. It was a bold, wildly insensitive piece of comedy, but one that captured the growing madness of the 24-hour news media and foreshadowed some uglier aspects of its future.
While my own quest was doomed to fail, most of the successful treasure-hunters I saw, with their arms full of stacks of “Michelle” signs, were beaming black women. At college he began a weight lifting regiment that he religiously continued daily throughout his life. That September he started his coaching career at New Bedford High School as X-Country and Indoor Track coach.
Staying in shape was extremely important to Peter almost to the point of being an obsession. He described it this way, a€?One year of experience at Roosevelt is worth five years.a€? His first year coaching gave him a taste of success in the field he loved, ending the season with an overall record 9-1.

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