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All of them, those in power, and those who want the power, would pamper us, if we agreed to overlook their crookedness by wilfully restricting our activities.
Dans son discours d'acceptation de l'investiture democrate, jeudi soir, la candidate a presente un programme qui se veut l'exact contraire de celui de Donald Trump. L'entreprise Tesla inaugure ce vendredi sa mega usine de batteries dans le Nevada (Etats-Unis).
Mais les revenus varient fort, surtout selon l’age : on gagne deux fois plus a 60 ans qu’a 20.
Le fisc americain a effectue un controle sur les comptes de Facebook pour les annees 2008 a 2013 et estime qu'il a sous-evalue ses actifs pour l'annee 2010 lorsqu'il a transfere une partie de ses activites a une filiale situee en Irlande. De nombreuses bandes-annonces de films attendus ont ete devoilees lors du Comic-Con de San Diego, qui s'est termine ce dimanche. Le ministre des Affaires etrangeres, Didier Reynders, s'est rendu vendredi a Tomorrowland a Boom, en province d'Anvers.
L'Obs fait de nouvelles revelations sur des castings douteux de Jean-Marc Morandini des 2006. Sponsor de la delegation americaine pour les Jeux Olympiques, United Airlines a produit une pub melant de nombreux sports olympiques. L'indice des prix des 250 littoraux les plus populaires au monde a ete publie par TravelBird : le prix a la journee des plages a ete passe au crible, voici tous les resultats. Plus de 40 millions d'euros ont ete recoltes pour la planete et les victimes de l'attentat de Nice. Confronte a une reinvention permanente des modes operatoires terroristes, Israel en a une experience inegalee. Au moins 5 suspects ont ete interpelles et sont actuellement auditionnes, a indique jeudi le parquet de Bruxelles. Selon l'echevine des Travaux Publics Els Ampe, apres un test d'environ un an, il apparait que le nombre de cyclistes qui empruntent ces 3000m de pistes cyclables a double, ce qui a justifier leur marquage permanent, en cours depuis mardi. La police a ete appelee pour un homme qui se tenait avec une arme pres de la fenetre de son appartement, situe au deuxieme etage d'un immeuble de la place Saint-Denis, a Forest.
For students who have been falling behind or labeled as "off track", a slow learner or learning disabled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
HELP Miami does not endorse the current trend of labeling and medicating children for academic difficulties. TutoringAfter school tutoring is available for $40 per month during the school year.One-on-one tutoring is $25 per hour, sold in blocks of 10 hours.
Students learn what to do when they get into trouble studying so they are able to study independently.
Fabian was overwhelmed in school and disliked going, but tried hard to do his best, his best was not good enough though, they called him a "wandering child" always day dreaming.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to Christian and for your teaching methods.
Thank you once again for all your HELP, we are sure that other children are receiving the same or greater results.
From students:"Since I was a little girl I was told that I had learning disabilities and suffered from depression.
Then one day, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet that blonde, beautiful, wonderful Barbie and her blonde, beautiful, wonderful daughter, Morgan. This update starts with wins on reading from two different 7-year-old students, a boy and a girl.The boy goes to another school and comes to HELP for tutoring twice a week. High school reports cards were just issued and this was very good news to a certain 9th grader.
I cannot believe that the first quarter of school is already over AND that Christmas is just a few weeks away!!! Even though we are only in our third week of school, we have already produced a few miracles. I got into education because my oldest son was going to be labeled, which I refused to have happen.
Nissan – used auto parts in houston, trucks, cars, savage, Partes usadas para carro, vehiculo, automovil, automobil, auto, carros, vehiculos, automoviles, automobiles, camionetas, trocas, camiones, camion, camioneta, troca. It will be found that those who will pay more were the most able to begin with and have the greatest value to others.
I think among the higher-ups in the Church of Scientology, those at a strategic level, they see this as a way of indirectly spreading Scientology by building the reputation of their leader. The following organizations are licenced by Scientology's World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). Et comme un malheur ne vient jamais seul: Daniela Lumbroso a decide de l'attaquer en justice. Students in this program are interviewed and tested 4 times a year, while on a personal study program which includes study skills and subjects such as Reading, Language and Math. Every year I dreaded the beginning of school because my daughter would cry day after day when I would leave her at school. I e-mailed, Charles Thomas who called me the following day and connected me with Barbie Rivera in Miami; I left her a message and got an immediate callback. Although I find many of his new teachers committed to Christian's education I believe they are missing those vital skills and teaching methods you employ.
They would come to my father's gym on Saturdays and complain about how hard they had to work. Let's begin this update with a few acknowledgments!!Thank you to Akbar for your donation to help us relocate the school!And a very big thank you to Renaissance Charter School in Doral for giving us white boards, text books, workbooks, charts and two shopping carts full of math and science supplies.
She was basically doing what her mom told her to do and most probably thought this school was lame, as it is so small. August 2009 Academic tests had confirmed what the student already told us at the beginning of the year, she was WAY behind.
The boy came to us in the fall of last year, very shy, unfocused and certain he was "disabled" for life and unable to learn much. Our high school kids took their third round of academic tests this year and the results are stunning!
Or it licenses it's 'methode' to a group like Communities Assisting Literacy and Learning (CALL) in Texas. The number of students we serve has been growing at a tremendous rate as word spreads of our excellent results. Having had bad experience with private and public schools we felt uneasy with possible outcomes. Your leadership in HELP Miami's program have taught Christian how to learn and made it easy for him to do so. My oldest son is a "slow learner," my middle child is ADHD and my youngest is brilliant but considered "hyper-active." I have tried to work with my boys and often did their homework for them.
Prior to coming to HELP Miami, Rafael had been labeled with "speech delay" at age 4, and despite having a personal speech pathologist, Rafael made little headway.
As a matter of fact, the boy actually IS disabled, but I took him on, as he seemed willing to at least try and really did not like his current school.I was told by the child's mother that he did not like to write and often wanted to "lay down" in class, which is really not an option as we are after all a school and students must sit up in class as well as exhibit good handwriting skills. Elle a decide de repondre une fois pour toutes a ceux qui ne comprenaient pas comment l'etablissement dans lequel elle travaille comme infirmiere la laissait venir avec ce look. We have about 8 kids that get one-on-one tutoring and it is an excellent way to address a troubled area for students that are not enrolled in this school.This can be delivered any day except Friday and Sunday. I was so desperate that I ended changing my daughter to a small school, hoping she would feel more comfortable. My beautiful child "deranged?" I tried to do my best, as a single mother with little time to devote to the overload of homework they gave him and after school PTA meetings. I recall sitting in her class filled with books, her desk with kid's files and success stories, and a huge smile on her face.

His writing and grammar skills are amazing and the foundation you built with him have helped him in all his subjects. What I find most interesting is that Christian didn't even realize how much he had learned. I was put on different medication, but even that made me sick and even worse, I became violent. Of course she had been labeled in grade school, and as with most labels, she was on 3 different types of medication at the same time!
PLUS, the lessons go from simple addition to fractions, mixed with a bit of algebra and geometry, with no sense to the fact that the student has to master one skill before going on to something else. At one point, the girl had been on a high dose of Ritilan but it caused heart problems so her mother took her off.
Who would give to an anti-autism charity when Travolta doesn't believe in autism to begin with? Ron Hubbard, (for example: helping students spot exactly what they do not understand, having students help each other and having students fully understand something before they go on to something more advanced) each student is tested, interviewed and put on a personal program that clears up prior confusions, puts in basics and includes study & communication skills.
By first grade she was convinced she was a failure and was becoming more resistive to school. Just as you always said, if you keep on reinforcing the basics of math, grammar and reading, everything else will be easy to learn. I was frustrated and they were frustrated and to make matters worse, my middle son was being bullied. Though only 7, he has been diagnosed dyslexic for swapping words, adding words and skipping words when he reads. Thanks to his teacher, Luisa, and the Applied Scholastics™ Reading Program, he not only learned to read BUT he ended up above grade level! And with firm but gentle daily reminders, the boy started writing clearly and sitting properly. Anyway, I sit with the girl and her parents and find out that the kid really did want to learn but really did not have any clue on HOW to do this. Her teacher knew she needed more attention but could not help her as there were 20 more kids in her class.
He kept on telling us that during the past two years he was home schooled and was not being challenged. The mom is super happy and the boy is now very willing to give up his Saturday morning to get tutored because he considers it FUN!In my last story I will actually name the student because his mom reads all my emails: Christopher! When he was younger, he was labeled and medicated against his will and his academics and attitude got worse.
The girl wants to become a fire fighter yet told me that she really does not like to "do any work." In fact, her previous schools all complained that the kid just did not do school work. The professionals told me that my daughter was in fact "learning disabled" and needed medication.Well THAT didn't work! Soon Fabian was given evaluations in schools, as he spent hours answering the Social Worker's 70 and 80 question forms about his growing up.
He was not sure if he had learned enough and that the new workload might be a bit overwhelming.
After 20 hours of tutoring, his teacher has noticed an incredible change in his reading skills. Her parents were very excited at her progress but the teenage girl still saw "no point" and just wanted to go to a regular public school to be with her friends.
Unfortunately, the family situation changed and the mom had to enroll her son back into public school. So here is this hopeless teenager in my office being "ordered" to summer school and not very happy about his situation.
What is wrong with this video?  I don't need to list them because somebody else already did!Like all great Christmas movies, the video was shot in snowless Ocala Florida.
I figured maybe it would better to move her back to a Kindergarten class but this was not allowed. I don't think you failed, I think THEY failed." Fabian's face began to lift as he looked at Barbie with a face of astonishment and hope.
He made much progress his first year BUT his teacher (the wonderful Wanda) thought that Rafael should repeat the same program just to re-enforce his gains.
So reluctantly, the parents took her out.The first month of public school and the girl ended up in the emergency room with several other girls, as one of their "friends" spiked a soda with some drug.
We put him through our lowest level reading and math program for two years in a row, with not much academic improvement other than "he now was willing to go to school." This is his third year with us and-OH MY DOG-the boy is ALIVE! He no longer needs a "private tutor" to help him with school work, his handwriting is neater and easy to read, he beat the other kids in middle school in a 50 states and capitols quiz AND he even put on a magic show in front of the other students of the school. The location?  "Jumbolair," Travolta's house which is part of an airport so he can park his jet on a driveway next to his home as if it were a car.
They ended up making her vomit and put her in what I call a "zombie-like state." Despite the special classes and medication, her grades did not improve at all! The school wanted my daughter to read, yet she did not have a grasp on basic sounds and letters. She looks brighter, has friends, does her work and on this last report card got all "A's" and "B's" in academics and conduct.
He tested out around 5th grade in most of his subjects and was put on a study program addressing grammar and English (the class he failed). The end of his first week in summer school, he came into my office and said that he FINALLY understood Shakespeare! Newton-John sued Universal Music Group in 2006 for failing to pay her share of the profits from the 'Grease' album.
My test scores are no longer crashed and my last report card was all "A's" and "B's" which made my mom flip out.
Ron Hubbard where the student reads aloud and every word stumble or hesitation is handled by looking up the definition in a dictionary, using it in sentences or giving examples until the student has a grasp of the meaning of the word.
He has earned the right to wear the "Star Student" sticker practically everyday, as he has become such a good example to others. Though he is still behind academically he did advance three grade levels, which is a whole other "unexpected outcome." His father called me saying that his son's report card "made his day!" The man asked me what I did, which mainly was not treating the boy like he was handicapped!
The second week he cleared up misunderstandings in grammar and handled a few things in math as well. In all fairness, we are not out of the dark yet, as we do need to get her up to and through Algebra, BUT we are heading in the right direction and frankly we probably saved this young girl's life.Another high school boy finally got a report card win-he has gone up 4 grade levels this year!
The public school principal even suggested that the girl should just drop out, as there was nothing she could learn.
This week he retested and has gone up three full grade levels in reading and language arts! My children are given more attention in things they have difficulty with, they love their teachers and THEY DO THEIR HOMEWORK ON THEIR OWN! I told the dad that if she wanted to re-enroll that we'd take her BUT she would have to REALLY want it.
I really cannot believe the change in my kid!"And may I say that I would take 100 of these girls!
Not only did my wife and I notice his improvements but many friends and family noticed too. In fact, after a weekend gathering they ALL wanted to know, "What happened with Rafael?" My son was talking up a storm, shaking hands and had eye contact with who he was talking too.
This transformation has been amazing." APTo add to Ally's story, her oldest son is pretty quiet.
And the principal told me not to come back!"Since returning to us Alicia has gone up one full grade level in the first quarter of school but knows that she is far from "out of the woods." The really cool thing is that not only is she taking some responsibility for her education but we discovered a hidden talent that even she did not know that she had!!!

I am tutoring a boy who was referred by family court, I have students sent from therapists when families refuse medication, and just now a woman called because a local psychologist recommended our program for her two children. I think mainly because he is so new BUT last week he totally surprised the drama class and won "Top Male Actor" with his 2-minute skit about coffee. In public school he made little gains, even with a program designed especially for him with a speech pathologist. Whoever said that this girl was a "problem" should be taken for a long walk, and kept away from kids because clearly they do not know how lucky they were to have her in their class! After his performance the kids were literally "fighting" over who would work with him in this week's assignment, considering the winners of this week are getting ice cream sundaes.
He started the year testing at a 6th grade level and is now at a 10th grade level after all subjects are averaged.
Miami is staffed with teachers and tutors who have the "I will teach you to read come hell or high water" attitude. Anyway, the girl still has an attitude (which I LOVE) and she wants to put it to use to help get other teenagers off meds and into using dictionaries! Her diagram of a mummy's tomb was awesome and the box she turned into the Titanic won 1st place in the Titanic project at school.
The professionalism and dedication of the teachers throughout the year made my children become better individuals.
Shouldn't school be about learning AND be fun?) Someone really missed the point when these three boys were labeled. Rafael is very motivated with school, as he considers it "fun" opposed to "work." I fully appreciate this program, not only as a parent but I am a former police officer, so see the impact and value of this program has had on my child.
I find the staff to be passionate in what they do and I am very glad they are here for my son. Now he feels safe, has friends, is socially confident and he feels like his school is his home. He says he will grow up to be an excellent scientist.Yolanda, as you know, could not read and was not doing well in math. Miami held a week of bake sales at the mall where our school is located and raised $443.83 for the Red Cross. The mall manager happened to stop by when the kids were making posters and she requested that we pass out fliers to all the mall stores as well as the people visiting the mall. She is so happy with the school that on weekends or breaks she asks, "How many days until I go back to school?" She LOVES school, LOVES her new friends and is very motivated.We as parents see how different our children are since starting your program. The girl is smart and deserves to be educated!July 22, 2010I just had a visit from 2 school psychologists.One man said that he just had to come shake my hand as he ran into the mother of a boy he used to counsel.
Her mom gets an A+++ for supporting this endeavor by doing something most mothers would never do!!!
We do not have the words to thank you enough for all of your help, love and dedication to the children in need. Friday was especially fun with outdoor live music and juggling!And finally, if I had a Bravest-of-Brave Award, it would go to high school students Alejandro and Eric for facing a rather large needle and donating blood for the victims of Haiti.
I recommend this school to parents with similar situations to my own, as I feel with love, patience and persistence ANYTHING can be fixed. My children are "fixed" and that is why we are re-enrolling them for the 2008-2009 school year!Thank you! Your support in terms of books, DVDs, plane tickets and cash has helped us have our best delivery year to date. So I put together a fun game in a martial arts theme as I feel like a "fighter" every time I come across some kid failing in life due to an unworkable education system. You can join the fight by pledging a monthly donation (charged to your credit card the 5th of every month).
Every Friday band members bring in their drums, amps, keyboards and so on to jam out for the weekend.
Despite their belief in reincarnation no one has appeared on their doorstep saying they were here to return to serve Scientology for a second lifetime. Her Mother called her and said: "They're going to kill you, Tory, and IF you're not back on your medication TODAY--and your Doctor calls and tells me you aren't, I will personally fly out and trust me, L Ron Hubbard and Scientology will NEVER forget your Mother". Could Scientology's influence on her daughter Suri be to blame?  At six years old this coffee drinking, lipstick wearing, high heels tottering tot is at the age Scientology will want to begin to control her.
Holmes wants custody of the child and did not file for divorce in her home state of California because New York is much more favorable to sole custody.  LINKSTABLOIDS BLAME SCIENTOLOGY FOR DIVORCEKATIE BEING FOLLOWED BY OSA? Finally, when she reaches about ten, she would also certainly be pestered constantly to sign a billion year contract and join the cult priesthood the Sea Org with the goal of turning her into a model, poster girl Scientologist.After the Kidman divorce the Church first tried various Scientologists as girlfriends. Then they turned to outside actresses, eventually settling on Katie Holmes as a proper "beard" to disguise Cruise's non-Heterosexuality. I told him that my accounting sole proprietorship had been doing okay but with the bad economy my biz had stopped growing.
As they walked by I said "The Moscow org has been raided by the police!"  They look at me surprised and nodded their heads with interest but, of course, kept right on walking.A young male sea orger walked past me at Sunset and Vermont and I said "Is David Miscavige KSW? For a group obsessed with public image this Scientology testing center is flunking and is not "at cause" over MEST (aka looks like shit).The sign has suddenly begun really falling apart, the awning (which still contains the painted over name of the previous tenant) has rips in it. The security fence along the front has been broken apart which means homeless people are sleeping in the doorway at night.
There is graffiti on the glass and metal.Both protester Happy Smurf and I have noticed that the testing center is often closed and barred with the broken security fence.
Hollywood Boulevard is really hopping these days despite a down economy and many people walk by all day.
It seems highly likely the cult is having trouble finding enough people to man the thing now. Click the image at left to see a higher resolution picture.ANGRY GAY POPE PROTESTING AGAIN AT ONCE-BANNED LOCATIONThe Church kept me away from this location for over three years with a meaningless restraining order. Ron Hubbard birthday singers at their Clearwater celebration event!Featuring protesters Happy Smurf and Gymbo. Protesters Angry Gay Pope and Gymbo (Jim-bow) celebrate cult founder Hubbard's 101st birthday at Scientology's main base.
We waited for buses to show up to take cultists to the Shrine Auditorium for the Birthday Bash.
The goal was to confront cultists on the street and prevent the buses from loading on public property as they usually do.Meanwhile many cultists were highly "enturbulated" and ran away from our Guy Fawkes masks! Also, an Asian Sci saw us coming and went down a flight of steps to open a door which had been sealed shut and removed years ago.
She tried to turn a knob that wasn't there and then was forced to slink back up and run into the building through another entrance.After this event the buses took cultists to the Shrine where they met five more protesters, one of whom was arrested. Their Hubbard Museum and Testing Center Bookstore were as empty as usual despite crowds so large the boulevard had to be shut down for security purposes.
This left their usual temporary testing station the Christie Hotel, above, under police lockdown. You'll help fund the Pope's daily enturbulation affirmation.  What has the money be spent on in the past?
My lawyer's bar license renewal fee, legal fees, office fees for copying evidence, cab rides to emergency protests, sign printing materials, hard disks for video editing and backup, camera memory, gas money to Riverside and living expenses for myself.

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