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Ever wanted to cook lovely healthy things for your little ones when you just couldn't find the time? Ever wanted to cook lovely healthy things for your little ones when you just couldn't find the time? Whether classic red, coral, Bordeaux or prune, French girls know that a bold lip color sharpens a casual outfit with an allure of sophistication and that fabled je ne sais quoi. From Sirtfoods and DNA diets to bio-fermented proteins and coconut oil, a new wave of science-based diets is sweeping the USA. Never too neat, but never overly messy, the Paris girl prides herself on perfectly-coiffed hair that combines a balance of beautifully tousled volume with terrific shine. Ultra-chic packaging hides iridescent must-haves for a healthy glow that’s perfect for the summer season. It's a beauty premier from Urban Decay that will delight fans of the label across the world. This summer, make-up labels are revolutionizing the way we wear bronzer with a series of fun and refreshing new formulas.
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July 19, 2013 by Nicola 17 Comments A smoothie is a fantastic way to enjoy a quick, easy and healthy breakfast on the go. So you’ve been eating clean and wholesome for sometime now and are basking in the benefits of a clearer mind, ease in digestion, more energy and new found sleep. One subject Dan does stress that gets a guys attention is using sexual innuendo to your advantage.
Dan says: Men sure are dominant beings so allow them to feel like they make the decisions, even when it comes to healthy eating. Don’t nag ask him to eat healthy for you, you want him to empower himself and be self-motivated. Don’t do the shopping without your mans input – it’s as simple as phoning them on the way and saying, “honey, what fruit would you like this week?” or “what type of fish would you like to fry up tonight?” easy and to the point questions. Visit next week as Dan shares more ‘Make my man healthy’ strategies + a delicious dude food recipe!
As the weather warms up it’s natural to be looking to cook lighter and fresher meals for our families. The benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables will come as no surprise to anyone, so why don’t we eat more of it?

Dana Dobbie is a Sydney mother of two remarkably cute children, who shares Dettol’s mission of raising a happy, healthy family, with a zest for life and love.
Letter from the EditorFebruary, with school just started, is a good time to work some new healthy habits into your weekly routine.
Taken from the Instagram accounts of Parisians such as Caroline de Maigret, Jeanne Damas and Constance Jablonski, we look at their best lip looks. Taking our cue from the likes of Jeanne Damas and Lou Douillon, we took to Instagram to decode a fabulously French hair trend. To celebrate their 20th birthday, the beauty label is releasing not 20, but 100 new shades of lipstick to choose from.
Not all smoothies have to have super-good-for-you ingredients like spinach and carrots to be healthy. Pancakes are great and all, but I just can’t motivate myself to stand in front of a hot stove flipping them when the temperature in the house is steadily creeping up into the 90s. But summer can be an exception, especially here in Phoenix with our blistering temperatures.
I’ve never added cream cheese to a smoothie, but i’ve got some in the fridge and would love to try it!
It’s encouraging and supportive but more importantly guys are more than likely to continue if you are eating the same sorts of foods.
After all, intrinsic (from within) motivation is way more affective than extrinsic (outside the body).
Having completed a Bachelor in Exercise Science and a Masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning), Dan is passionate about combining his two loves of fitness and cooking to change the way we approach Active Living. I do this by lifting out my frozen meat to defrost and organising my other bits and pieces. Today for my clean eating food diary, I am making my favourite breakfast meal ever…my infamous pizza omelette cooked in coconut oil. Incorporating more fruit and vegetables into our diet is the cornerstone of good healthy habit. I think it is because many of us lack the time it takes for food preparation – or, at least, to research new things to cook – so we end up making the same things over and over. How about, ‘eating 2 pieces of fruit a day?’ An apple in the morning and a banana in the afternoon.
A delicious fruit smoothie snack means that you can whizz up lots of nutritious fruit that your kids might not eat otherwise.

Get into the habit of washing, trimming and chopping up fresh vegetables as soon as you unload the groceries. An easy and fun way to eat fresh and healthy is to plant some herbs to accompany sauces and meats. Add them to your yoghurt, cereal or oatmeal to give one extra serving before the day gets into gear. This new healthy eating bible for your babies aims to diversify the food that you feed your children whilst ensuring that they grow up fit and strong. The fruit of months of medical research, for her latest healthy recipe book the author has worked with dieticians, nutritionists and scientists alike to bring new parents a step-by-step guide to how best to nourish a pregnancy and then feed babies during the first months of their lives. This skinny strawberry cheesecake smoothie is full of fruit and yummy things – whilst still being healthy and good for you! A study done by Georgia University found that men are more readily stimulated for sex when eating a quality carb (think brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, sourdough bread) quality fat (salmon, avocado, coconut) and sufficient protein intake (meats, nuts and some full fat dairy), interesting!
Here I encourage you to health-ify his differently, for example if you are making a lamb & kale salad, your man might enjoy his in a whole meal wrap style – the carbohydrates will resonate with him and keep him feeling ‘full’ whilst still getting all the green goodness.
Because of my simplistic and proportioned approach to eating, I can really start to feel my appetite subsiding and salads seem to be all that I am craving for lunch!
That way you always have ready-made snacks on hand and don’t resort to eating unhealthy foods.
They are easy to grow and it’s a fun experience for everyone to start a garden with your kids. Think about what you use as fresh vegetable substitutes – biscuits, pizza, frozen chips – and don’t buy them. To save money and encourage more adventurous tastes, join a shopper’s co-op, where you get a box of fruit and vegetables delivered every week. Here at Mission for Health we are celebrating all the little things you do for your family’s health. The book also includes tips on teaching your children about taste and even what to eat during pregnancy, as well as over 80 recipes for easy, quick and balanced meals. From dried fruit compote, smoothies and meat-free protein pots, each delicious dish is sky-high in vitamins and minerals and has been put together to ensure that every one of your little ones' nutritional needs have been covered.

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