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Snack foods are one of the most favored food categories of kids, usually second only to dessert! Providing a variety of nutritious snacks for your children is so important!  Their growing bodies require solid nutrition to help set the stage for optimal growth, development and good health and wellness both now and in the years to come!
Getting more veggies into the average kid can be quite a challenge, but organic vegetables and fruit (especially raw) are the building blocks of good nutrition, which is why they top the chart for nutritious healthy snacks!
Organic raw fruit (and veggies) are loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Sweet and delicious, smoothies and homemade wholesome fruit popsicles provide an excellent opportunity to increase the daily amount and variety of raw fruits and veggies that your child consumes. Organic whole milk yogurt and dairy-free coconut milk yogurt are delicious, nutritious treats that are full of healthy probiotics.
If you are able to enjoy dairy, raw milk cheese is a living food full of beneficial nutrients. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that label their cheese as raw, when it’s really not.
Naturally-sweetened grain-free muffins make a delicious, nutritious snack when served as part of a healthy, well-varied diet.
I hope this “Top 10 List” has inspired you with a variety of ideas for healthy Real Food snacking!
All content (recipes, photos, text, etc.) on this site is the creative property of Kelly Smith of The Nourishing Home. Did you know you can send relatively healthy snacks to school that your kid’s entire class will love?
Because even though us moms would be tickled to bring a snack of fresh fruits and veggies, our kids don’t always want to be the ones to bring carrots and celery sticks for snacks. To make it easier for all of you, I have constructed a list of 10 classroom snacks to share with you today, many of which are a healthier homemade version of children’s favorite staple snacks. 10 Healthy Holiday Treats for the ClassroomWhen the holiday season rolls around, so do classroom holiday parties! 6 Healthy Holiday Snacks for KidsThe holiday season is here in full swing whether we're ready or not.
Renee – I understand your frustration with prepackaged snacks and unhealthy options for morning snack.
These are some good snacks that you can keep in your purse, desk, or lunchbox that you can snack on to help keep you on track with your healthy eating habits. So there should be No excuse as to why you can not snack on HEALTHY things during the day as opposed to a bag of chips of your favorite candy bar. Its about to be the start of a new month and some of you may have plans to do some grocery shopping. Having low calorie healthy snacks during your day will help you to lower the calorie intake you have for that day. slice of WHOLE WHEAT bread topped with peanut butter and banana slices (make sure it is whole wheat bread.
So keep these options in mind when making your grocery list and getting ready to make your next grocery purchase.
Ever wonder down the grocery store isles wracking your brain on what kind of new and healthy snacks you can buy to add to your diet? Most of these companies that sale the 100 calorie snack packs are charging you extra for putting the correct portion size in sealed packages for you. Here are some great options for you to consider to make your own “Grab and Go” snacks for you and your family!
Oats n’ Berries:  ? cup rolled oats (cooked with water), topped with cinnamon and ? cup fresh berries. Spinach and Feta Egg-White Scramble: Three egg whites scrambled and mixed with ? cup raw spinach and 1 tbsp feta cheese. Enter your email address so you can subscribe to get all the great health and fitness tips that are posted! Kid snacks and toddler snacks being handy and at their level is what I’m talking about today. So when I went shopping the yesterday, I grabbed our normal fruits and veggies that I usually have in the fridge – but this time I planned on getting them all ready for Lennox before snack time.
I decided to clear out the bottom drawer of our fridge and place all her cold snacks in there.
I thought about buying all the small packages of everything but really its more economical to just buy it in the regular packages and split it up yourself.

My next step will be cleaning out the pantry and making the bottom shelf of the pantry – kid friendly, as well.
This entry was posted in Parenting and tagged food, Health, kids, Organizing, Snacks on September 18, 2013 by Heather. I buy pre-cut apples but you could soak the apples in some lemon juice i have heard that works.
Talk about satiating (haha we never knew what that word meant, not sure if Emma can pronounce it either) anyway… half an avocado will definitely keep you satisfied till home time. We’re not really fussed on whether you have 3 meals a day, or 6 small meals, or if you fast, or if you snack all day. Mind you I made your Pumpkin bread yesterday and served it with avocado and wowsers, hello new favourite snack.
But too often snacks consist of processed foods that not only lack real nutrition, but also contain harmful ingredients that can sabotage health and wellness.
You can easily grab a piece of fruit and go, but I find that adding some nut butter or a cultured dairy or non-dairy item with fresh fruit really helps to better satisfy my hungry boys’ appetites. Most kids like yogurt especially when it’s combined with fruit for natural sweetness.
So it’s important to check to be sure the raw cheese you’re purchasing really is raw.
In fact, my kids have eaten foods they normally turn down, when I roll it up in a tortilla!
How about simply toasting a piece of grain-free bread and top it with your favorite nut butter, a drizzle of raw honey and some sliced fresh organic fruit. My heart in creating this blog is to help you by sharing helpful meal planning strategies and nourishing GF recipes that are healthy, easy and delicious with thanksgiving to God! You are welcome to share a photo via social media, as long as it contains a link back to the corresponding recipe from this site. Why does that seem to be a common theme in motherhood…mom does the grunt work, the kids reap the benefits? So, when we get the dreaded note, I try to think of things that are the best of all worlds (healthy, kid-friendly, yummy, and easy to make in larger quantities). What are some of your favorite go-to homemade snacks that you send your child to school with for the whole classroom? Her oldest son has type 1 diabetes, so she focuses of making foods that are low in carbohydrates. I guess the snack is for all the kids whose parents don’t feed them food that sustains them. I do agree that they need to feed our children more wholesome snacks instead of overly processed and artificial flavor and colored junk.
Let me assure you, though, that not all kids who need a morning snack aren’t fed well at home, as it seems you are implying. When you look at your grocery list do you ever wonder what are some healthier snack options that you can pick up at the store to help start to eat healthier? Mango smoothie (frozen mango, mango Greek Yogurt or plain Greek yogurt, and a small amount of orange juice or any other juice that you like. Baked Apples (one tennis ball-sized apple, cored, filled with 1 teaspoon brown sugar and cinnamon, and baked until tender.
Triscuit’s Thin Crisps dipped in cottage cheese or hummus (this is MY personal favorite afternoon snack.
Baked chips (about 7-10) with salsa (you can make your OWN healthier version of baked chips by toasting whole wheat tortillas!
Pumpkin Seeds (2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds, sprayed with oil (just a spritz!) and baked at for 400° for 15 minutes or until brown. Homemade Popsicles (puree watermelon, strawberries, mango, banana, etc and freeze in popsicle molds or use your ice cube tray as an alternative.
Well I have decided to share a list of items that are sure to satisfy your appetite without packing on  to many calories, or without hurting your pocket-book! Apple slices dipped in Peanut Butter (or spread peanut butter on top of apple slice and top with pecans or another favorite nut. Tuna on 1 slice of whole wheat bread ( you can have 4 oz of plain tuna on 1 slice of break to equal about 250 calories. Lennox loves to get her own snack and I always find her digging around the pantry to get something to eat in the morning, after school – all the time it seems.

I actually buy pre-sliced apples as I haven’t found a way that works to not keep them brown. We know y’all (officially been watching too much Nashville!) are different and feel better eating different ways. Super easy to carry to work too!  This snack is perfect when you include guacamole in your dinner the night before! I like to toss a few more pumpkin seeds on top of the avo smash just because I really like raw pumpkin seeds too! I’ve never successfully made them at home but one of the natural food grocery stores here in the US has delicious raw organic kale chips with seasonings that are as delicious as bad-for-you chips. And yes when you make them at home it’s usually half go delish and crunchy and the other half a soggy hehe. Something that meets me half way between lunch and dinner is the savior from a post (or pre) dinner binge. So something like carrot sticks with hummus and a piece of cheese – Look at that, I have a good crack at three food groups in just one modest snack! There are stacks of recipes for these going around right now, I’ll post mine along with some other snack recipes next week.
She’s nutty about sharing healthy food ideas, ocean swimming and packs the bestest lunchbox for her fiance to take to work each day. I highly recommend the book “The Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods.” Author Wardeh Harmon not only covers the many benefits of lacto-fermentation, but also provides a ton of great recipes.
Making your own grain-free crackers is much more nutritious (since you can avoid all those unwanted ingredients like soybean oil).
They get to show up to school the next day with goodies to share and enjoy with their friends. But it really sucks because they are fed Goldfish, Go-Gurt, and all kinds of other crap because it MUST come in a package and not have any nuts. BUT, every child is different and maybe some get hungry in between and need a snack to keep them focused. There is a WIDE variety of snacks that you can try that are not expensive, quick to grab, and yummy that will satisfy your cravings until your next meal! Well you are in luck because today’s post will have MORE healthy, QUICK, and AFFORDABLE options that you can pick up on your next trip to the store.
A snack is suppose to be a filler to help you in between meals when you feel that you are hungry. A snack is supposed to be a filler to help you in between meals when you feel that you are hungry. I don’t mind her snacking throughout the day, but she tends to pick out a lot of junk. Once I got home, I took the snack size ziplock bags (perfect for this, and cheap!) and separated everything out.
You could whip up a batch on a Sunday, leave them in your work fridge and have small portions for the week.
Simply serve a little more out before dinner, add your veggie sticks and TA-DA delish healthy snack in a cute jar. Snacks should get you to your main meal without you feeling famished (or too full!) and more nourished. Additionally, please refrain from adapting recipes without properly linking back to the original recipe, and keep in mind that simple substitutions do not constitute an adapted or original recipe. So this is also something you can do with your children to help them to learn portion control.
Perhaps you could work with the teachers to find healthier snack options as there are some packaged snacks that are at least healthier than those you listed. Studies indicate that 16-18% of school-age children who have food allergies have had a reaction in school.

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