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Hair Style Books GaloreIf you're serious about having great hair, you really should have some hair care books at hand to help with the advice and information you need to keep your hair in tip-top, 'just left the salon' condition. Step-by-step directions and lots of color photographs makes this a wonderful, low-cost present for your favorite daughter or niece. Using simple guidelines, professional color consultant Carole Jackson helps you choose the thirty shades that make you look smashing.  She shows you how to develop your color personality, learn to perfect your make-up color, use color to solve specific figure problems and more, including full-color palettes containing the thirty shades for each season--pages you can cut out to carry when you shop!
This book is a feast of hairstyling!  If contains a vast collection of some 1,000 images of styles from ancient times until the present day.
Want to cut hair but think you don’t have the talent?  This book is designed to help you discover your inner artist, easily enhancing your loved one’s hairstyles while trimming big bucks off your family budget.
Haircutting for Dummies is for people who want to cut their family and friends' hair, as well as those who are entering the field of cosmetology. This easy-to-follow guide gives you step-by-step instructions and lots of illustrations as well as invaluable advice on cutting children’s hair. The subtitle of this book is "The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Women With Kinky, Curly or Wavy Hair" and it does exactly what it says on the tin! Dickey’s mission is to advise and encourage all women with non-straight hair to strive to attain their beauty, whatever their ethnicity, and whatever their tastes. The subtitle of this book is "A Commonsense Approach to Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, and Nails" and this book is exactly that - a commonsense approach to personal care for women. An inspirational and indispensible guide to looking and feeling beautiful, with lots of quizzes, exercises and loads of vibrant photographs.
Presented in five cutting-edge collections, Guy demonstrates 24 styles in step-by-step detail.
The International Hairstyle Index presents the works of leading and innovative hairdressers and stylists from all over the world.
The 256 pages contain 450 innovative formulas for essential products for face, skin, hair, hands, feet, mouth, and teeth - more than a hundred of which can be made from basic household staples. It’s a 5-star rated book on Amazon and the incredible thing is you can pick up a copy for less than 12 bucks! The book re-creates authentic 1940s looks - covering everything from short hairdos popular in the early 1940s to the late 1940s "cut to fit" look made popular by Christian Dior. There are also lots of fun facts and trivia related to the hairstyles of the time are included, as is a look at "War Time" hair and regulations brought about by the government.

Little to be said about this book other than you must have it in your collection.  Why? It’s got recipes for shampoos, herbal rinses and conditioners for every type of hair problem you can think off, lots of technical information about hair types and construction, and chemicals.
This book really explores the "science" behind beautiful healthy hair and its lively informative style makes it an easy read and a real source of solutions for all your "bad hair days".
As far as price goes, I noticed the Smooth & Shine sets are a bit pricier than their regular products, but even then the price is waaaay lower than anything you can buy at a hair salon. I have used Herbal Essences for years and my daughter who is now grown, has used them since she was a child. Bella Queen company has a good relationship with most of nunneries in Brazil,India,Malaysia and China etc.
There are cheap hairstyle books and very expensive hairstyle books, in fact there are hair care books available for virtually any hair type and any hair treatment. And what's more, as a subscriber, you get a FREE copy of our hairstyles ebook "(Nearly) Everything You Should Know About Hairstyles and Hair Care." Just click on the link in the top left corner of the page. I would recommend it to anyone!"   Carole Jackson has also added some more books to the range, including a coloring book for men! Cutting hair at home will allow you to save money, be creative, and do something nice for your loved ones. The book demystifies products and regimens and streamlines the information into hundreds of fantastic tips and practical advice, including burning questions such as how to slow the aging process and  protect against sun damage. First published in November 2003, the stunning photographic images in this book give an excellent overview of the trends in the world of hairstyling.
The alphabetical index and the country index at the back of the book make it very easy to track down contact information of all participants. There are chapters devoted exclusively to women, and also to the body care needs of men, teens, babies, and elders. Hundreds of vintage illustrations, photographs, and diagrams accompany detailed instructions and techniques for replicating the styles of the decade. Not only that, but you get comprehensive lists of the beauty tools needed to create these hairdos, where to purchase the various hard-to-find items discussed, and hairstyles based on hair length and type are all included for those interested in revisiting the period beauty of the 1940s. My light-golden-brown hair lost its product virginity at age 11 when I joined my school’s dance team. The Shine collection has a blend of aloe vera, chamomile, and passion flower; The Smooth Collection has a blend of rose hips, jojoba extracts, and vitamin E. The anticipation is building up because honestly, I can’t wait to have my hair smell the way it did back in the day! Have you ever used Herbal Essences Smooth or Shine collections?

This unique visual encyclopaedia is an ESSENTIAL resource for anyone with an interest in hairstyles.
You will learn how to choose the right tools and prepare for cutting , create different styles and learn more advanced haircutting techniques if you want to seek a career in cutting hair. Did I mention I wasn’t a teenager yet so hair wasn’t something I really thought about?
For performances, I had to fix my hair in ways that required more hairspray than a 1980’s hairdo. Sort of like when you use a leave-in conditioner but without the greasy or weighed down feeling.
In addition to natural extracts, Herbal Essences is taking great care of your hair since they are now making the shampoos silicone free and the conditioners sulfate free.
I tried Long Term Relationship & Hello Hydration too and they left my hair feeling weighted down. Our family thanks you!April 1, 2015 By Andrea Sabean 11 CommentsDrugstore shelves are full of products that promise to give us healthy, manageable, shiny, smooth, strong, and beautiful hair. After looking everywhere, I finally found both sets but for the purpose of this review, I used the Shine collection (yellow one). I got a trim and kept using the shampoo and conditioner, fast forward a month and my hair is healthier and shinier than it’s been since the first time I got highlights! The problem is, most of those bottles are filled with anything-but-healthy chemicals.Thankfully, we need look no further than our own kitchens, gardens, or local herb shops to find natural, organic care for truly healthy locks!Finding the Right HerbsNo matter your hair type, there are herbs just for you! I didn’t see shine improvement at first but that was probably because my hair was really damaged. She is passionate about growing her own food, cooking healthy meals, using herbs for healing, nurturing creativity, and finding joy and blessings in the every-day moments of life. I have heard excellent things about DIY hair rinses and all of that good stuff, but I am yet to test one out. Dishing up heathy, delicious, and easy family cooking with traditional methods.#AskWardee on Wednesdays (live) or Thursdays (podcast replay).

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