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Before multinational corporations ever came to be, we had to figure out on our own how to convert living things into something edible that we could cook and eat. And before ice boxes, freezers, canned food and grocery stores, we also had to figure out ways of food preservation. Some of these techniques were designed for food preservation while others were simply designed to hasten food taste. Most of the techniques however were geared to making the food safe for us to eat.
Fermentation is the process of chemical transformation that breaks the food into simpler compounds with the use of enzymes from molds, bacteria and yeasts. The process of fermentation depends on what you are trying to ferment. Based on known evidence, we have been preparing and preserving food in many ways, many of which still are in practice today.  Have you eaten any foods prepared in these methods? Syreil Jude is a seasoned elearning professional and a subject matter expert on food and beverage safety. If you want to be kept up to date on my new posts like this, then please subscribe to the blog mailing list (it takes 30 seconds) and you will get sent the new recipes straight to your inbox. Spending a couple of hours in the kitchen all in one go might seem like a lot, but after that you will be able to make some of your meals in under 5 minutes.
This food prep doesn’t last us (my husband and I) the whole week as we will eat it all, and some of it would go bad after 3-4 days. I always try to have something healthy to snack on either just before heading home from work or while actually on the way home, otherwise all those takeaway shops, sweet shops, supermarkets can prove just too much of a temptation! Also though, I batch cook meals like lasagne or shepherd’s pie and then I freeze then in portion to just take out in the morning to eat at night if I know I am not going to have time to cook a meal.
When preparing for each week, do you include workouts and meals on your list of things to plan?
Here’s some food for thought: research shows that the amount of time you spend preparing food directly affects whether or not you have a healthy diet, and cooking for yourself is an important step towards healthy living.
You don’t have to become a Julia Child-level chef to enjoy the health benefits of prepping food at home, either. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found people who spend time each day preparing meals for themselves are more likely to eat the good stuff that is crucial to healthy living. Here are some simple tips on how to plan your meals and make nutritious, awesomely delicious food in your own kitchen that will make your weight loss goals easier to attain. Now here’s the fun part: when you challenge yourself to cook at home, you are giving yourself an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and hone your culinary chops. If you want a little help managing a healthy living meal plan, there are websites and apps that can simplify your day-to-day planning.
One thing’s for certain, whether you write out your menu in a journal, on the back of your junk mail or enter it online, you’re taking a vital step toward a healthier life! Batch cooking isn’t limited to your oven and stove; you can also slice and dice tasty veggies and fruits and put them in separate sandwich bags during the weekend so you can just grab your daily snack on your way out the door.

Cooking for healthy living is one of the biggest lifestyle habits you can adopt in order to lose weight and stick with a delicious, healthful eating plan. Fitbit recently premiered its greatest and possibly smartest fitness tracker: the Fitbit Blaze. Recent PostsHealthy Recipes for Time-Starved Professionals Vitamins and Supplements: The Lowdown on Green Tea and More Tips for Managing Lyme Disease Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet 3 Healthy Dinner Ideas for Your Summer Vacation 10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Healthy Living Ideas Do Carrots Really Help You See Better? Run the update (Its Free) or Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.
We are actually very resourceful and were able to come up with a handful of food preservation and preparation techniques throughout the ages. Whatever food preparation techniques there may be, the primary purpose of doing such remains the same: it is simply to increase viability of safe and nutritious food that we can eat.
Some foods ferment on their own because of the presence of lactobacilli. Others however still need a starter agent for the fermentation process to start.
Before dehydrators were invented we use natural sources like the wind, the heat from the sun and the open air to dry foods. Her experience in B2B is focused mainly on providing online training in the corporate setting. We all have busy lives and none of us want to finish our working day and then have to prep and cook a whole healthy meal.
I’ve struggled with making good food decisions throughout the week due to laziness after a long days work. We see each night’s cooking as spending quality time together chatting and freeze some stuff for easy food. I have had people with children say the same thing, they all get involved and it is something they can do together.
I am going to get my husband to help me out with this at the weekend, as we are starting to slip back in to our old habits. Make sure you take a look at the weight loss section here on the blog too – lots of advice there. On Sunday evenings, we prepare meals, mainly lunches (seen here), for most or all days of the week. This is great news for people who are looking to lose weight and prevent or manage chronic health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Your Registered Dietitian can give you great ideas on cooking for healthy living, and the internet has a wealth of awesome resources to make meal preparation easy, fun, and relaxing. Researchers found that folks who cook for themselves ate a lot more fruits, veggies, and salads than others and consumed more healthful fruit juice than their peers.

Selecting recipes ahead of time and thinking up a fun and satisfying meal plan is a great way to get yourself eating a healthier diet instead of simply trying to think up a plan on the fly when you’re starving.
So get out your pen and paper, your iPad or your smart phone and plan ahead to help the pounds fall off.
Currently, she is focused on understanding the dynamics of food safety as well as the importance of compliance training in business.
However, if you are trying to lose weight or just improve your health, then having a healthy diet the majority of the time is important.
So, once a week, usually on a Sunday, I spend a couple of hours preparing and cooking some things for the week ahead that will help me make quick, easy and healthy meals and provide me with lots of snacks. For me, starting the week (sometimes after a not so great weekend in terms of eating), is the hardest part. I work in the natural food industry so none of the foods involved were new to me, but it gave me a boost because it was a less restrictive, but fantastically healthy way of looking at food.
This is important to us because it keeps us accountable and unlikely to make unhealthy choices. By contrast, people who spent the least amount of time preparing meals for themselves, as you might expect, ate a lot more fast food and other unhealthy “convenience food” than those who took some time to make home-cooked meals.
Also, cooking at home will save you big bucks because you won’t waste cash on overpriced convenience junk food that’s not good for your body or your wallet. Don’t forget to ask your Registered Dietitian how to count individual recipes on your meal plan, because your RD knows the ins and outs of all sorts of ingredients and can steer you toward healthy AND tasty options!
Great, take a little time to chop up all the ingredients and stash them in the fridge so that you’re locked and loaded when it comes time to make your soup.
Once I have gotten in to a routine the first few days (which the food prep helps with massively), when that food does run out, I am more likely to make better choices. I have a food processor, which does all the chopping for me and I put lots of things on at the same time.
The couple of hours it takes to prepare meals saves much more time throughout the week, and will keep you from running to the vending machines at work! Why not throw a bunch of chicken breasts in the oven on a Sunday afternoon while watching your favorite Netflix show?
Want to eat an egg every day for breakfast so you can start your day with some healthy protein?

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