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Yes, we know fast food isn’t the best thing out there for you to eat, but sometimes it’s the only option. 2.Panera Bread – This bakery and cafe offers a healthy variety of choices so your lunch can fit within your calorie or carb budgets. 3.Noodles and Company – I hear you saying “What the what?” after reading that a pasta joint can be healthy, but they aren’t your typical greasy food-court joint.
4.Corner Bakery – There are over 100 combinations of soups, salads and sandwiches that contain 600 calories or less, so you should never get bored with trying new things from their menu. Diners can customize their 9.2 ounce serving of fruit and maple oatmeal (with or without diced apples, a cranberry raisin blend, brown sugar, light cream).
Carbohydrates from fruits are full of fiber and natural sugars, much better than added refined sugar. Of course, my at-home hot cereal is probably healthier than McD’s, since I add milk to get in some protein, and usually fresh fruit rather than dried. Still, the fact that McD’s is offering oatmeal at all seems promising to me, and I hope other fast food chains follow suit.
Now I would not mind getting this oatmeal after my morning workout and mixing in a little protein powder. Yea except for the fact taht its only oatlmeal who only orders oatmeal when you have a menu of shit in your face the fat bastard will order the “OATMEAL” thinking its healthy with a sasuage egg burrito and probably a coffe with extra extra now whats the calorie count on that? I tried the oatmeal today – without the cream and brown sugar but with the fruit… it was delicious! Well it does have a lot of sugar but if you are on the road and a vegetarian, it might be your best bet for something to eat! I order the oatmeal PLAIN (no maple flavor, no brown sugar, no cream), and ask for the apples and raisens on the side.
Haven’t food and health critics been all over McDonald’s to offer more healthy options? If we speak kind, loving words to ourselves, and hold ourselves in high regard we are less likely to self sabotage our body with poor choices in food. Watch this excerpt about FRANK and tell me if you can relate to any part of this screening- then buy the dvd. With so many tempting high-calorie food options at our disposal, it can be really tough to eat healthy all the time in our modern world. The 350-calorie Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich offers 18 g protein, 9 g fat (including 2 g saturated), 42 g carbs, and 820 mg sodium. Vegetarians take note: Burger King is the only fast good chain that offers a veggie burger, and it is pretty darn tasty, served up with lettuce, tomatoes, red unions, ketchup and mayo. Health-conscious Whopper lovers can still enjoy their favorite burger, but in a smaller size with the Whopper Jr. Check out this hearty, yet surprisingly healthy meal: Two Grilled Chicken Drumsticks have 180 calories, 0 g carbs, 8 g fat (4 g saturated), 580 mg sodium, and 26 g protein.
Some people have a hard time going to KFC without having at least one of their tasty biscuits, so we’ve included a biscuit meal option as well.
While featuring one of the higher calorie counts and carb counts (133 g) on this list, this meal is low in fat (6 g, including 1 saturated) and high in fiber and protein (5 g and 27 g respectively). While these no-calorie beverages may seem healthy, the artificial sweeteners in diet soda cause your body to release insulin, leading to weight gain and other health problems. Popular fast food condiments like mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and creamy spreads can add a significant amount of calories, fat, and sodium to a fast food meal.
All of the major fast food chains have post nutritional information for their menu items online, and some even offer handy nutrition calculator tools so that you can easily calculate nutritional content for entire meals. Southern California native and resident (yes, I am a vegetarian and no, it never, ever rains here). Stephen Sidwell, the investment banker who came up with the idea, approached Roberts and the two suits concluded that the timing was right. The plan is to launch the Palo Alto location this summer, and if all goes well open as many as 250 stores in the next five years. I don’t mind if they are in it to make a buck, the end result might be healthier cleaner options, perhaps education, and even better jobs for local citizens.

In a perfect world, everyone would plan their day accordingly and not have to make an eating-on-the-go decision, but I know that is not always the case.
All you have to do is make a list of the food places you typically find on your daily path and determine the safe bets available for healthy eats.
Join thousands of others who are getting inspired and taking action each week with Danielle! It IS a bit high in sugar, but the calories, protein, carbs is right on point for breakfast.
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Listen to the words you speak to yourself and take note as to whether they are said in a positive or a negative light. This is a hard article for me to write as I am not as healthy as I have been recently.(Not due to eating burgers you can be sure of that!) Again, we are all human.
Healing of your body yes, and also healing of your mind, healing of your Spirit and healing of your heart. The problem is compounded if you’re short on time or money, or you have a car full of hungry kids.
Even omnivores can appreciate the BK Veggie Burger’s lean nutrition label, which includes 410 calories, 21 g protein, 48 g carbs, 16 g fat (2.5 g saturated), and 960 mg sodium.
Add a side of Mashed Potatoes (with gravy) for another 120 calories (plus 4 g fat, 19 g carbs, and 530 mg sodium), and round out your meal with a side of green beans (25 calories). A Grilled Chicken Breast has 220 calories, no carbs, 7 g fat (2 g saturated), 730 mg sodium, and 40 g protein. Taking these stats into account, Jack in the Box’s Chicken Teriyaki Bowl is a relatively wholesome, filling fast food meal option for those looking to cut their fat intake specifically. All of the above-listed fast food chains offer the following healthy calorie-free drinks: water (bottled or free from the fountain), unsweetened iced tea, and black coffee. Figuring out the low-cal options before you even get in the car can help you put together a healthy meal (as opposed to choosing something that just looks healthy) and will make it less likely that you lose your resolve and end up ordering a shake and fries once you get to the drive-through window.
Mike Roberts, the former president and chief operating officer at McDonald’s—a man who oversaw no less than 31,000 Golden Arches across 118 countries—is going to be the CEO of a new healthy fast food chain called LYFE Kitchen.
However, by healthy does this mean that all ingredients will be guaranteed to be fresh and organic?
Before I ever try it, I’ll be checking their website to see ingredient lists and to determine if there is a focus on organic, local and sustainable agriculture. Eating out is difficult enough, but when you need to eat on the go, the situation gets a little more dicey. Hopefully by taking this simple step you’ll be less likely to throw in the towel in a fit of hunger and succumb to the first food joint you see like (gasp!) a 7-Eleven. All of these meals are low in fat, calories, and sodium, are lean protein sources, and are moderate in carbs (meeting this criteria was not as easy as I thought it would be). I'm Danielle Omar, an Integrative Dietitian, food confidence advocate, teacher, blogger, and mom. Many studies show that eating a bigger breakfast can actually prevent overeating later in the day. I’m wondering now what you eat for breakfast and consider satisfying enough to get you to lunch. I usally aim between 280 – 400 calories for breakfast, depending on what my activity level will be that day.
If I spoke to you in the same manner as I have been speaking to myself- you would reject me too.
For these reasons, many people end up turning to fast food for fuel, even when they are trying to watch their weight. Add Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing for just 30 more calories (and 3 g fat). Reduce the fat and sodium content of the meal significantly by removing the chicken skin and laying off (or going very light on) the gravy. A KFC Buttermilk Biscuit has 180 calories (and 8 g fat, 23 g carbs, and 530 mg sodium), while a Corn on the Cob side has just 70 calories.

To curb some of the carb and calorie content, leave some or most of the rice in the bowl for your dog to eat.
A side salad adds just about 50 calories, plus another 75 calories and 1.5 g fat for Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing (versus the 290-calorie house dressing). When adding condiments yourself, use only small amounts or consider skipping them altogether. While a few fast food joints have tried healthier menu options over the years—usually with little success—I’m inclined to believe that this concept could work now.
Not only that, most of the sugar is from fruit and you can order it without the brown sugar. But why do people think that calories, carbs and fat are the only important things to consider when defining a food as healthy or unhealthy? I propose the health of the body has a direct correlation to the words we speak to ourselves, how we see ourselves and whether or not we truly and actually love ourselves. If we truely love ourselves, surely we will respect ourselves and have integrity in all that we do. The message is to learn from your mistakes, know where you went wrong, correct the mistake and start again where you are in life. Fortunately, most fast food establishments are aware of the demand for healthy options and offer some meals that aren’t too heavy in fat or calories.
Add Fruit & Walnuts as a side for more fiber, protein, and deliciousness for another 210 (mostly healthy) calories. For desert, try the wholesome Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait, adding 150 calories and 2 g fat (1 g saturated). Leave off the mayo from the veggie burger and add half a packet of Light Italian Dressing to the salad to get the same total calorie count. Tack on some Apple Slices for a healthy dessert, adding just 30 calories and a full serving of fruit.
It’s been slow going but there is a palpable shift in awareness around food (see post below for more on that), and if LYFE manages to make it tasty and convenient, the consumers will come.
This blog is where I help you get back into your kitchen with simple to make, plant-based recipes using real, whole foods.
In my opinion, the biggest downfall in these past few decades of nutrition is the introduction of chemical additives, artifical sugars, preservatives, etc. Ask yourself is it a healthy loving attitude you hold yourself in; or are you abusing yourself?
Use the following guide, organized by fast food restaurant, to find healthy and filling meal options for when you’re on the go.
Maybe Siobhan and I will finally do that Sarah-Palin-style-cross-country book tour we’ve always dreamed of. McDonalds has never been very serious about making their food healthier so how much can we trust Mr. Absolutely the exercise we give our body will also reflect in our health, but further to that..
I eat animal meats sometimes too, but the vast majority of my nutrition comes from vegetables, fruits and good fats – like coconut oil.
A healthy attitude will keep you focused on what CAN be done as opposed to focusing on the circumstance you find yourself in. Figure out how you could possibly benefit other people from the mistakes you have made, and learnt from.  How can YOU make a difference to someone else’s life?
You got yourself there, so now get yourself out of it with healthy choices and a healthy attitude. I eat oatmeal every morning with just whole oats, filberts, maple syrup, salt and hot water.
Maximum profit will still be the underlying motive so honesty and forthrightness and public health will always take a back seat.

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