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About the AuthorSarah Steinquist FacebookSarah is the smiling face that answers questions and provides direction from the beginning of the ERI journey to navigating the services and resources offered. Even though cardoon is fairly available in garden centers, I am surprised at how many people ask what they are at Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison, Wis. Another tropical plant that grows quickly in summer heat, honey bush has a lovely blue color that lights up beds and containers.
When I first saw this plant I thought someone was using smokebush as an annual, it has that appearance.
These tall, flowering plants provide striking background color and choice cuttings for arrangements.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s not easy coming up with new ideas for healthy, affordable lunches, but the start of a new school year is a good time to get creative. Sarah also ensures continual quality assurance and improvement while overseeing daily office administration and management. They are even more amazed when I tell them that we planted these robustly large plants from 4 inch pots! Sometimes called peanut butter plant, it really does smell like peanut butter when you rub the foliage.
It is a succulent and I have overwintered plants indoors from year to year because it is slow growing and you will want size to make an impression.

The plant has tubular orange flowers in tiered whorls, typical to the mint family, that encircle the 6-foot plus square stems and the leaves are aromatic. The lance-shaped foliage grows out of rosettes, with metallic green above and purple below and whitish-pink striped variegation. You can see how the lovely fluffy pink flowers wave softly in the breeze and combine splendidly with other annuals such as Verbena bonariensis and Asclepias curassavica. Petunia-like flowers come in unusual shades including cream, mahogany and brown as well as yellows, oranges, reds, violets and blues. In spring, tubular deep burgundy flowers, heavily scented of honey, are borne above the foliage.
The foliage is bright wine-red on new growth which darkens to rich burgundy on older foliage. It appreciates the same well-drained soils as most succulents, but is robust enough to compete in a border. I feel this has been one of the most exciting recent annual releases and have used it every year since its release. This is a pleasing color combination and the soft pastels mix very well with rich, darker colors, particularly purple. The multi-colored variegated foliage is stunning and this grass should be used where you want a pop of color. They may have to be deadheaded to induce best flowering, but these flashy specimens are worth it.

The best part is you'll see the benefits almost immediately—which is why we're challenging you to a seven-day clean eating streak.Starting Sunday, we want you to try your hardest to stick to the rules and recipes we've outlined below. You already eat healthy, so transitioning to a clean diet will just mean a few tweaks to your daily diet. Elephant ears and taros can be overwintered by storing bulbs, if they produce them, or by drying down potted plants and storing in a cool area.
And since part of being healthy is also being happy, we've created real world rules (wine is on the grocery list!).Don't believe us that just seven days is enough to de-bloat and discover a new level of feeling healthy? But we're pretty confident you'll feel so amazing after one week that your clean eating streak will turn into a permanent eating philosophy.Just like with a new workout, you have to learn your way around this new routine before you can jump into it.
Check out our guidelines around what you should be trying to eliminate, as well as a few tricks to make sticking to a clean eating diet easier.The Rules of Our 7-Day Clean Eating ChallengeComplete Crash Course on Clean Eating 5 Clean-Eating Dos and Don'ts And now for the good stuff. We have almost 60 mouth-watering and satisfying recipes for you to choose from for the next seven days.
Mix and match your meals from these options:15 Clean Eating Recipes for Breakfast 15 Clean Eating Recipes for Lunch 15 Clean Eating Recipes for Dinner Sometimes your stomach (or mind) doesn't yearn for the traditional meal group.

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