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Kidney stones are chemically constitute of calcium oxalate and it is deposit of minerals in the internal structure of kidney. Less water intake is the primary cause of this kidney stones formation and remember the recommended volume of water, which is required by a person is about eight to ten glasses daily.
Usually kidney tones does not have any symptoms, but when it becomes crystal or comes down in ureter it causes pain that indicate that it is due to stones. Although it is crucial and serious problem, but home remedies can reduce the issue to some extant. Kidney stones usually consist of calcium, and can also be caused by too much salt in the diet that stimulates secretion of calcium in the urine. After this dose you have to make a pause of eight days, and after that use it on the same way. Choose healthy foods and is important for the health of the organs of the body, including kidney organs. Milk is very rich in calcium that can increase excretion in urine so difficult issued discharge urine. Caffeinated beverages also included one trigger kidney stones, because there is caffeine in high levels of calcium so that it only uses the kidney if consumed excessively. Sardines also include foods should be limited if it does not wish to be exposed to diseases of the kidney stones. Food containing artificial sweeteners can also be a factor in the formation of kidney stones when consumed in excess.
Carbonated beverages caused not the only pile of kidney stones, but also increases the risk of kidney organ damage.
After understanding some foods trigger disease kidney stones above, certainly we are more cautious again. First a crystal has to form, then it has to grow and then a large number of such grown - up crystals has to aggregate to each other before it becomes large enough to block the urinary passage. It would be comforting to know that nature has it own protective mechanisms to prevent stone formation. There are various types of urinary stones, but the most common ones are calcium oxalate, uric acid, struvite and cystine stones. Stones in the kidney or ureter do not cause any symptoms until and unless they obstruct the urinary passage.
It should be however remembered that the size of the stone does not interfere with the severity of the pain.
Stones in the kidney may produce a deep, dull ache in the loin or back which might be mild, moderate or severe. Stones which move down into the ureter (ie) the tube which carries urine away from the kidney cause lot of pain. If urinary tract infection is present, there might be intermittent attacks of fever associated with pain.In some cases, the patient may not have any symptoms at all.
A through physical examination is very important to understand the site and nature of the pain.
A special urine test in the form of urine culture has to be done to look for the presence of urinary tract infection .
A blood test to measure the functioning of your kidney has to be done to know how your kidney is affected because of the urinary stone.
If a patient has severe abdominal pain associated with vomiting and fever, then admission is usually required and intra-venous fluids may have to be given. Some cases where the stone causes severe obstruction and infection then a procedure called DJ stenting has to be done to releive obstruction.
It is a non – operative technique with no necessity for anaesthesia and involves minimal pain.Unlike the earlier open operation treatment, ESWL does not involve any cutting of tissues and no scars are left after the procedure. The ESWL procedure usually lasts for about 40 minutes.But depending on the size and number of stones,more than one session may be required for proper breaking of the stones.
A variety of other instruments can be passed in through the scope which can be used to break the stones and remove them.
This procedure is ideally suited for very large calculi within the kidney and the upper ureter. With the advent of new technologies to treat stone disease, the need for open surgery has been drastically reduced. Chemicals like calcium, oxalate, urate, cysteine, xanthine, and phosphate will have a much less chance of bonding in the kidneys and forming into stones when you are urinating more frequently. According to recent research presented at the National Kidney Foundation meeting in Dallas, drinking water helps prevent kidney stones.
The researchers found that people who produced 2 to 2.5 liters of urine per day had a 50 percent less risk of developing kidney stones than those who urinated less. The study showing that drinking water helps prevent kidney stones was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
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Read previous post:5 ways to avoid the flu effectivelyThe weather is becoming colder now, and the flu season is upon us. If there is less amount of water is there in kidneys then, the kidneys cannot dilute concentrated material and in this way stone formation started.
Primarily it causes acute pain in groin, pain in lower back area and some time blood is excreted in urine.
The home remedies or treatments are in practice since centuries and there are many people who strongly believe on these home treatments or tips. The other type of stones are created by the urinary acid, a by – product, as a result of the diet rich in a lot of proteins.
You should be careful with the amount of calcium and proteins that you enter in the organism and you should drink plenty of fluids that will halve the risk of the creation of crystals in the urinary tract. To cure gallstones it has to be consumed as a frsh juice for two months, in the mornings before eating. If you have problems with kidney stone or gallstone, then you can take one spoon of basil juice in combination with honey. You should shake the bottle before the use, and maximum of 6 days, you will clear out the stone.
The kidneys include a very important organ in the body because it has many tasks, one of which filter the blood. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the diet and a healthy lifestyle, we are also obliged to avoid the foods that cause the formation of kidney stones. Oxalate is ordinary there is in some dark green vegetables, such as spinach, cooked beans, chocolate, tea, pepper. Protein content in the meat can make kidneys work extra hard because protein waste discarded hard body. This is because the content of the substances high in meat plain, so can overload the performance of the kidneys. Even some studies mention if the food contains non-calorie sweeteners may damage kidney function.
When you add more and more salt, a stage is reached when the water is no longer able to dissolve the salt added to it.
The nature and the location of the pain can vary from person to person depending upon the size of the stone, the position of the stone within the urinary tract, and the damage it causes to the urinary system. For example even very small stones in the ureter can cause lot of pain whereas large stones which develop in the kidney or urinary bladder may not produce pain at all, or may be associated with a dull ache only. The pain is usually sudden and might be so severe that the patient is not able to stay in one place for a short time. They might be diagnosed to have a urinary stone when getting a routine health check up done. It would also give the doctor an idea as to whether the pain is likely due to a stone within the urinary system or due to other reason. The urine test will he helpful to know if there is blood in the urine, or if infection is present.
Other metabolic tests may have to be done to look for any defects in your body which may be responsible for stone formation.This is very important as it is not only sufficient to treat for the stone but to find out why you formed the stone.
DJ stenting is the process of inserting a synthetic tube between the kidney and the ureter. Ever since the introduction,of this technique,it has been successfully used by Doctors in USA,Europe and other areas of the world ,for the treatment of urinary stones. Very rarely it may so happen that the stone cannot be removed by this method in which case open surgery may be needed. In this procedure, a puncture is directly made on to the kidney, the stone is seen with a telescope, broken into fragments and the fragments removed.
So a combination of other procedures like ESWL has to be done to ensure that the stone is completely removed.
According to the National Kidney Association: “ Each year, more than half a million people go to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems. Mercola, a leading health expert explains in a recent article that drinking water helps prevent kidney stones. However, this deposition have a sharp crystal structure that definitely penetrate in inner side of kidney and through this patient feel intensive pain. There are some health disorders are also cause of stones deposition such as Crohn’s disease, urinary tract infections, sponge kidney and some time fluoride in water is also a cause of this stone.
Urine excretion amount reduced from normal volume, patient feel inflammation during urination. In this process waves break down stones into small sand, which can easily excreted through urine from kidney and ureter.
Here, is a home remedy, which is very simple just take two figs and boil them in a cup of water and drink this empty stomach in the morning.
After you drink this liquid, you have to drink 350ml of water with one teaspoon of apple vinegar. If the kidneys are having problems, then automatically the body will experience health problems.
Information about urinary stone disease can also be found in ancient Sanskrit literature in India.

This is because the solution is supersaturated with the salt.Above this point , any little amount of salt added to the solution will start precipitating. It would be surprising to know that the doctor can make out if you are drinking adequate amount of fluids from the urine examination itself.
You may be asked to take some medicines which help in the easy passage of stools so that proper information can be obtained. It is a special X- Ray test and involves the injection of a contrast agent intra-venously and taking a series of X-Ray films.
It is done quickly and the cost is also  comparatively less.If adequate information cannot be obtained from the above mentioned tests, then additional interventional radiological tests may have to be done. The probability of a stone passing down spontaneously will depend upon the size of a stone, it’s location, shape etc. If this does not help a tube has to be passed directly into the kidney to drain the infected urine. The type of open surgery will depend upon the site and size of the stone within the urinary tract.
While some time kidney stones are very tiny and excretes through urinary tract without causing any pain, but sometime it causes pain. There are some vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D enhance chances of kidney stone deposition. Patient face many other problems like fever and chills and this is because of infection in urinary tract or kidney.
Another home remedy is take one teaspoon of honey and mixes with one teaspoon of basil leaves juice and drink it in the morning on a daily basis.
This is exactly the mechanism by which stones form except that the solution is urine and the chemical composition of the salt is different. Some people might be allergic to this contrast if this the case, then this test cannot be done. Such patients can be treated with anti-biotics and analgesics to feel symptomatically better. You may have to be admitted in the hospital for a few days (2-3 days) for this procedure and it has to be done under anaesthesia.
This kidney stone occasionally comes down to ureter, which is a tube that links kidney and bladder and it blocks the way and cause severe pain. According to medical point of view and medical experts suggestion the calcium and vitamin D should be taken according to allowed quantity.
Those who suffer by this disorder wants to urinate after short intervals and this is because of blockage of ureter tube. There is another technique is being used to remove stones from urethra known as urethroscopic.
Diseases of the kidney stones make a person experience the painful symptoms: pain or burning when urinating urination.
This is a very useful test which gives a lot of information about the kidneys ,ureter and bladder. Kidney stones is a severe human health disorder and if we drink a lot of water or according to medical expert we can prevent our kidneys from stone formation. There are some medicine those increase the risk of kidney stones like medicine to treat seizures and migraine. There are various test and diagnosis are made to confirm the kidney stones, simple x-rays are also helpful to check the stones in kidneys. Watermelon is useful for removing stones from kidneys, similarly drink plenty of water that remove and execrate all toxicities from the body. It was because of the piles of dirt deposits in the kidney or derived from the remnants of waste substances in the blood. Since this test involves the use of X-Ray which are damaging to the fetus, you have to inform your doctor if you have missed your periods or if you are pregnant. Due to dehydration and not enough water intake leads to stone deposition in kidney that badly affect inner side of kidney.
Lemon juice is good for breaking kidney stones and removing from the body, a balance diet is necessary for maintaining body health. Stones which are in the lower portion of the ureter may be associated with an increase in urinary frequency (ie) the patient has to visit the toilet to empty urine very frequently.
It is important for body and health that prevent the body from dehydration and solution is simple just drink water. It may also be associated with a sudden and intense desire to urinate where the patient has to rush to the toilet to pass urine. Through hydration they can dilute minerals and chemical concentration in kidneys, which will be helpful to avoid stone formation. A crystal clears urine indicate that there is less chance of infection in kidneys and urinary tract.
Most patients get alarmed by this and it is the reason why the patient comes for consultation to the doctor.

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