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In just a few days, we will be embarking on the long and dusty annual journey to the epic desert city that we consider the absolute highlight of our year. WHAT: The legendary Robot Heart sound bus, famed for its epic deep playa sunrises with beautiful people and stellar music epitomizing the desert vibe. LINEUP: Robot Heart no longer posts the lineups preemptively, but you can be assured of a stellar musical selection of old favourites and newcomers alike. WHAT: Super-fun day party known for its bar serving delicious alcoholic fruit slushies, water-misted dancefloor, cool climbable structures, a great musical lineup, and other components of shenaniganery. WHAT: Pink-tented day party with bar and great musical offering, a nearby stagger from Distrikt.
WHAT: Domed party with bar on the opposite end of the playa, known for a really cool vibe and great lineup, and a moop-for-drink exchange bar policy (bring hand sanitizer!). WHAT: Hands-down one of the coolest stage productions at BM, with neo-futuristic design, DJ booth in a floating alien pod, and thingies that shoot fire and lasers. WHAT: Really amazing looking sound car driven all the way from Mexico City, with music curated by Rebolledo and Damian Romero.
Labor Day weekend is creeping up on us, which can mean only one thing (besides the start of the school year): Burning Man! Whether it’s a stuffed animal, special blanket, or sippy cup, be sure to pack a familiar object from home to make your kid more comfortable out in this unfamiliar territory. It’s the desert and with that comes plenty of sun, dust, sand, dry heat, and cracking skin galore. Black Rocks Kids (Kidsville), Burning Moms, Alternative Energy Zone, and the official Kids Survival Guide – there are lots of support groups and community resources out there to educate and support families on the playa. Your kiddos are going to get dirty, dusty, cranky, and everything in between – there’s no way around that so give up your “perfect picture” and try to enjoy the family experience. Medina Maitreya, San Francisco – Burning Man is an annual week long event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.
The Black Rock Desert is a thoroughly flat, huge prehistoric lake bed, composed of a hard pan alkali, ringed by majestic mountains. If you are already cringing at these facts imagine being supremely hungover on top of all that. As with any event that focuses on radical self expression, there are as many ways to get hungover as there are naked people hula hooping on a pink double-decker bus.
But all is not lost, the temperature is dropping, you can stumble into your filthy tent and snuggle up your sunburned body to a scratchy sleeping bag and pass the fuck out. Ok so you and your friends went on an art cruise that afternoon, riding your bikes thru the desert checking out all the amazingness that Burning Man has to offer. You hit every attraction on the esplanade, ride away on a huge elephant art car, stumble back to the neon lighted strip and spend an hour looking for your bike, end up pole dancing at Spikes Vampire Bar, find some friends and head out across the Playa to some obscure camp to hear some DJ you love, head BACK towards your camp to re-up the booze and energize your tired, crusty, body in whatever way you see fit, grab your coat cause its 40 degrees out now and head out to open desert with a gaggle of other wasted people all on bicycles. Eat Something -Even though pizza sounds like the right choice, it’s not, especially at Burning Man. Cry Wolf - If you are a bad person and feel comfortable taking advantage of the resources provided to you by Burning Man, head to the medic tent and tell them you have heat stroke, have been puking for hours and cant keep anything down. Hair of the Dog -This is a no brainer, and everyone does it, you’re at Burning Man for christs’ sake, why would anyone take it easy and moderate their funtime? Every responsible drinker should know their limit and this handy little device will do exactly that. This is quite a statement coming from a photographer and maybe a bit hypocritical considering that I put together the video above to capture a small part of the experience that is Burning Man.
Aside from money for ice and coffee, the only other currency for tender at Burning Man is generosity. After the week has transpired and the Man has burned and every last car leaves Black Rock City, all that remains will be a wonderful set of memories. While Burning Man embodies a great many things, from a celebration of temporary community among humans, an exhibition of amazing and innovative grand-scale art, among others, it also happens to attract a significant population of deep house enthusiasts and artists- exactly our favourite kind of people. The good news is they will be providing portapotties at that rural location, which could certainly be a nice convenience (or they will be trashed from high-volume use, more likely). Everyone who heard Rebolledo’s rumbling tribal drum loop as a prologue to the man burn agrees it was really surreal and memorable. Dubois and newbie mom Cory Mervis (Lady Merv) graciously gave us their advice and insights on life on the playa with kids. This is the reality, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t have an amazing time! When deciding what mode of transportation to bring consider that the distances in the desert are great and can be too much for little legs to walk or pedal on their own. Adventurous ones may have a tendency to wander off so be sure to affix a wristband (the kind they can’t pull off) with your name, kids name, camp name, and location. Consider “goggle training,” meaning get the kiddos used to the goggles by wearing them a few minutes each day. If you are prepared to drain and wash the pools daily you will be all set, but the first dust storm makes the mini pools brown and unappealing.  If you must, bring the kiddie pools out as treat and be mentally prepared to have it as a one time special moment. It gets cold in the high desert at night so you may want to pick up a cozy sleeping bag and let them get used to it in the weeks leading up to the event.

Little ones can be especially prone to playa foot so try and keep thin socks on their feet and be sure to clean off every night with Vinegar wash, which neutralizes the alkaline dust and restores Ph balance. If your kid gets a nose bleed or the dreaded “playa-taters” (nose buggers), blow their noses in a moist fragrance-free towelette and then run the moisturizer inside the nostril before sleep.
Water is always good but the high altitude can also wreck havoc on the electrolyte balance of tiny systems.
Kidsville also has it’s own early burn which lets the little ones have their own fun if you opt to skip the main event.
What are your experiences bringing your kids out on the Playa and are there any insider tips that we’ve missed? Daytime temperatures routinely exceed 100 degrees with nighttime dropping to 40 and lower.
Oh and lets not forget the most exciting part of the whole event: rogue sand storms, called white outs, that are so intense they rival the ten plagues of Egypt. You wake up at 10 am, having slept a hearty 3 hours and immediately reach for a breakfast beer, swig of warm sake, or the leftover Jim Beam that some douchebag left at your camp. By the time the sun is setting you have little mice wielding hammers in your head, your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth and you’re puking blood under someones RV. And you’re in luck cause at this point you can get at least 5 hours of freezing cold sleep before the 100 degree heat and bright ass sun cooks you like a roast turkey in your plastic bubble aka nylon tent. They will give you an IV fluid bag and an anti-nausea medication as you lay on a cot with a cool towel on your head.
Burning Man is a week long buffet of experiences and a firestorm clash of art, music and anything you can think of. There is just so much happening at almost every hour of the day that it is impossible to experience it all. It’s tempting to partake in all the daytime activities and then dance the night away to Robot Heart and then grab a coffee at Center Camp and start over again.
Physically, the smoke and haze from the fires and the dust storms create a unique atmosphere, but there is something more. Despite all the fire and bright lights coming from the art cars and sound stages, Black Rock City is still a desert and it’s BYO lights. More than just getting your packing list (by Stitch of Renegade Couture) in order, surviving and enjoying Burning Man is as much about coming in with an open heart and no expectations. As we have a few veterans on staff here, we honestly think the annual pilgrimage to Black Rock City, where nature, creativity, and culture all merge, can be a fantastic place for little ones to experience first-hand self-expression. So read on Burning Moms and Dads, in honor of this years fertility theme, we’ve updated our list of 10 Insider Tips to make your Burning Man 2013 a fun-filled success with your Burner Babes.
Get crafty and decorate your bike trailer but don’t forget to rig up plenty of shade for them to ride in style. Just remember that kids in costumes (whether you’re in the desert or not) are always a hit so people will want to photograph your sweetheart and give them treats – be prepared! Consider mixing up the hydration routine with low sugar sports drinks or unflavored Pedialyte. Also the humidity is extremely low, which rapidly and continually wicks the moisture from your body. Slippery slope time sets in as the temperatures get higher and you need to get drunker to deal with how uncomfortable it really is.
This is also the time when mystery injuries occur, leaving wounds and bruises for you to figure out about later… or not.
You dont drink that gallon of water or eat anything of nutritional value.  Instead you stuff half a bag of beef jerky in your mouth, make another cocktail or just bring the bottle and head out to party your ass off some more. But if its a mushroom pizza, you might want to inquire with the chef so your hangover doesn’t turn into a magic carpet ride. Nowadays, many of us are used to documenting every aspect of our lives because technology makes it so easy. On the 4th day, I was a little drained emotionally and it would have been nice to see a text from the real world. I had the help of veteran burners to sort out the logistics and all the physical things we needed. When considering your outings, early mornings and late afternoons are best to beat the heat and the larger crowds. Cell phone service is unreliable at best so if you do become separated, be sure to contact a Black Rock City Ranger immediately. Official media photographers can be identified by their laminates and if you are uncomfortable with anyone taking a picture of your child, be vocal. Carry the What, Where, When with you and if you find yourself stranded away from your camp during an extended one, find a kid-friendly activity (marked with the kids symbol) with a shade structure to hang out in until it passes.
If your baby has super sensitive skin pack some Bag Balm for diaper rash – it’s the stuff bicycle riders use for long trips. The occasional salty snack or the favorite Burning Man staple, bacon (for the meat-eaters) can also help with salt loss.

You will have in-camp entertainment for your kids as well as options for trading off night time duty so you can still get out and have some adult fun. The event is described by many participants as an experiment in community, radical self expression and radical self reliance. Because the atmosphere is so dry, you may not feel particularly warm, but you’ll be steadily drying up.
If there’s ever a place to take part in a class on Japanese suspension bondage without judgment or to open up to a complete stranger sitting on top of a giant metal coyote at 3 am, this is it.
Blue, red, green, slow blinker, or seizure-inducing blinkers, there’s plenty of options. For my part, I tried not to read too much about other people’s experiences or ask about what I had to do or see while I was out there.
Misplaced children are taken very seriously and once a child is reported misplaced all enforcement staff are put on alert until the child is located. Also a must are wide brimmed hats, sunglasses with a strap, plenty of bandanas (dust mask and cool rag), leggings, vented hat, and tons of sunscreen. At nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, the atmosphere provides much less filtering of the sunlight which causes sunburn. And it doesnt stop there, maybe you find the ice cold pickles and cocktails camp and chug down 2 dirty martinis like its the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. For me to try and use one or even a handful of words to describe the experience of my first burn would only be an attempt that falls short of everything that it was and is.
Even when you are experience something incredible, you are probably missing out on five other things that could have been equally mind-blowing. Maybe you just love how you smell after not showering for 7 days and you think the dust gives your feet character.
Sometimes they gift things they never intended to give away just because someone needed it. Pint sized sun umbrellas can also be a fun way for little ones to keep cool and in the shade.
Oh and that soft hazy lighting at sunset will make just about anything and everyone look magical. Little as that is for me, paired with the energy of being out on the playa, I felt awake and refreshed most of the time. The daytime can get quite hot, and while the evening is pretty moderate, the temperature can drop considerably in the early hours of the morning. But beyond all the material things, a gift can be in the form of a hug, a compliment or a helping hand.
It’s quiet at night and can be a source of endless daytime entertainment for aviation loving kids. Playa Info (6 o’clock and Center Camp) can be a great place to meet since they are trained to help in situations like these. You’ll get it just like how I got it and then you can come back and do your part in contributing and helping to pass on the values to new burners during subsequent burns.
So in the spirit of giving back, here are a few things I’ve learned during my week out on the playa and since that may be useful as a guide if this is your first time heading to Burning Man.
I apologized in a couple of emails for my slow response – that I was temporarily out of reach.
Do you want to show people what Bruce Lee would have looked liked if he wore his Game of Death yellow jumpsuit while on 12 foot stilts? Personally, I deliberated long and hard before the week started and felt like I had to do some kind of project because that’s just what I do.
As a compromise, I set aside 30 minutes or so twice a day when I would take out my camera and shoot what I saw. The rest of the time, I would keep it nice and protected away from the playa dust and just enjoy the experience. It worked for me and for every cool thing or moment that I did capture, there were countless more that I didn’t. Instead of fearing that you are missing out, instead consider focusing on what’s in front of you. Your bike will be with you everywhere and there are a lot of bikes out on the playa that will look the same. I’m not telling you to not to take any pictures, but try to take less than you normally would. I can’t remember all the things I missed out on, but I can remember the things I did do.

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