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Growing Tips: Long carrots require 2 months or longer to mature and tending to a container of carrots can be tedious. Growing Tips: Cucumbers that grow in a clump, rather than a long, sprawling vine, are considered bush varieties. A list of the Top 10 Vegetables for Containers includes herbs, beans, chard, lettuce, radish, spinach, greens, peppers and tomatoes. Cucumbers Cucumis sativus – Easy to grow and produce a large yield with the right growing conditions.
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Vegetables can look every bit as beautiful as flowers in our gardens, working brilliantly in borders, containers, window boxes, scrambling up arches and even in hanging baskets.
You may not be able to grow as much as you might in a vegetable garden, but container vegetable gardening can be quite productive. Here are some tips, including vegetable plant varieties, to get your vegetable container garden growing.
They can still spread out several feet, but they should not require trellising and grow well in large, wide containers or even hanging baskets. Can be grown from seed or saved from a regular onion root section that you removed when cooking.

The problem with aesthetics arises when you start eating away at previously perfect groups of plants leaving gaps.
There are a few special considerations when growing vegetable plants in pots, but they are by no means deterrents.Although any variety can be grown in a container, compact plants do best. They will require some type of support, to climb on, since vines can reach 8+ feet tall. The ferny foliage is attractive and you will be pulling the carrots before the roots of the flowers take over the pot.
Bush cucumbers tend to start producing earlier than most vining varieties.Vining varieties do best when trellised.
The problem is that in my current backyard I have all shade (north facing) but my front yard is full sun (south facing). Fafard Complete Container Mix is a light potting mix with perlite, compost, peat moss and a slow release fertilizer. Seed companies realize that homeowners have less and less space to devote to vegetable gardens and every year they come out with new vegetable plant varieties suitable for growing in small spaces.
For example, how much will it produce in a container, is it cheaper to buy from a farmer market or grocery store, and space for the containers. You can even use pole beans as a privacy wall or curtain.Harvest frequently, so keep the beans coming.

The seedlings will need to be thinned to 1 - 3 inches apart,once they are about 1 inch tall, but other than that, the only thing you'll need to do is make sure they get a regular weekly watering.
To keep them from tipping over, a larger container is recommended for vining cucumbers.The leaves of all cucumbers can be very susceptible to fungus disease, so whichever type you choose, make sure the plants have good air circulation. When selecting tomatoes, do you want determinate (fruit all at once; bushy) or indeterminate (fruit all summer; vining)?
I like to line the bottom of my pots with a coffee filters; this keeps the soil from running out when watering and the pests from crawling in the container. If you want to extend your palette beyond the usual handsome fodder of globe artichokes, coloured chards, sea kale, or climbing beans on tripods, most vegetables look good and perform well in groups among inedible border plants. Areas of cut-and-come-again lettuce, Russian kale, sweetcorn and courgettes would all fit the bill.
I find planting them in bottomless pots often makes establishment easier (less delving in awkward spaces) and they’re then easier to shoehorn in among permanent plants.
I nurture them initially, so they come into play quickly, and later on their roots will get deep down into the soil and find most of what they need.

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