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I usually stay away from plastic, but I can rationalize growing my food in the plastic containers. One of the questions that people frequently ask me is revolved around the health concerns of growing in the plastic containers. Since I don’t have land, what am I going to use if I don’t use plastic containers?
However, you also have the same potential if you are using ceramic pots that aren't intended for food. So for the beginning of the year I tried to keep all my edibles growing in ceramic and terra cotta pots, and put ornamentals in plastic. BTW — my husband blames YOU for me actually getting off my butt and DOING something about wanting a farm. I think the question of using the plastic buckets might be detrimental to your health or the environment is silly to say the least. Yes the buckets previously held food in them, but there are reports and information out there saying that they are still toxic.
She is newly-single, two children, and swears she cannot grown herbs and does not have the time. Just because a bucket came from a food establishment does not mean that the bucket held food. If there are a lot of old cars on the place, you might want to have your soil tested, just a thought. And if you have any old cars still out there, you can often make a surprisingly good amount on junkers, selling to people who restore vintage autos.
There is a difference between using a container to hold food and using it in your garden for 10 years, exposed to sun and rain, to grow food. I bought most of my plastic planters at yard sales (recycling) for around 50 cents or on clearance  for 75% off.

By the way,  the fabric pots are reusable and  fold up so they take up very little space when storing them for the winter. Interestingly enough…I have a garden plot at the famous Rodale Organic Experimental Farm in PA. Also, just a side note… If environmentalist use plants are used to clean up polluted lakes and ponds because they take in and capture the toxins, why would it work any different with our edible plants and plastic pots? Do not use any old Terra Cotta pot, they generally contain lots of dangerous chemicals and toxins that will leach into your food. Has anyone had any experience growing in glass containers with holes drilled in the bottom? I’d have to buy pots of some sort which would increase the amount of money being spent and resources used in the production of the pots. For the reasons mentioned above, I can rationalize growing my own food in plastic containers simply because I know how the plants are being taken care of and am cutting down severely on the transportation costs of the food. Do I grow my food in 20 5-gallon containers that I got for free or do I invest $180 in terra cotta? I use the rule of thumb of anything that vines or can be trellised like tomatoes and cukes to one per container. Did you not say Mike that these are buckets were from Deli's, Supermarkets, Farmers Markets answers that question. I figure if I am going to go to the trouble of trying to grow food safely, then getting a container that will not leach toxins into the soil and plants is part of the process. I just happen to know about the plastic buckets because my brother-in-law works at a Pizza Hut. I’m wanting to start growing but have been hung up on the issue of what is safe to grow in.
The fact that I use plastic are likely the biggest hate comments that I get next to being an asshole for blocking up my fire escape.

What were in the buckets to start with if it was not some kind of Food Material in the first place. Since she has the whole top story of a house, it seems that herbs in the windows should be possible in at least one room!
I think there is a valid concern in those beliefs and generally avoid plastic, but I rationalize doing so in a few ways. I'm going to try to keep the plastic edible growing to a minimum, and to keep those containers in more shaded, cooler areas to help prevent anything from leaching out of them. I’d like links to real research that proves that exposed plastic bins do not release toxins into soil over years of exposure. They put them out for the taking once they’ve been emptied of whatever was originally in them.
In future, I’m going to make cloth bags and use cloth wicks and try and get away from the plastic as much as I possibly can. Also, I have a bunch of extra Smart Pots (breathable fabric pots, your edibles will love them) that you can have if we can ever arrange to meet in person. I think wood, ceramic and the good old fashioned ground are the way to go for long term container farming. My hope is to eventually move somewhere with dirt in the ground, but for now, I have no choice but to stick with containers, and I can't afford a bunch of terracotta ones.
I wish we could grow it cos I’d be spinning it into yarn and weaving my own bags out of it.

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