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So I started eating a nectarine, some kids’ yogurt and a small bowl of Coco Pops each morning. If you’re going to eat breakfast I suggest foods that break down slowly to give you a nice even stream of energy.
The problems with your current breakfast are that a) they’re all carbs and sugar with no protein at all and b) the Coco Puffs are about as refined a sugar and processed food that you can get.
Mexican Breakfast Burritos   Save Print Enjoy a flavorful Mexican Breakfast Burrito this weekend with your family!
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Sign up for our FREE Weekly Newsletter!Recipes from all of your favorite bloggers in one weekly email! Good for Heart: Avocados are best for heart health, Having Vitamin B6 and folic acid, which helps in maintaining homocysteine levels.
High Fiber Content: If you’re tired and bored of eating and trying other things for fiber, come try the avocados.
Antioxidant Properties: Avocado is wonderful antioxidant as it contains master antioxidant “glutathione” which is an antioxidant booster and helps in fighting free radicals in the body.
Eye-Protection: Avocados are best for eyes and can prevent eye weakness and even age related eye health decline.
You can combine sliced avocado with fennel, fresh mint and oranges and it can be a lovely salad. Add avocado to your creamy tofu-based dressing recipe to give it richness and beautiful green colour. Well, with so much of info and so many recipes, you should run to your nearest fruit shop and start having it. Although I hope that when you say ‘kids’ yogurt that you don’t mean those frozen sugar sticks that have about 10% yogurt in them.  A far better choice for yogurt is the Greek variety. If I eat breakfast I saute a ton of veggies – peppers, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, onions, mushroom, etc and make a huge omelet! I’d stay away from anything in a box with various chemicals and corn syrup or flour listed in the ingredients.
It sets you up for either having great energy or can be responsible for sugar crashes and cravings. Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind. Instead of throwing out those leftover leaves, simply place them in a bowl with just a bit of water in the bottom.
Just cut off the bottom or base of your celery and lay it in a bowl with just a bit of warm water in the bottom. And for following too ?? Hope you come back and link up at my weekend party that just went live!

We hope you found a few yummy recipes to try for your family & we're looking forward to seeing you again soon!
It is something which is associated with increased risk of heart diseases if have high levels of homocysteine. I’m talking about avocados which contain incredibly healthy monounsaturated fats which is amazing for your heart . The things we life-sized humans eat to survive are no longer edible things but objects with alternative functions in the world of a miniature figurines. I never ate breakfast, and noticed I was getting tired and couldn’t concentrate in my swimming. Please can you share your views on what breakfasts would be healthy and tasty to keep an active young woman going until lunch.
And two, I eat a Paleo diet, so my choice of breakfast food is not what many people would reach for. The carbs from the vegetable contain a lot of fiber, add flavor and provide numerous health benefits – with nearly no sugar.
Also, I assume a lot of what and how much you eat will depend on your training and your personal daily schedule.
Keep the bowl somewhere that gets good sunlight and mist the leaves with water a couple of times each week. Keep the bowl in direct sunlight as long as possible each day and after about a week, you will begin to see the leaves thickening and growing along the base. One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is to have a breakfast burrito in the morning.
Also, other nutrients like Vitamin E, glutathione, monounsaturated fat helps in maintaining heart health. There’s this simple face mask; Mix honey, yoghurt, avocado together and put it on your face on keep it there for some time.
As having carotenoid lutein, it protects the eyes from age-related eye degeneration and cataracts. My favorite brand is Chobani because it comes in so many flavors and even the varieties with fruit are relatively low in sugar. Many people use this as their go-to morning meal as it provides a great amount of fiber, a bit of protein, is low in fat and above all is complex in carbohydrates. So shoot for a little protein, complex carbs, fiber, healthy fats and try to keep sugars to a minimum. If you get up at 6 am, have a real quick breakfast and rush to training whihc starts at 6.30am then only a small breakfast without milk products would be more advisable. When this happens, you can transplant your celery in soil and wait for it to grow to full length. Found you via link party this morning and so glad I did…have loved looking through your recipes!!!

The flesh of avocado discolours rapidly when exposed to air, so brush it with lemon juice, if you are not going to eat it straightway. Javelle says the project makes a subtle comment on humanity’s constant need to control nature, and he would argue that cooking is not much different. Though Avocados are best used Raw, not cooked, yet there are many recipes with avocado and is even used as vegetables sometimes. Also, there’s this thing called Avocado oil, simply awesome and is said to do wonders for your body. Of course we can’t forget eggs  – they’re nutritional powerhouses and I’ve even made pancakes with egg whites and oatmeal.
If you have eaten it, you have definitely experienced its benefits, but if you don’t consume it, maybe you doubt its perks. You can mash it with tomatoes, garlic, chillies to make the classic Mexican dip, guacamole or you can even slice it thinly with tomato and mozzarella cheese drizzled with olive oil to make an Italian Salad. Even cooking with avocado oil, can fight many diseases like heart disease, cancer and signs of ageing.
The Avocado, not so common in India is very renowned and beneficial fruit, healthiest of all. It has proven benefits and is loved all over the world and is consumed with all the consciousness.
Avocado, also known as Alligator pear are commercially valuable and cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world.
Although it is techmically a fruit, this mild-flavored avocado is also used as a vegetable. It is also sometimes known as butter pear beacause of its saccharine flesh and its textured skin.
Having had a full-immersion French education growing up in her native Minneapolis, Libby enjoys combining her writing with her deep appreciation for culture, design, and aesthetic. Native to Mexico and Central America, there are 4 main varieties of avocado; Hass (considered to be best and used often), which has dark, greenish skin, Ettinger which is pear shaped, smooth skinned, Fuerte and Nabal which is spherical. This fruit is highly nutritious, containing Vitamin E, potassium, iron and niacin and gives nutrition to the body in a great way. It has excess of 25 essential nutrients including Vitamin A, B, C,K and also contain fiber, protein and other beneficial phytochemicals such as glutathione, lutein, betasitosterol, which protects our body against many diseases.
It is available all year round in grocery stores and veggie and fruits area of your locality and Its best to keep it in fridge once ripe to maintain its freshness. If you have to decide about choosing the best avocados, go for an unblemished skin, not too soft but gives flesh when squeezed gently and if you buy hard ones , it can be ripen quickly by putting them in brown paper with a banana, out of the fridge.

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