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Pino Luongo (the Mario Batali of his era) is personally slinging the linguine these days, and the food’s better than ever. Lovers of tacos rejoice, you now have plenty of delicious options in Buffalo and surrounding areas to quell your savory appetite for quick Mexican fare.
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Schnitzel and Things is a food truck in New York City that specializes in Austrian food, especially schnitzels.
One of the things I miss the most about working downtown is the Downtown Syracuse Farmers Market. This vibrant and bustling market, at Clinton Square, features more than 40 vendors, many along West Water Street, and always draws a good crowd.
Before making any purchases, I scoped out the market and returned to make purchases of items that a) appealed to my eye and b) I know for certain we'll use in the next day or two. I got four of the German franks to go, but will be back after work some evening for a pint of beer and Mug O'Bacon, one of the signature appetizers. The Downtown Syracuse Farmers Market, presented by the Downtown Committee of Syracuse, continues Tuesdays through Oct.
We don't play golf, but we do have a handful of friends who live near Chittenango, and three of them were at the restaurant the Friday we visited. The red, white and blue salad with chicken ($12) featured a deep bowl of greens tossed with berries, grapes, almonds and gorgonzola and topped with grilled chicken. From deep-friend peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to udon noodle Asian stir-fry to Filipino-style eggrolls filled with seasoned beef and pork to artisan wood-fired pizza to tater tots smothered in spicy sauce -- there's a food truck offering to suit every taste.
Everything and anything that can be prepared in a cramped kitchen and plated and served out the window of a truck or trailer (or from a cart) can be found at these events. Sarita Ruiz's empanadas (hand-formed, deep-fried Spanish-style pastries) went down easy. I went back  to the Food Truck Rodeo at lunchtime on a subsequent Wednesday and found the vendors doing a brisk business.
At the start of the July 19 Sampling Syracuse Food Tour, Kate Gillen said she had three goals: Keep the group entertained.
The tour then took us on a stroll along the Onondaga Creekwalk to Franklin Square, for a pick-me-up at Freedom of Espresso. Participants will sample a trio of dishes at each stop, including a dessert at Empire, Bell says.
The buzz hype about yet another chain restaurant at the mall got me thinking about local establishments that make fresh, artisan cheesecakes by hand.
If you think about it, just about everything you want to eat is available from an independent, locally owned business. It might sound cheesy, but food made by a local cook or baker, using local ingredients, tastes better, too.
Man in the Moon Bake Shoppe and Cafe: How far would you drive for a most excellent cheesecake?
Even if that hadn’t happened, subzero is too cold to be working in a food truck – and too cold for people to want to come out.
Osborne, of Clay, owns and operates the Ossie’s StrEATery food truck, which made its debut last fall at the Connective Corridor Food Truck Rodeo in Syracuse. But the specialty of the house is Osborne’s handmade, “cake’’ donuts – or fried cakes, as they are sometimes called. Osborne, 52, spent 15 years as baking director for Penn Traffic, which operated P&C stores in Central New York before declaring bankruptcy. The 8-by-12-foot trailer contains a 20-quart mixer and a commercial fryer that lets him cook 24 donuts in two minutes.

Posted on December 3, 2014 by Buffalo City LifeThis entry was posted in Accommodations, Campgrounds. Local) Telepan melds haute-American technique with the hearty flavors of his Hungarian ancestry, and his wine director makes the most of a deep and intriguing cellar. In the last few years, new restaurants have opened up in the area offering quick and delicious tacos, burritos and other Mexican favorites. They serve Austrian brats, as well as a large variety of sides to add on to your meal for $3.
I've been trying to get there for more than a month now, but relentless rain on Tuesdays has kept me away.
So I headed downtown with my market basket, allotted market allowance ($20) and a fist-full of change for on-street parking. Cousa squash is smaller, lighter in color and a little more sweet than zucchini, according to the young woman who waited on me. They sell half pints, pints, quarts and BUCKETS ($20) of blueberries at the downtown market and at the Central New York Regional Market on Saturdays. Market associate Chelsey always has samples and always takes time explain products, from cheeses to goats milk soaps, lotions and balms. The downtown location is a new project for the family-owned meat market, a fixture in Syracuse since 1936. People were lined up for sandwiches (eat-in and takeout) and a few people were eating lunch at the small bar.
Robert ordered the burger of the day, cooked to medium and topped with a bourbon glaze and caramelized onions. We shared an order of three ($6): beef and cheese, chicken, cilantro and lime and chicken and cheese -- kind of redundant, but she was running low on offerings. A couple tables were set-up, and people were chowing down outside, even on a chilly, overcast day. Our first sample featured a small plate of Irish bacon and cabbage with horseradish cream sauce atop a potato pancake. From a nice, shady spot, Kate pointed out the recently completed Pike Block project, which she has toured, and described its variety of living spaces. She is an outgoing, engaging tour guide, and her love for downtown Syracuse -- its food, its history and its ongoing evolution -- shows. Dishcrawl is a food tour operator that makes its debut in Syracuse Wednesday (June 18), in the Armory Square neighborhood.
When you support a locally owned business, more money stays in the community and the unique flavor of Central New York is preserved. Bestselling cheesecake cupcakes (a k a mini cheesecakes) at this charming bakery and cafe in King Ferry include Classic, Fresh Blueberry and Chambord Raspberry Swirl. Hansen and Walls take full advantage of that, offering macarons in flavors like hot chocolate, salted chocolate, almond, raspberry, lemon, orange cardamom, toasted coconut, pistachio -- the possibilities are endless.The friends also make mini cupcakes and whoopie pies and sell frosting shots at their stand at the Regional Market (in season).
Cold enough that the water line to Roy Osborne’s food truck froze this week – adding a kink to his opening week plans at Pioneer Business Park, in East Syracuse. His breakfast and lunch menus offer breakfast sandwiches and burritos, a pulled pork sandwich,  chicken Riggies and a soup of the week. They’re made on the truck and available in plain, cinnamon sugar and apple cinnamon - $1 for a single, $5 for a half-dozen and $10 for a dozen. It also contains a grill, where he cooks the meat for breakfast sandwiches and wraps and lunch sandwiches. Today, he had red currants, red raspberries, peas, green and wax beans, flat Italian beans, garlic scapes and more. The sign doesn't scream at you and the tavern itself is about a third of a mile off the road, through the woods and overlooking the Robert Trent Jones-designed Ridge golf course.

A hostess greeted us at the door and offered us our choice of seating on one of three levels.
The burger came with housemade kettle chips but we had to try the Ridge's sweet potato fries ($8) -- actually sweet potato wedges (some slightly undercooked) drizzled with a sweet-mildly spicy glaze and served with sour cream on the side. Selections included strawberry-rhubarb crisp, carrot cake, a pecan caramel brownie, homemade ice cream and bread pudding, among others.
The chicken cilantro lime had nice, subtle flavor, while the beef and cheese packed more punch and a bit of heat.
We would have liked the crust a little more brown and a little less dough-y, but these guys are just getting started. We enjoyed a coconut-almond iced cafe au lait and continued through the square, stopping for a look at Franklin Square landmarks like the Mission Landing apartments and the old New Process Gear water tower. They are the signature product of The Sweet Praxis, an artisan bakery launched several years ago Natalie Hansen and Jennifer Walls.Sweet Praxis macarONS are not to be confused with chunky, chewy American macarOONS, which are made with coconut. Besides, the extra time allows Osborne to think about the special events he’ll drag his trailer to in the months ahead – when the weather is warm -- even hot. He’s serving Taylor ham (also called pork roll), which he says is New Jersey’s favorite breakfast meat, and a twist on “Michigans,’’ hotdogs topped with meat sauce that are a staple of the North Country.
So we'll be having wax beans, steamed until crisp-tender and tossed with a little butter, salt and pepper, with supper. It was raining for about the fourth time that day, otherwise we might have chosen to eat outside on the multi-level decks. The bread pudding of the day was dense and gooey, studded with banana chunks and chocolate chips and served warm with whipped cream. The evening will begin at Small Plates, continue to La Piazza and end at Empire Brewing Co. Daily lunch box specials include soup of the day, sandwich of the day and two mini cheesecakes.
If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, as a gift to a loved one (or yourself!), consider a gift box of heart-shaped macarons by The Sweet Praxis. The restaurant was created to support next-door neighbor Clear Path for Veterans, a non-profit whose mission is to help those who serve. The tavern room is small and lodge-like, with a fireplace and tables that seat roughly 30 people. You could call them a cookie -- a light-as-a feather cookie -- sandwiched together with  jam, icing or ganache filling. The bar was busy but not overly raucous, so a highboy table a few feet from the bar worked fine. They are also offering chocolate raspberry mini cupcakes in gift boxes (two for $5 or six for $10).
While sipping a pint of amber ale by Erie Canal Brewing (Canastota) and a Captain Morgan's on the rocks, we studied the menus -- a tavern menu and more elaborate dinner menu, with entrees like New York strip steak with garlic mashed potatoes ($25) and chile-braised short ribs served with cheesy polenta ($23). Robert's celery soup ($6) was pale green and subtle in flavor, just like you would expect from a soup made with a vegetable usually featured in a supporting role.
The basket of bacon ($9) was one of the most decadent appetizers we've ever ordered -- who, after all, really needs a basket of bacon before dinner?! A paper-lined basket holds about nine strips of The Ridge's crispy, applewood smoked, peppery bacon -- yum.

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