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A dust jacket cover of F.Scott Fitzgerald's 1922 magnum opus The Great Gatsby is worth an estimated ?100,000, priced by rare bookseller Peter Harrington. Set during the razzle dazzle of the 1920s, an extravagant time of flappers and bootleggers, Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby explores love, recklessness and excess during the Jazz Age. Coming to the market with apt timing, the book is for sale as Baz Luhrmann's latest film creation of The Great Gatsby hits our screens, starring Leonadro Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan. The dust jacket is designed by Francis Cugat (1893-1981), featuring an iconic interpretation of America’s roaring Twenties.
Rare book experts have argued that the jacket cover actually had an effect on Fitzgerald’s evolution of The Great Gatsby, with the author responding to sketches and artwork shown to him before the book was complete.
Fitzgerald wrote to his publisher in August 1924 from France: “For Christ’s sake don’t give anyone that jacket you’re saving for me. Typos can still creep into the biggest titles in literary history; the jacket included a misprint on the back panel that required hand-correction - a lowercase “j” in “jay Gatsby” appeared on the back cover. The value of the book could buy you a property in many parts of the UK, although perhaps not a home to the luxurious taste of Fitzgerald's playboy character Jay Gatsby. At around the age of 7, independent readers will begin to delve into the world of chapter books. Here is a selection of 20 early reader chapter book series that might interest your independent reader. Jack and Annie are a brother and sister who discover a magical tree house filled with books.
This clever series follows a 5th grade girl with a photographic memory, nicknamed “Cam”, as she solves mysteries with her best friend Eric.  A great emerging reader series to transition from easy readers to chapter books. Another fantastic mystery series that challenges readers to be their own detective as Leroy Brown, nicknamed “Encyclopedia” for his intelligence, helps his Chief of Police father solve cases in their hometown of Idaville. Humphrey is Room 26’s class pet hamster and the whole series is narrated from his point of view. There is some debate about the validity and legitimacy of graphic novels as good literature for kids. Award winning author Kate DiCamillo shares the story of Mercy Watson, a buttered toast loving porcine wonder. Stanley Lampchop’s adventures after being flattened by a bulletin board makes for a great story and has inspired countless school projects involving letter writing and geography. Julian is a habitual fibber and great storyteller which when combined with a gullible little brother, equals an entertaining series for children.
2nd grader Keena Ford always tries to do the right thing but sometimes, even the best intentions can lead to trouble. Bink and Gollie are two undeniably adorable girls, one tall and one tiny, who like to be eclectic together while engaging in normal activities that end up be hilariously charming. Owly is another great graphic novel series about a kind hearted, gentle and sometimes lonely owl who navigates through life in an equally kind hearted, simple and loving way. This easy to read sports series is packed with adrenaline and includes pertinent lessons about sportsmanship and overcoming mental and social challenges. Warner’s distinct tale of 4 orphaned Alden children living in a boxcar until discovered by a rich grandfather is a timeless classic. If your older elementary or middle school child enjoys writing poetry, inspire them to follow their dream with these great poetry books for middle school.
Poetry is essential for children of all ages because the rhyme and rhythm can help children develop a love a language—and a love of reading. Below is a short list of some of our children’s favorite popular myth and legends for kids.

You can find many more titles available in paperback, hardcover, and even Kindle editions here. Award-winning poet Gary Soto and Caldecott winner David Diaz turn their eyes on the world of kids.
Ninety degrees?However you answered, Douglas Florian will convince you that summer is great. About Stacy MolterStacy is a lifestyle blogger and brand ambassador in Southern California (Ventura County) and the Greater Sacramento area who shares her experiences homeschooling her four children, raising multiples, supporting her two children living with multiple food allergies, and helping her children with special needs thrive.
There is a general sense among publishers and book sellers that the availability of two choices of covers broadens the potential audience for the book, but what is actually going on here – why only two choices, why not more, and why do consumers need different covers at all? The reason the opposition between classic and modern is so appealing is that it is rooted in deeply held cultural values. There are things we feel we want to do of our own volition and there are things we feel we do because others will us to do so.
The energy and rigour that Rachel brings to her research helped us to understand some thorny issues around branches and trust. Rachel Lawes and Nick Gadsby are hosting the Semiotics Funfair at this year's ESOMAR Congress, in Nice on 8th September. Add the exotic bright blue paper cover to the hardback book and the first edition leaps in value to around ?120,000, making it one of the most valuable pieces of paper in modern literature. Most flock to early reader chapter books, the majority of which tend to be formulaic series with some illustrations that help bridge the gap from picture books.
Though some see independent reading as a badge of honor, in truth picture books can be more complex than chapter books. And for those not quite ready for Cam Jansen, David Adler has also penned a Young Cam Jansen series for beginning readers.
Aside from instantly falling in love with his humor and general cuteness, readers will be engaged by and relate to Humphrey’s classroom observations and adventures. However, the bright illustrations and humorous nature of graphic novels can hook even the most reluctant readers, the value of which is unmeasurably wonderful. This series teaches readers about the various worldly destinations Stanley travels to children will enjoy imagining what life would be like if they were flat as pancakes. The covers are eye catching, which instantly creates interest, and the content is chock full of interesting facts and is also well written with the audience in mind through short chapters and illustrations.
This series is perfect for boys and girls who are fascinated with growing up and getting a job. Keena is relatable and readers will enjoy the humorous situations she gets herself into and learn from how she resolves these predicaments.
Reminiscent of Beverly Cleary’s Ramona, Clementine narrates this series in a particularly funny and unfiltered kind of way. And while not all of the 17 are suitable for this age and reading level, there are a couple that should be mentioned as a good introductions to Dahl’s prolific story telling talents.
While this series is nearly wordless, the expressive illustrations easily tell Owly’s beautiful story. Hannah Is Bananas! Gutman has written over 20 books in this series about the students and staff at “Ella Mentry School”. Subsequent books in the series follow the Aldens as they solve mysteries during various vacations around the country. Once kids begin flexing their writing muscles, poetry can spark their creativity and let their imaginations soar! These books will make a great addition to your child’s summer reading list, and most are approved for use in all public and private schools.

From family pictures to pinatas, from the gato with a meow like a rusty latch to Fourth of July fireworks, the startling and often overlooked moments that define childhood are vividly brought to life by these two acclaimed talents. The size and arrangement of words and letters can add or alter meaning — forming a poem that takes the shape of crows that fly off the page or becoming a balloon filled with rhyme, drifting away from outstretched hands. His poems and pictures add up to the best vacation imaginable — and it is one you can have at any time of the year. As her family has grown, Fancy Shanty™ has flourished into a family-fun blog covering a variety of topics. Cathy Langer, the lead book buyer at the Denver bookshop the Tattered Cover, suggests that “it really depends who you are — if you think it’s cool to have the movie star on the cover, then that’s what you’ll buy”.
This is sensible because humans have a tendency to see the world in terms of contrasting, oppositional terms. By and large the the decision to  re-publish The Great Gatsby with two cover choices taps into the simple binary opposition. However, there is clearly an audience for whom the film will be a prompt to go out and buy the book and who will be more inclined to purchase the cover that reflects the more relevant cover.
The formulaic nature of these series breeds loyalty, as children are quickly able to identify with the characters and their capers. Reading levels vary greatly in any grade and children who are not ready to jump into chapter books can get discouraged, especially if they see their peers jumping forward. In addition to great storytelling, Osborne introduces readers to different cultures and times in history. Geronimo is a captivating series about a sometimes naive journalist mouse who finds adventure and mystery in his day to day life in New Mouse City.
Follow Frannie as she gets into some hot water from time to time as she tries out different careers.
Although it is a simply written series, the humor and antics of the school will hook readers.
Though their story and the mysteries they solve are somewhat implausible, Warner’s mastery in developing the characters of the 4 orphans easily engage readers of all ages. Here, in a single extraordinary volume, are thirty poems from some of the world’s finest visual poets, including John Hollander, Emmett Williams, Maureen W. A companion volume to the highly praised Winter Eyes, Summersaults proves that Douglas Florian is a poet for all seasons. For example Coke and Pepsi use this contrast to define their brands – Coke rarely departs from its classic design and utilises timeless imagery in its marketing, while Pepsi updates its design more frequently and often uses tie-ins with trendy celebrities.
Once addicted, readers tend to want to breeze through the whole series, which is the beauty of this genre. The good news is that these books are mostly in paperback format, which will save you a few dollars over the hardcover versions. If your child is not ready to read independently but is eager to get into chapter books, try reading a few together. New to the paperback edition, tucked inside the front cover, are tips, guidelines, and inspiration for writing your own concrete poems.

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