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With roughly half of Canada’s citizens employed by small businesses, the number of companies launched per year (and their rate of success) are no doubt of great importance to Canada. When it comes to supporting the creation of new businesses in small, open economies, governments play a key role—most importantly, in removing obstacles to starting and operating a company. At the same time, the World Economic Forum ranks Canada 14th in global competitiveness among 144 countries, down from 12th in 2012 and 10th in 2010. Canada, like many other developed nations, offers SMEs an array of government-funded grants and loans in order to help them sustain business growth while preparing for further rounds of funding. Annamaria Conti, assistant professor of business at the Scheller School of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, is a researcher who examines the strategies technology startups put in place to secure external funding.
Within Canada, the environment and resources available still create an especially favourable environment for startups—complete with significant opportunities to secure government grants and loans.
Hopefully, the provincial and federal governments each do their part to make starting and succeeding in entrepreneurship a path to personal success for aspiring business owners, as well as a road to greater prosperity for Canadian citizens. Ryan Weaver has a BA in economics, an MSc in management and several published works, including two books.

These companies are key economic drivers, each demanding special attention from government bodies in order to continue to succeed in adding jobs, developing local communities and growing the national economy. DoingBusiness.Org is an internationally recognized survey supported by the World Bank that measures the ease in doing business in countries around the globe. She recently returned from Israel, where she shared the findings of a recent paper on the topic. Conti is continuing her research to learn more about the net effects that government funding of R&D have on domestic growth, and she is optimistic that results may tilt in favour of government funding. To do this, they’ll not only have to match strides with countries such as Israel, Singapore, Australia and others, but Canada also will have to do more to assess and improve upon current funding programs. Look no further than the hundreds of startups that have grown out of incubators to become industry leaders. And that means continually looking for ways to improve the funding process—and the probability of successful outcomes for the startups involved. As Marketing Analyst at Mentor Works, Ryan enjoys communicating with business owners and executives about government grants and the funding available to help overcome obstacles to growth.

It only makes sense that we at least also consider foreign analysis of outcomes of such programs implemented abroad in order to anticipate future trends that can be adopted here in Canada. Innovation has been seen growing in not only in the usual places, such as the Kitchener-Waterloo region, but also in less likely locales, such as Northumberland, Ont.
In recent years, the fund-of-funds venture-capital model used by the governments of many developed countries has been largely adopted from Israel’s Yozma Program. On the other hand, governments realize that levying restrictions may scare off potential foreign investment. In addition, not-for-profit organizations have sprung up across Canada, helping to instil the entrepreneurial spirit within our young people. Research also suggests that firms that get these grants have a lower likelihood of attracting foreign venture capital.

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