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Our Mothers' War is an eye-opening and moving portrait of women during World War II, a war that forever transformed the way women participate in American society. This is volume two of a four volume series of diaries written in London, England during World War ll.
I think it is wonderful that Victoria took diaries of her great Grandmother and preserved them as books for all to read. The German Occupation of the Channel Islands – The Official History of the Occupation Years. Return to Midway – The quest to find the Yorktown and the other lost ships from the pivotal battle of the Pacific War.
Never before has the vast range of women's experiences during this pivotal era been brought together in one book. World War II is a part of history that will soon be forgotten if not for wonderful people like this that want to share them with the world. Now, Our Mothers' War re-creates what American women from all walks of life were doing and thinking, on the home front and abroad.
This volume is 1941 and are Ruby’s outpourings of her experience during that year of the War Blitz bombings.
These heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking accounts of the women we have known as mothers, aunts, and grandmothers reveal facets of their lives that have usually remained unmentioned and unappreciated.

In this very personal and historical account in which Ruby writes about her truth of the war which she shares with no one but the diary. My own books are of my own first-hand experiences.For sure none of us want to live through RELENTLESS RAIDS with bombs dropping everywhere- War is hell for all. Our Mothers' War gives center stage to one of WWII's most essential fighting forces: the women of America, whose extraordinary bravery, strength, and humanity shine through on every page. She describes the terror she experiences night after night, wondering if she will see the next day. I pray that readers don't ever experience the agony, pain, suffering and torment of another war like WWII. What these citizen's managed is mind-boggling and is a reminder of how atrocious war really is. Book is in very good condition except for a tear on the top corner of the first blank page and the dust cover which has some minor wear and tear. We need to know how everyone was affected and influenced while living during the mayhem and turmoil of all hell breaking loose.
As I looked over Kent yesterday, so peaceful, all the harvest in, so green, so quiet, the sense of the folly of the war enveloped me ever more tightly and suffocating then in Blitzed London.
Much of London is offensive to the sight, so that when one sees portions of it utterly destroyed unconsciously one is reconciled to the destruction.

The further I went from London the more I was convinced that war is only made by the few bad men in power, for their own profit. That seems the most important thing to me today, to protect my mind and to keep out the crazy propaganda and all the world’s false beliefs. The everlasting verities, those are what I want to discern and the realities, and mainly the beautiful and good realities. War is a reality and Hitler is a reality, but neither Hitler nor war is enduring; both will pass away, but the grass will remain, beauty will remain. The last war convinced me of the reality of the Devil: this war reinforces that conviction. I say, men create war; yes, but the evil in men’s hearts, which creates this sort of war, is the devil’s evil itself. This is devilish fiendish air-war, every casualty a civilian.Oh the damn foolishness of war, and the ineptitude of politicians!Where will the bombs drop tonight?

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