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In Minecraft, you play a mute protagonist in an unending retro-blocky landscape populated by lots and lots of NPCs, with no traditional adventure game-type goal other than survival.
As the game grew more popular, Persson (known to fans by his in-game handle "Notch") hired staff and eventually turned over daily programming duties to other folks. The game has an engrossing single-player component, with a core gameplay mechanism that feels like a LEGO block set—go build stuff!—but it's much more fun to make things with your friends than to labor alone. Your first choice, should you go this route, is whether you want to use a managed hosting provider, use a regular non-Minecraft host, or just run the server yourself. A non-Minecraft Web host, like a virtual private server from A Small Orange, might cost more, but it gives you additional flexibility in configuration (what if you want to add mods or tweak things later, or install additional server software?).
Finally, hosting the code yourself on a dedicated server in your closet is the most complex option, but can also be the cheapest and most flexible, assuming you have spare hardware lying around. For smaller Minecraft instances where you expect to only have a couple of players—for example, if you just want to play Minecraft with your kids—you can even run the server on your main computer without needing a separate piece of hardware.
In this guide, bits of which have appeared on my personal blog over the last few months, we will walk through some fairly generic instructions which should apply to both a VPS and self-hosting.

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These days, Notch spends his days developing other games and being interviewed by famous Internet journalists, while Minecraft thrives on multiple platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, and XBox 360. Public Minecraft servers are widely available (here's a good list), but they have an unfortunate dark side: as with any public online game, keeping out folks bent on making mischief is ultimately impossible. After that, we'll move on to more advanced options that you can implement to spice up your Minecraft hosting experience. When the game begins, you invariably find yourself on a sandy beach somewhere, and a bit of experimentation quickly yields the knowledge that you can affect your environment by punching things. If you want to play Minecraft with just your friends, the easiest way to do so is to run your own server. Choosing to use a fully managed Minecraft host like Servercraft or BeastNode means that you'll be up and hosting within minutes of forking over your credit card number, but you may have less control.

Users have recreated almost everything, from the seedy streets of Riften to the idyllic shops of Whiterun.
You can punch trees to break them apart and collect wood, for instance, which you can use to make tools, which you can use to gather more materials, which you can use to make more things. You'll just be getting the hang of the basic mechanics when night falls—and the zombies and skeletons and spiders and creepers come out to collect your soul. Check it out: 1 Solitude might be Skyrim’s most impressive city, and it looks great in Minecraft too.
Even more impressive, many of these Skyrim projects are ongoing and will only improve further in the coming weeks and months.

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