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As the economy improves, there will be more jobs available to teens this summer — if they want them.
Challenger's annual look at the state of the teen summer job market found that last year, the number of 16- to 19-year-olds who worked from May through July fell by around 4 percent from 2013. James Cote, owner of Osterville House & Garden, Osterville, Massachusetts, expects to increase his summer hiring this year.
Cote's store is located in an area with a lot of summer homes and seasonal residents, and he said the contractors and handymen coming into his store also are busier this year, signaling a long-awaited economic turnaround. Although Cotes said he has plenty of applicants for his seasonal positions, they're younger than they have been in recent years, and less likely to have the experience he prefers. Timek said he expects to start paying for his cell phone plan and gym membership, both of which his parents pay for now. While Timek hopes his summer job will continue through the rest of his high school career, other teens see a chance to experiment with different kinds of work before they get to college and have to make decisions that will shape their careers. Shorter, who just got his driver's license, said he also wants to deliver pizza a couple of nights a week for spending money. Re-live your childhood days, or let the kids have some fun, and get ready to get wet in your backyard. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has a variety of summer camp programs for kids that are educational and fun. Patty Coffey is a Partner in the Information Technology Permanent division at at Winter, Wyman, the largest and one of the most recognized staffing organizations in the Northeast. It’s summertime — those carefree months when you put your sandal-clad feet up and sip a glass of lemonade in front of the ballgame.
Conducting a job search during the summer can be tricky though, and it is important to avoid the biggest hazards for job seekers during the summertime: timing and schedules. Employees of many companies may actually have more time to interview candidates in the summer because it isn’t a busy time for their organization. Many organizations will hire contract employees during the summer months to fill long leaves of absence, such as extended vacations and sabbaticals. Summer is a social season, so job seekers can take advantage of golf outings, barbecues and neighborhood get-togethers to network with other professionals. While summer vacation schedules can prolong the interview process, they can also expedite it.
Many companies have a more lax schedule in July and August — some close early on Fridays, while others have more unofficial long weekends.
The days are longer, flowers are in bloom — summer is a buzzing season with a lot of vivacity.
That’s why the City of Savannah programs like Summer 500 and the Pre-Apprentice Program are so beneficial.
Both programs are doing a lot for our youth, and it is due in large part to the employers who are welcoming the teens. Many of those employers are from the tourism sector, and when I talk to them about their experience, they have found that hiring a part-time teens has both pros and cons.
The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development conducted the Youth Development Study over a period of more than 20 years to see the opportunity and costs of having a job when you were a kid.
Yes, working teens find it good to work because they learn responsibility, develop time management skills, overcome shyness working with adults and find financial freedom and better money management. And, no, some working teens focus too much on work and forego education and extracurricular activities. Ultimately, researchers determined that working when you’re a teen can be good, especially when the work is moderately intense and maintains a steady timeframe. In the end, for almost everyone, success is dependent on opportunity, the individual and their motivation. We as parents can help our kids be motivated to work hard, make good choices, and have a good balance in life.
One of the myths that I hate the most is that when people, and even self-proclaimed experts say, that job hunting is very slow during summer.
Job hiring companies expected to get quality employees during their hiring process when it’s summer, because summer time job hunters are usually those who are diligent and do not slack off of the time that appointed for them to seek instead to flop. Now, when the rest of the team will be back after summer, you can start there to build your connection with them from the foundation you’ve laid to others that have remained during summer time. A job as a restaurant hostess or cashier could be ideal for high school students seeking temporary summer employment.

The best summer jobs for kids depend a lot on the age of the individual, as well as his or her level of responsibility.
Summer jobs for kids that are under age fourteen require more creativity, but they do exist. There are even some summer jobs for kids who may be too young for babysitting or yard work but still want to earn some extra cash. Mother's helpers are still a great asset and a perfect part time summer job for students under the age of sixteen.
Mother's helpers can be as young as twelve, and depending on their level of maturity, can help a young mother in many ways. As academic and athletic pursuits crowd out running a cash register or delivering takeout orders, there has been a decline in the number of teenagers working summer jobs. In March, two months before the traditional peak hiring season begins, there were more 16- to 19-year-olds already working than there had been since March 2009. I learned where a lot of other stuff was and I got close with some of the workers," said Timek, who turns 15 this month. The New Jersey high school junior worked last summer at his uncle's fashion industry business in New York City, but this year he said he wanted to try the journalism field, since he enjoys being on the school paper. The time when the kids get out of school, the weather is warm and you have three full months to figure out how to keep those kiddos, and yourself, entertained. In fact, companies are filling positions at the same, if not an increased, pace during the hottest months of the year. Because of vacations — your own as well as employees of the companies with which you wish to interview — trying to schedule interviews can be complicated. Candidates shouldn’t feel discouraged if the interview process takes extra time, and those who can withstand a longer process may just find that perfect job.
For example, accounting firms are busiest in the winter and early spring, so summer is a great time for these firms to build and train their staff. Your greatest connection may be at next week's block party, so stay active in community events. If the schedules of all involved align, companies can speed up interviews (to even just one day!) to avoid the complexity of scheduling multiple meetings.
Prospects can get acquainted with the company when less people are in the office and things are slower.
Bosses are often on vacation or may take a long lunch, so employees can slip away unnoticed. Serious job hunters should capitalize on both the energy of the season and myth of the summer slowdown by beginning or continuing their search. While we publish a huge range of job listings, we've selected some of the top social media job opportunities from the past two weeks to get you started. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. These employers also realize that making a significant investment in our next generation helps all of us.
These kids are more likely to engage in risky behavior because they have more money to spend. It also has to be in balance with other parts of a teen’s life—time at school, at home, and at work. These city community programs are giving the student an opportunity, and we hope that they’ll use their intelligence to work hard. Job seekers are at the beach, to an island up north, a tourist site in the mountains, and more. When the demand is low from company clients, when the schedule is not that ramped up, the need for staff development is commonly materialized.
This is when your friends, classmates in college, neighbors, and every childhood buddies come back to town or unite for a certain event, you can easily ask them if they have known any job opportunity for you.
While the client requests are lesser, just what I’ve said above, some employees are also on leave or on vacation during this time, this means that the team is thin. A child will usually by law have to be at least 14 to 16 years of age for most formal jobs, and will have to get a working permit from his or her school, even for a summer job. In this case, the best summer jobs for kids might include working as a cashier at a grocery store, being a busser or dishwasher at a restaurant, or working as a lifeguard at a local beach or pool. Babysitting is one of the most common, but it is important that the child is mature and responsible.

Bake sales, lemonade stands, or car washes can all be a great way for kids to have some fun and earn a bit of money.
Mother's helpers can watch younger children while the mom takes a shower or goes next door for a coffee and a chat. I was sick as a dog and couldn't bear to smell any food cooking and yet I had to cook dinner every night for my oldest child and husband. I left her with all the ingredients, the steps outlined in a simple recipe, and all the pots and pans within reach.
I also had some amazing moments playing with my three year old every evening while our Mother's helper created dinner. The teen unemployment rate, which peaked at 29 percent in June 2010, was 17 percent in March. He tried applying a couple of months ago — a smart move, according to Challenger, who said teens usually start their summer job search too late — but was told to come back when he turned 15. Forget parking the kids in front of the television and toss those video games out, there are lots of other things to do this summer. Plus, you could face less competition if other job seekers are buying into the summer slowdown myth. It can also be less traumatic for families if a move is involved, since children wouldn’t have to switch schools mid-year. Vacation days are also more accepted — your boss won’t think it is odd if you take a vacation day or two in August. Jobs are certainly there, waiting for tenacious job hunters to beat the heat and find them. They’re also attending school once a week to work on soft skills needed to be a more effective worker, and therefore a more valuable worker. So if you are lucky to be hired during this time, your learning can grow faster compared to being hired in any other month. They are usually unavailable during business-as-usual months, better cease the moment and grab the opportunity to hasten your search. While strength in numbers remains true, intimacy is more attainable for new employees when there are only few workmates around.
However, other summer jobs for kids do not require a working permit, and this includes jobs like babysitting, dog walking, or doing yard work around the neighborhood. Some construction crews or contractors will also hire teenagers for extra help during the summer. Some kids may also want to help families have a yard sale, or just help out around the home above and beyond their normal chores.
Think of it like your own summertime bucket list, get a little creative and really find some time to enjoy yourself and the kids this summer. Imagine having a date on February 15 rather than February 14, you can set dates easily on restaurants with lesser competition on that day.
When your confidence is not that high, you can easily manage and form team chemistry with less intimidation. In many communities, summer fairs and festivals are common, and they often hire teenagers to run booths, do janitorial work, or sell food, for example.
Yard work and lawn care around the local community, such as mowing lawns or weeding gardens, is another one of the more common summer jobs for kids that does not require quite the level of responsibility that babysitting or pet care does.
All summer jobs for kids should be closely monitored, no matter the age of the individual, but they can be a great way to teach kids some responsibility, people skills, and good money management practices. These girls and boys were typically kids who were used to being with younger siblings and had a natural aptitude for watching the younger kids.
Therefore job opportunities are still active during this time, with lesser amount of contest. If teens set it up during the school year, there may even be summer job opportunities abroad through an exchange program.
Getting their Red Cross babysitting certificate was a serious matter and they took it to heart.

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