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So you call yourself a foodie (or perhaps an epicure or a gourmet if you find the term foodie distasteful.) You are passionate about food and you seek out new food experiences. The food in Penang mirrors the heritage of the people who live there—you'll find Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Nyonya cuisine, occasionally with a twist of Thai. It's basically a seafood noodle soup—sour and spicy—packed with poached flakes of mackerel and springy white noodles in a tamarind and chilly-based fish broth. The soup is a prawn and pig-bone broth, infused with a mix of thin, white rice noodles and chewy yellow egg noodles. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.
Traditionally Edinburgh’s gateway to the ghetto of Leith, Easter Road, and indeed Leith itself, have undergone a pretty visible renaissance over the last decade or so. Now one of the only places in Edinburgh were you can combine cheap-ish rent with a proximity to top-class Scottish (Championship) Football, Easter Road is a proper area full of proper folk.
About five or six of the bins off Easter Road are pretty self-aware when it comes to the fumes they generate. If you can only eat your food in a swanky setting, then you should head to Amaya, an eyecandy of a restaurant that manages to pull off being both extremely elegant and comfortable. Although Chutney Mary is a fairly old and well established restaurant (it was opened in 1990), their recipes are still fresh and hip. Keralan cuisine is a bit unusual but it’s very easy to all completely in love with it. This restaurant dates back to 1926, so it is nothing short of a landmark, but its current incarnation is quite recent. Even though exam time is fast approaching, students have plenty to be smug about – the excitement of an adopted city is always a great thing, even if you’re got a load of work ahead of you. But until then, bunker down and get through the worst of it by cashing in on your student status and enjoying some of those sweet sweet student specials from your friendly loyal takeaway vendor – exclusive, belly-busting meal deals put together to help your student spends go that bit further, just when you need it most.
The majesty of a damn good Chinese feast is enough to settle anyone’s nerves during a rough exam season – especially when it’s being offered up at an insanely wallet-friendly student price. The convenience of takeaway food that you can eat with one hand while you go about your day cannot be overstated, which is why a juicy burger is the optimum choice for students with exam stress. I often find that a hearty portion of mouthwatering fried chicken is all I require to get me through stressful times psychologically intact. However, if you have neither the time nor the inclination to try them all, then, at the very least, give these three dishes a go:1. It's a popular street food that you'll find at hawker stalls at breakfast and lunch time, though some stalls also serve it at (early) dinner time. It's garnished with small prawns, plump fish balls, crisp bean sprouts, hard-boiled egg, water spinach, and spicy sambal.
Some stalls offer additional toppings—pork ribs, mantis prawn, fish balls, entrails, pork sausage, roast pork—for an extra charge.

The dish has a number of variations, but generally what you get is a mound of shaved-ice, flavoured with syrup and topped with red beans, sweet corn, crushed nuts, and colourful pieces of jelly. Renu’s Kitchen is a classic Easter Road spot for a breakfast bap or a huge Scottish breakfast.
It might just be an optical illusion, or a particularly terrible use of kerning but I know what I read every time I’m cutting down Iona Street from Leith Walk.
The soft lighting and rich reddish tones of the decorations make the food taste even better. If you like romantic places or if you want to go on a date in London, Chutney Mary is a great place. And in London, there’s no other place that serves better Keralan cuisine than Quilon. The decor is nothing fancy, just simple and tasteful white walls, wooden floors and leather seats, and the food is great. And, after that, a nice long summer break to recharge the batteries and get back into what being a student is really all about – having a ruddy good time without any responsibility.
Just think, won’t typing out an essay be so much more enjoyable with sweet and sour sauce all over your fingers? In Liverpool, the offer of your choice of burger with freshly made chips, cheesy garlic bread and your choice of drink.
It’s a late night favourite, hangover cure and main source of vegetable matter for British students on the go.
Summerhall Kitchen offers one of the most generous student deals for 2 in the whole of the UK – a huge Chinese feast centred around crowd-pleasing sweet and sour and beef in blackbean sauce, but with a host of delicious Chinese sides and starters. If you’ve got an ear for good music, an eye for food photography and a taste for free stuff, get involved with our #summerFEASTival competition, and get your mitts on a pair of tickets for this year’s Liverpool Sound City festival – you know it makes sense! Nevertheless, if you need some direction and assurance, then grab one of the free Penang Street Food guides that lie about the town. You may even have a packet sauce, purchased from your local supermarket, in your pantry at home. Goodness." Believe me, this is what you will say when your towering bowl of Ice Kacang is plopped down in front of you. Our bowl also had a generous scoop of vanilla choc chip icecream, which balanced precariously on the shaved-ice. Tikka masala follows closely behind, as do other ethnic, and mainly Indian specialties.  So Indian restaurants are thriving in the UK, and especially in the busy capital city of London, where people love their multicultural food. Sit back on the Italian leather chairs, gaze at the Bengali sculptures and fill your stomach with flash grilled scallops, tandoori duck and other delicacies. This restaurant specializes in regional cooking, and in addition to a sizable menu of main dishes and entrees, it has a huge list of amazing deserts.
Despite looking very swanky, the menu is not all about aristocratic foods, much of the selection is inspired by delightful regional street food.

I’ma tell you for why – because of Student Food Online, a restaurant especially dedicated to providing good, cheap, student food for the masses. Fresh spring rolls, traditional crispy seaweed and irresistible deep fried won tons, along with a big bag of prawn crackers and more rice than you can handle.
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The guide is published by Penang Tourism and includes a directory and a map, so you'll know exactly where to go for a meal you'll remember.
It is a monstrosity; a delicious, sweet, icy, and glutinous monstrosity, but a monstrosity nonetheless.
A uniquely Penang variation of Ice Kacang has shredded nutmeg (a spice native to Penang), pickle, and sultanas sprinkled on top.
Of course, safety is key for any drinking establishment but sometimes it feels a little extreme. So if you visit London, act like a Londoner and try one of the best Indian restaurants in London.
The meat dishes are subtle and alluring, and there’s a nice selection of amazing vegetation dishes like grilled squash and soya bean with banana and sweet potato.
The lavish decor and the varied menu makes Veeraswamy one of the best Indian restaurants in London.
Anyway, the fabulous Yummy Yummy in Gateshead offers a great student meal deal that includes your choice of starter, main and either rice or chips – a gorgeous mini-feast for one. The student deal at Eccy’s provides you with a tender lamb donner with a shedload of sides – chips, crispy onions rings and chicken nuggets, as well as a dish. Pizza, Peri Peri chicken, freshly made pasta dishes, gloriously chunky burgers, kebabs and wraps – there are enough gorgeous dishes to get you through a PhD, never mind the finals.
It's likely that your nose will be running and your eyes will be watering before the first drop of soup has passed your lips. Less than a tenner gets hungry students a pizza party platter for two, the perfect antidote to a day spend procrastinating in the university library.
COINCIDENTALLY, that’s exactly what you get from Broadway in Birmingham – a killer combo of takeaway treats at a great price, with enough food involved to feed an army.
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