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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. New analysis Impact of GMO crops: pesticide down 37%, yields up 22%, profits up 68% Oops! While mulling over options, I casually flicked through the Permaculture Designer’s Manual for inspiration and looked more closely at the earthworks section.
But before we planted our forest garden, we quickly smothered all our steep banks with jute mesh and planted mixed green manure seeds everywhere to help get roots in the ground quick smart so we could stabilise the slope and prevent it from sliding away through weather exposure and gravity. We then scrounged as much hardwood timber as possible and pegged them into the bank to form shelves on contour which were back-filled with soil, mulched and planted out with fruit trees, herbs and more mixed green manure seeds.
The very early stages of the young forest garden, not overly impressive but having roots IN the ground and baby green leaves GROWING helped us sleep better at nights. It’s refreshing and heartening to be able to visit established forest gardens and be reminded that one day, you too, will be feasting and enjoying the fruits of your labour. The world is quickly realizing that there is no benefit to consuming and producing genetically modified food.
Numerous studies have proven genetically modified foods to be an extreme health hazard, but one must only look at how it is created to realize how unsafe GM food really is.
The following is an excerpt from Blind Health: Forbes Magazine Declares Monsanto Company of the Year, an article I authored that exposes GM foods. The genetic modification process is potentially harmful to your own genetic coding, according to many health experts. Due to the complexity of a living organism’s genetic structure, it is impossible to track the long-term results of consuming genetically modified food.
When introducing the gene to its new host, it is essentially impossible to predict the reaction. What the world is beginning to see is a swift call to action against not only genetic modification of the food supply, but against the contamination of our food supply worldwide.
India has recently begun to recognize the dangers of genetically modified food, calling for a multitude of scientific studies to determine whether or not the food poses a threat. Hi I saw your article and thought it would really be something our readers would enjoy and not seeing a copyright I am posting it in full, I hope you don’t mind. Monsanto only release their research when forced to by a court, it is illegal to assess their work, analyse their genetically modified material because they claim it is their sole IP. Independent scientists are out there to reveal and uncover the truthful facts with real scientific reasoning that is beyond a doubt, that has evidence. Monsanto have a long history of employing their former lawyers to work for the FDA to allow rubber stamping of approvals. Did you know at least one European country banned Glyphosate and do you know the reasons for this? IF YOU THINK I AM GOING TO POINT ANY OF YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC DATA YOU CAN THINK AGAIN, NO ONE DID THIS FOR ME, I DID IT ALL FOR MYSELF.
Like I said though I won’t point you in the direction of any data, find it for yourself if you care to. I for one will not be eating any form of GM food, not because of this article, Has anyone actually stopped to think why we have such a huge population of starving people?? Which is why I’m sharing our experience in establishing our own forest garden in urban Hobart and how it saved us money, stabilised our soils and will eventually provide a permanent food system. There are so many answers to this questions, but overall they are one of the more quintessential examples of permaculture in action.
Here I revisited how farmers in the tropics grow on mountain sides using terraces with sloping banks in between each flat level. This helped us clarify the planting patterns and to also feel better about the very naked soil scape in our back yard.

It’s already paying off and providing some food, fodder and medicinal plants for us and our animals, not to mention completely stablising our slope. In particular we planted comfrey very thickly (each plant around 10-20cm apart) towards the top of the slope to do this role. Some claimed that genetically modifying the food supply could even put an end to world hunger.
Billions are spent each year to genetically modify the food supply, tainting it with genetically modified frankenfood. Introducing new genes into even the most simple bacterium may cause an array of issues, highlighting the complexity of even the simplest organisms.
The genetic intelligence of the host could be disrupted with the introduction of the new gene, creating an adverse reaction. The people are beginning to demand that high fructose corn syrup be taken out of their food, and that aspartame be removed from products like diet soda and chewing gum. The people of India had been calling for a change that the government was forced to recognize. It is my duty to adopt a cautious, precautionary, principle-based approach,” said Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh. Since so many concerned citizens are demanding something to be done about genetically modified, the government of your nation is forced to respond. When you read actual full journals you will understand the flaws, the lies, and how the end results are actually calculated to achieve approval by the FDA and other food regulators in other countries. I seriously suggest anyone that wants facts and any truth at all, look to European Countries and more afar, then see why the rest of the world rejects it, not because of alarmists, but actual solid research. YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU DESERVE, BY BEING APATHETIC YOU SUBMIT WITH FULL APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE.
GM crops, some at least have been GM to sterilize humans, Maize was one of the crops found by Universities to contain DNA that had this effect. Such natural wild strains are already safe for allergy suffers, good for environmental change, flood tolerant and drought resistant crops that are natural have long existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, it is only in recent decades some of the strains have become less used and extinct due to monoculture in the USA and Europe. We need more Independent agricultural scientists like the great Norman Borlaug who saved over A BILLION people who were STARVING to DEATH to get out there and make a difference. Mimicking a forest’s structure and patterns to form a functional, edible, resilient and perennial food system. Originally we thought that we’d shape our terraces with hard wood sleepers, however we quickly dropped this plan when we did the sums and went well over $20,000 for materials.
Even in established forest gardens, annual crops can have a place, usually on the edge of pathways or boundaries so they can access sunlight.
Turning a problem (for us this was working with a steep slope) into an opportunity is deeply satisfying and really affirms that having a strong design approach produces robust results appropriate for the site you’re working with.
Introducing new genes to highly complex organisms such as animals or crops is even riskier. There is truly no way of knowing the long-term effect genetically modified food, as there are too many variables. Big corporations love to push such food abominations upon us, but sooner or later the citizens demand action. Through activism and spreading the word, genetically modified food can easily be made a sad mistake of the past. But only if you are qualified to understand any part of it, otherwise it is a waste of time.
Do you know how many mutations that are so dangerous in the process of GE, that result sin deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals before they even manage to get transgenetics to sustain the newly modified life? GM food is linked to a number of illnesses and disease already, including liver damage, which has yet again been confirmed once again in several studies which completed this year by different independent scientists than originally offered this work. EUROPEAN CONSUMERS REFUSED TO DO WHAT SO MANY AMERICANS HAVE DONE, AND WILL CONTINUES TO DO SO.

There are independent scientists from European countries that have their own sites which can help with your research and some organizations that may also be of help with this.
You can actually BE a hero and try to help end famin, by taking action?, Now that’s a little harder isn’t it. Lets concentrate on getting human population down and then we wont need GM food or have people starving. Since then, things have changed significantly. Between 1996 and 2011, the total surface area of land cultivated with GM crops had increased by a factor of 94, from 17,000 square kilometers (4,200,000 acres) to 1,600,000  (395 million acres). In there are a few volunteers – dandelion, plantain and dock, all of which indicate having compacted soils, totally spot on in this place. As the information surrounding GM (genetically modified) food rose to the mainstream media, the people began to anger. Monsanto has such a grip on the industry, that it produces 90% of the United State’s genetically engineered seeds.
The process entails the transfer of genes from one organism to another, such as taking particular genes from a pig and transferring them to a tomato.
Back in the 1990’s Monsanto employees revealed they do not eat GM food themselves, in the food canteen it is NOT GM food.
Unlike the Biotech lobby that spends hundreds of millions a year in bribing corrupt officials, getting pro GM employees in government around the world (look at news from the UK; head chief government scientists gave up his job because government kept employing pro GM scientists and ignored independent sources). IT WAS ONLY THE UNDEMOCRATIC AND ILLEGAL EU THAT LIFTED BANS THAT SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES PUT IN PLACE – AFTER THEIR GOVERNMENT SCIENCE ADVISORS FOUND DATA TO SUPPORT SUCH ACTIONS. Bayer have learned well from their 10+ years of failure and started to breed organic seeds (that are not GM in any way). As you walk around you can eat berries, apples, stone fruit and hazelnuts, not to mention the flourishing greens, herbs and rogue tomato plants popping up around the edges of the pathways. The truth of the matter is that genetically modified food has been shown to sterilize the population, lead to infant mortality, and exacerbate the usage of pesticides on a global scale.
They were looking for someone to blame for allowing this atrocity occur, and they had to look no farther than Monsanto. This is the same company responsible for the development of bovine growth hormone, which incited mass controversy over its effects. So next time one of comes here to post non founded opinions, try using your few brains cells that you have left to do some actual research for once! It was determined by many health experts to be extremely dangerous, with many linking it to cancer and other life-threatening conditions. It is only when they are held on charges, taken to court and forced to submit their data they reveal anything truthful.
I in no way support any biotech company, the crimes of the former IG Farben conglomerate are unforgettable.
The genes could come from plants, but they could also come from bacteria or animals. Cisgenic plants are made using genes found within the same species or a closely related one, where conventional plant breeding can occur. When you have been researching this at all, or thoroughly like myself for the best 15 yrs plus you can then start to form opinions, case by case.
Why not volunteer to eat an only GM diet if you are so confident, and if you think it works out for you get your whole family eating it for a few generations, we can then in many generations later see the results.
Of course you only need look at the experiments and results from those done on animals to understand GM foods are toxic and unsafe.
They will go as far as using charities, think tanks, government agencies (employ their own or pay them off) non-government organizations and more.

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