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This problem will especially unveil when students enter universities where there are lots of assignments and presentations. Normally, this is due to the fear and nervousness while speaking in front of so many audiences.
Having the courage to speak is extremely important especially when a person enters the organizational world. For a feeling of the Suunto-team check out #suuntolife and this video we made (in Finnish and no script).
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SharesLast week, we discussed active listening as an essential business analysis tool and publishing communication skills next was arranged as no coincidence because in order to communicate effectively, you have to be prepared to listen.
Communication skills can be developed over time with good practice habits with a conscious need to improve. Every single business analyst job description requires good communication skills and this includes both written and verbal.
By this I mean, you should come into discussion and state, I do not understand your current process so will be asking loads of possibly silly questions, so kindly bare with me.
By being fully engaged, the other person feels valued and more willing to share information with you( and sometimes even give up more of their time!) It’s your responsibility as a business analyst to understand the users problem and help build solutions that will meet those needs, so you need to be 100% engaged and focused on the conversation. Always in every situation in elicitation you must show empathy (seeing things from the other person’s perceptive).
In communicating with stakeholders, you must take care in your tone, pace and pronunciation to keep them engaged. Your ability to communicate effectively to convey your point and understand other peoples point of view can make or break your business analysis career, so invest in getting better at it. Communication is the key.with good communication it reduces tention and misunderstanding,which are likely to create conflict. Effective communication skills are that which distinguish an individual from another and also help him build a strong hold in his professional as well as personal life.

Many interviewers test the candidate’s communication skills, one excels more than the other due to a good mastering of communication skills and even in personal relationships and marriages one becomes happy and successful with effective communication skills. Communication skills have gained so much importance and popularity that big companies are arranging special training classes on effective communication skills for the employees.
One has to be well aware and conscious of the surroundings as well of one’s own self so that no negative communication or miscommunication are sent to the receiver. To develop effective communication skills one should first develop good listening and speaking skills. For effective communication in relationships one should first remain focused; that is one should only convey thoughts and feelings related to the topic of discussion and not deviate to create confusion. Responding to criticism in a positive way, taking responsibility rather than blaming, adjusting to a suitable extent are some of the effective communication skills. They may be high achievers when it comes to examinations but do they have the same capabilities when they are required to perform certain skills especially verbal skills? Without good oral skills, students will not be able perform well during their presentations.
The person may have prepared a lot of points to be presented but the moment he stands in front, his mind becomes blank because of nervousness.
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It is a core skill requirement of any business analyst because as a conduit between the business and technology, you have to be able to providing that platform for extracting the core requirements, articulating it in a manner that is understandable to the development team and managing its lifecycle. Put yourself in the position of appearing “clueless” so that clarifications can be made and this will help stakeholders re-examine their drivers for a decision. To improve your communication skills, you should invest time in writing scripts for your requirements interactions. By being fully engaged you will be able to show empathy and understand some of the real troubles of others. In order to survive in today’s world one simply has to go beyond mastering one’s professional field as at every step and phase of life and career one needs to be communicative to prove one’s talents and make oneself heard in this big crowd of competitive minds.

Most of our emotions become apparent through our facial gestures, body reactions and language; like frowning, perspiration, blushing or folding the hands etc. As already discussed listening is one of the most important communication tools and hearing the other’s point of view is as important as conveying one’s own point of view. Can they perform well when they are asked to stand in front of a group of audiences and speak?
Besides, during group discussions, they also will not able to communicate efficiently with their group mates. If you are a leader of an organization, you need to have good verbal skills too so that your subordinates will respect and obey you. You are also required to facilitate discussion about those requirements and taking the conversation to a deeper level. With body language you should draw closer (not too close that they can feel your breath though!), maintain eye contact, and nod with a smile. However, just writing scripts without practice completely defeats the purpose so definitely rehearse your script so it becomes more familiar and natural to you and help you build further to enhance the conversation. Controlling the pace of your speech makes you feel calmer and puts you more in control of what you are actually saying and gives a better flow to your thoughts.
A number of communication cues keep being exchanged between individuals and groups all the time; one has to be alert and intelligent to communicate as well as receive the communication cues effectively. A positive attitude like showing responsibility, an enthusiastic and cheerful disposition along with a good dressing sense becomes the base for effective communication. The main areas you should focus in script writing are your opening, closing and questions you’ll need to ask to obtain the information needed.
By writing scripts and rehearsing you will surely build your confidence entering your next requirements session.

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