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George Washington – At the peak of the Revolutionary War General Washington commanded nearly 90,000 men.  However, during what would be one of the key moments in the entire war, Washington lead only a small team of highly dedicated and motivated men, 2,400 total, across the Delaware river and into the Battle of Trenton. Sign up to receive my blog posts via e-mail and get a FREE copy of my NEW e-book on creating the most productive version of you. Like Me on FacebookAbout MeI am the Managing Director of Feltner Financial and an active Venture Capitalist in Austin, Texas.
I was also the Vice President of Allied Equipment, the nation’s largest manufacturer of CNG storage spheres, and a gas treating equipment manufacturer and operator. About Me I am the Managing Director of Feltner Financial and an active Venture Capitalist in Austin, Texas.

The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World by Ronald A. A hands-on, practical guide, "Practice of Adaptive Leadership" contains stories, tools, diagrams, cases, and worksheets to help managers develop their skills as leaders who are able to take people outside their comfort zones and address the toughest challenges. Written with a fresh voice and a dash of humor, "Do Good Well" is an exciting and readily adaptable guide to social innovation that not only captures the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of our time, but also harnesses the insights, wisdom, and down-to-earth experience of today's most accomplished young leaders.
If you are a person in a place of leadership or a person who strives to help their business achieve great success, then this blog is for you. The authors present a 12-step process that empowers readers to act on their passions and concerns.

This process is organized into three parts: Do What Works, Work Together, and Make It Last. They offer specific guidance for following the process through practical and prescriptive actions such building organizations, joining boards, applying for funding, creating partnerships with organizations that have similar goals, organizing conferences, and publicizing events. The book incorporates accounts of young people in action, and always reinforces the message that social innovation can be a lifestyle, made up of efforts small and large.

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