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I love recommending books to kids so that they want to read, they just can’t put a book down. For more challenging books, check out my Best Book for Teens list or Challenging Books for Young Advanced Readers..
This is an amazing, beautiful story about facing your feelings, even big, huge depression sadness.
The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd MYSTERYI struggled a bit with the British words– maybe your kids will as well. Two girls in two locations (Texas and Pakistan) each discover a magical book, The Exquisite Corpse, in which a love story appears that will eventually connect the girls to each other and their histories. You’ll fall in love with this magical story about a lonely boy whose beloved grandfather faces a life-ending illness. The second book in one of my new favorite series, Dark Waters continues where The Vanishing left off.
An abused boy, Joseph, is taken away from his violent father to live as a foster kid with Jack’s family on an organic farm. This is a dealing-with grief, coming-of-age, mystery, and friendship story all in one sweet story. Although it may sound like a heavy book, this is a funny, realistic depiction about growing up. Cordie’s the oldest of three daughters living with the hopes that their mother who left suddenly will return.
When the oceans swallowed much of the earth, humans either moved into stacked cities or the ocean floor.
Sunny’s summer vacation is spending time with her grandfather at his retirement home. Ada and her brother escape their mother’s abuse when the London children are evacuated during WWII and go to live with a grieving woman in a small country town. American-raised Wendy’s Nazi-spy mom takes her to live in Germany during World War II. By the same author as 100 Cupboards, this is a creative, thrilling, action-packed time-traveling adventure. Petra escapes her abusive Dutch father by disguising herself as a boy and stowing away on a merchant ship. I found A Tale of Dark and Grimm dark in the bloody and macabre way but, still good in the I-want-to-keep-reading way. You’ll find this a fun but unusual book, one which pulls you in and keeps your interest. I’m in awe of how Rhuday-Perkovich created such a moving story and lovable main character, Reggie McKnight, an unpopular yet thoughtful middle-school student. Included in this new boxed set are the Keys to the Demon Prison, Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary, Grip of the Shadow Plague, Rise of the Evening Star and of course the Fablehaven. Included in this boxed set are the first five books in the series: The Ugly Truth, The Last Straw, Dog Days, Rodrick Rules and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Along their treacherous voyage, these five keepers uncover a coming catastrophe that is about to be unleashed by the villains of Disney.
In this installment, Jenna is going to be a queen, Beetle is already a scribe but Septimus remains struggling against the powers of the Darke Domaine. Before these children got everything they wanted but after their father died in a mysterious incident, they have decided to relocate to an old house previously owned by Denver Kristoff, an occult novelist.
Most of the children in elementary schools today were born after September 11, 2001, and this presents parents with a dilemma: How do you explain the event to a child who has no first-hand knowledge of it? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective January 1, 2014) and Privacy Policy (effective January 1, 2014). He decides that despite the risks, he must find his dad’s missing sword somewhere in the Nine Worlds. Micah’s grandfather and Micah hope the Lightbender in the Circus Mirandus who owes the grandfather a miracle, will be able to help. I not only learned a TON from this historical fiction novel, but it was thoroughly mesmerizing! Eel’s an orphan who turns one of his odd jobs into saving live when he helps a real historical person, Dr. Basketball player and twin Josh narrates his life in quarters, just like the game he plays.
This is an awesome story about a dangerous world where cloned dinosaurs have taken over the world. As he learns to trust them, we learn about Joseph’s love for a girl named Maddie, his daughter named Jupiter, and his heartbreak.
The main character, Doug, is struggling to read while living in poverty with an abusive dad and older brother.
Cedar, her younger brother, and her mom spend the summer after her father and other brother’s death in a small town with a Shakespeare festival.

When his mistress gives birth to triplets of a prophecy, the three children are spirited away and hidden separately. Ty lives in the ocean but his way of life is threatened by murderous outlaws who steal and kill. It imagines a world in which WWII ended very differently — with the Axis powers winning. Our hero, Sam Miracle, is a foster kid with two bad arms, who sees things that no one else can — things in a parallel world.
The four friends spend happy times together until they decide to figure out how Jessica died. No, these siblings’ parents are the king and queen of Grimm; parents who are cursed and unwise. While he’s sometimes distracting, for the most part I liked how his snarky voice kept me from getting too freaked out out by the gruesome parts. However, the Chronicles of Nick series is actually a magical, mythical-creatures landscape. For kids of this age, it is important that parents know what books are good for their children and what selections of books the children will find interesting and worth reading. Written by Brandon Mull and illustrated by Brandon Dorman, these thrilling adventures capture many young readers because of its magical and enjoyable battles and saga. The Fablehaven collection is known for its page turning plot, hilarious and witty scenes and most importantly heroic and compelling characters. The book is actually a journal of the main character that is why it is filled with personal notes and drawings of the major character’s daily adventures.
More and more 11 year old young readers love Kinney’s books because of the fun and simplicity these books offer.
In this sixth installment, Pearson chronicles the saga of the five Kingdom Keepers of Disney as they pass through the Panama Canal. Entitled Fyre by an amazing writer Angie Sage and magnificently illustrated by Mark Zug, the seventh book in the series accounts the continuing explorations of Septimus, Jenna and Beetle in the world of Magykal.
Avid fans of Septimus Heap series will surely love this grand finale of the book because Septimus is now expanding his powers and the Fyre is finally rekindled. The main character is the CEO of the Total Failure Inc., the best detective agency in the country. This new epic and fantasy-filled series chronicles the story of Brendan, Cordelia and Eleanor right after these children transferred into their new home which is both creepy and mysterious. But for 11 year old kids, what they normally want are books filled with adventure and never-ending saga. As the ten-year anniversary approaches, parents worrying about how to handle the subject can breathe a sigh of relief. Your California Privacy Rights The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. This best books for seventh grade 12-year old boys and girls list is huge and I know you’ll find lots of good books! Taking place in old-time London, we learn that dangerous ghosts and spirits are appearing everywhere.
This is also a mystery story — what happened to make Finley’s father leave and never return?
When it’s time for his Brotherband training, he becomes the leader of a rag-tag group of boys. With a missive to the Lightbender, Micah soon discovers the magical circus his grandfather once loved so much. Snow, determine if the water pump in Eel’s neighborhood is the source of the deadly cholera. This is middle school at it’s most intimate and revealing where friends experience the challenges of growing up, from an embarrassing sexting photo mistake to a shameful friend betrayal, and where we see the power of forgiveness and love. Now Sky and her fellow humans live below ground in safety with Noah as their supreme ruler. Sky discovers that her missing (maybe traitor?) father left her a secret note with cryptic instructions on how to be found.
Fortunately, he meets a other WereLords including a WereBear Lord who fought with Drew’s father and is willing to help him. After all, their mom looks like a selkie with her black hair and pale skin, and she owned a dark coat, and her favorite book is A Child’s Book of Selkies. Now that the children are older, each of them face challenges and adventures that lead them to the truth of who they really are — the foretold saviors of the empire. Yael, our heroine, is a death-camp medical experiment escapee who can shape shift into other humans. Each book in the series focuses on one book the girls read (such as Little Women, Daddy Long Legs, and Pride and Prejudice) and the relationships of the girls among themselves, the relationships with their mothers, and the business of growing up.
Our heroines, the children, abandon their terrible parents in order to find better ones –  for example, ones that won’t try to kill them.

He now lives with the Gentlemen who rescued he and his best friend, Clarissa, from the circus and the crazed Londoners who believed him to be a dangerous murderer. The main character, Aluna, a Kampii (mer), has left her clan in order to discover why they are dying. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed adventure about a teenager who possess powerful magic that could destroy humanity.
Additionally, the stories are also hilarious making them an interesting thing for children. Or will they ever survive since they are the first targets of the Maleficent and the Overtakers?
The children’s innate desire for exploration and thrilling voyages can be satiated by the amazing good books for 11 year olds such as explained above. Teens Lucy, Anthony, and George badly need money for their ghost agency so they take a perilous job that may just be their last. This is a coming-of-age, gripping story about a boy who is just trying to figure out life like most boys at age 12.
She decides to leave the underground city in order to find her dad. Barely outside a day, she and her friend Shawn are rescued from hungry dinosaurs by a boy who lives in a treetop enclave.
Will the super-smart pig and elephant at the zoo help the dogs or try to infect them with the virus?
The duo also start giving unofficial tours about the town’s most famous resident, an actress who died under mysterious circumstances. To find out, the sisters take a boat to a secret island where they are helped by a mysterious seal.
It’s a great adventure story with cool creatures, a few zombies, danger, and epic kid-power. They learn that her brother is the leader of the outlaws, was a former medical experiment, and has Dark gifts just like Ty. She braves a motorcycle race across half the world in order to first win and second get close enough to Hitler to kill him. But instead of death, Alex is rescued by a magician who has created a secret, magical haven for the Unwanteds where they live and train to use their magic skills. Only Mike hates math and when he gets sent to a small town for the summer with distant relatives, Mike learns his true value. The Queen of England ask Wild Boy to solve the mystery of a most frightening terror that scares people to death — again, seemingly literally. In Mirage, she and her unique group of friends must try to convince the Equian colonies that the evil Karl Strand is trying to take over Above World.
The book boasts of its perfectly designed visual humor and its hilarious jokes that can leave your child snorting with so much fun and laughter. Some Kind of Happiness is multi-layered, thought-provoking, and exquisite that addresses the big topics of divorce, secrets, and depression. When his enclave is attacked by Noah’s soldiers looking for her, Sky realizes that everything she believed about Noah is wrong and is even more determined to find her father. LOVED it!
I love the creative magical characters in this world like Alex’s art teacher — an octagator! But with the help of a wise Native American healer, a Native American priest, the two personality-filled snakes that have become his arms (!), and his friend, Glory, maybe, just maybe, Sam can live and save the world. These books pack in the action and adventure with such creative storytelling, I highly recommend them! There he’ll battle mysterious beings living on cloud castles, discover an exiled princess, escape from slavery, and have unimaginable adventures. Amazing!
So well-written, this is a thoughtful treatment of emotions and grief — I highly recommend it, especially for book club discussions.
The Girl in the Torch is a touching middle-grade historical fiction novel that follows an orphaned girls journey to America and struggle to stay.
Call it Jamie looking awkward in the doorway of her bedroom after she’d had the mummy nightmare.
For awhile she hides out in the Statue of Liberty, then the watchman finds her and lets her stay at his boarding house.
These crazy people hate the American way of life because we are FREE and our society is FREE. America does not hate other people in the world, but we love the world in which we live and will defend our way of life.

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